Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunion

Melissa Joan Hart Hints At ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch’ Reunion

Melissa Joan Hart has been discussing the likelihood of bringing back her hit 1990s teenage sitcom, Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

The show started in 1996 and then eventually concluded in 2003 after it had completed 163 episodes.

It starred Hart as the titular character who on her 16th birthday discovers that she has magical powers. She lived with her 500-year-old aunts, Caroline Rhea’s Hilda and Beth Broderick’s Zelda, as well as their talking cat Salem, who was voiced by Nick Backay, and she faced the normal perils of being teenager.

Talking about the chances of a reunion special, Hart told OMG!, “I might consider that, but it’s always tough to go back. It’s so tough to go back and make it right, make it really good.”

Hart, who is now 37-years-old, admitted that the cast’s age is a stumbling block in production, noting, “You have one shot to get it really right – everybody always looks older, things have changed.”

Hart then concluded, “Those reunions seem so exciting, but in reality I think they don’t always work out as well as they seem [like ] they will.”

Hart is currently promoting a Kickstarter campaign to raise fund for her movie, Darci’s Walk of Shame. She is hoping that it will achieve the same fate as Veronica Mars, which recently went into pre-production after grossing several million dollars through the website.

The actress stated that if the movie generates the sum it needs then she might consider a reunion more intensely.

“If the Dari movie goes, I will seriously consider a reunion,” Hart stated. “We’d have to get a lot of other people on board too, it’s not just me that’s the problem. If everyone goes to Kickstarter and we can get this movie made, then I will have a little dream come true.”

She then concluded, “Then maybe I will make everyone’s dream come true with a little Sabrina reunion.”

Would you like to see a Sabrina The Teenage Witch reunion?