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Batman In Afghanistan Hilarious Safety Videos [Video]

The Bagram Batman of Afghanistan is watching out for those who might “harm those most dear to his heart, US Service Members.” That’s the word from the US Army and American Forces Network (AFN) Afghanistan, who have teamed up to promote the safety and security of soldiers and civilians deployed to Afghanistan.

In the safety videos, those who would harm the innocent are often the rather klutzy innocents themselves to judge from the 30-second public service announcements (PSAs), which require the Dark Knight to avert catastrophe by… wait for it… stopping some idiot from jogging while wearing headphones.

Batman has been the king of action camp for a long time and not only in Afghanistan. A long-running newspaper comics strip, the 1960s era TV program Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin brought a touch of over-the-top humor to the story. The 1989 Tim Burton film, also called Batman, kept the camp but added a tinge of darkness that has colored the franchise ever since.

In this century, the Christopher Nolan directed and Christian Bale starring trilogy — Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises — has kept the legend alive. I won’t say that the Bagram Batman will ever be asked to sign autographs for Christian Bale, but hey. If you don’t get a chuckle out of this, check your pulse.

The so-called new director of safety starts his tour of Bagram Airfield with a bang, literally, when incoming means that everybody takes cover except Mr. Headphones Idiot, who has to be knocked down by Batman himself:

We’ve all experienced the desire to knock the living you-know-what out of some donkey smoking around gasoline, but Afghanistan’s Bagram Batman can actually take action:

War zone or no war zone, apparently some soldiers need to be smacked around the head and shoulders by Batman to figure out that they need to carry their weapons:

What do you think of the Bagram Batman in Afghanistan video series?

[Batmobile photo by Helga Esteb /]