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‘Homosexuals Must Be Killed’ Hashtag Is Trending On Twitter

Homosexuals Must Be Killed Hashtag in France

France’s National Assembly voted to allow gay marriage on Tuesday, and, in response to that vote, a disturbing Twitter hashtag began to trend. The actual hashtag reads ‘Il Faut Tuer Les Homosexuels.’ Loosely translated, the hashtag stands for “homosexuals must be killed.”

Users on Twitter began tweeting the hashtag after it was reportedly started by the user Mamadou Neutron.

Mamadou deleted the original hashtag tweet after he was publicly called out; however, he continues to post homophobic messages on his Twitter account.

While some anti-gay Twitter users retweeted the original message, other users took the hate filled tweet further. For example, one user added “Kill them all,” and another added “For a better world…”

As expected, various gay rights organizations quickly attacked the Twitter trend. The group SOS Homophobie is asking users to screenshot the tweet attacks and send them along to the organization. SOS Homophobie has not revealed what they plan to do with the tweets once received.

Supporters of gay marriage quickly turned the “Homosexuals Must Be Killed” hashtag around, posting Tweets in support of gay marriage. A favorite support methodology used by Twitter users has been to post tweets along with hacked photos. Here’s an example form the Twitter user @maee52:

Gay marriage is a heated topic in many parts of the world including the United States where the battle against Proposition 8 continues to rage on. In the meantime, Twitter users who start such hateful threads continue to remove their messages after they are called out by members of the media.

Do you think Twitter users need to think more about the consequences of their actions before they post hashtags such as “Homosexuals must be killed”?

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One Response to “‘Homosexuals Must Be Killed’ Hashtag Is Trending On Twitter”

  1. Anonymous

    Witchhunt is the rich demagogue subbing monopoly for.

    capitalism and the mouthpiece demonizing and thus.

    making afraid of being demonized anyone disliking it.

    It serves judging for controlling for enslaving.

    Though midwives were burned at the stake for financially.

    threatening medieval doctors, and though there's evidence.

    the gay gene only passes maternally (plus a simultaneous.

    proving in science, morality and history as to that,) while its.

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    originally allowing the demonizer to have other men's women,

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    The end game in judging to control to enslave is.

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    That is, witchhunt begets selfishness.

    Judging to scapegoat or molllify begets judging.

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    In all ways witchhunt is conflating morality with.

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    Boys hurt animals, men don't, but they do if.

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    There's not the slightest thing wrong with.


    There is with paranoia, which is Greek for.

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    we've obviously just rediscovered what was.

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    If you choose being obnoxious to someone,

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