Danica told to shut up and race

Danica Patrick Told To ‘Shut Up And Race’ By David Gilliland

Danica Patrick was recently told to just “shut up and race” by one of her rivals after she complained about the way he drove. David Gilliland made the comments after the latest go-round between the two.

While the young female driver tends to get more attention for what she does off the racetrack, there is an argument to be made that she is actually quite good at her job.

The driver is currently ranked 25th in the Sprint Cup standings and has enough races under her belt that she has enough wrecks to qualify as a “real” driver.

Danica Patrick still tends to get treated as someone who shouldn’t have an opinion or should just be happy to be there as witness by her latest clash with Gilliland.

The latest incident came at the Kansas motor speedway when she became annoyed at the way her opposition was driving around her on the track.

“He tries to take me out every time,” racing’s most successful female driver told her crew over the radio. “Tell his spotter that I’m coming after him if he does it again.” she added.

While she never did go after Gilliland, the other driver heard about her comments post contest and has some choice words of his own. The short and sweet “shut up and race” was enough to deliver the message.

Danica Patrick Makes NASCAR History

That seems like sage advice, especially considering that the driver is not exactly having a fantastic 2013 season. She finished 25th in that particular race and hasn’t won a major contest yet this year.

The run in with her opponent was apparently not the most damaging section of the afternoon. A piece of debris apparently landed on her grille at one point, causing her water temperature to overheat.

Her subsequent unscheduled pit stop is one of the reasons she finished so far behind the lead.

Do you think Danica Patrick should just “shut up and race?”

[Image by Nickledford]