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Carrie Underwood In Tweet Rage Over ‘Ag Gag’ Bill

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A new Carrie Underwood tweet rages at the “ag gag” bill currently heading to Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

The new bill would mean Tennessee journalists would have 24 hours to turn over to authorities undercover footage of a farm or livestock operation. “Ag gag” laws effectively criminalize whistleblowing on factory farms, and would prevent journalists from exposing animal abuse, unsafe working conditions, and/or environmental problems on industrial farms.

News that Governor Haslam would soon be considering the bill sent Underwood into a tweet rage. The country singer and actress told her 1.5 million Twitter followers:

“Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill. If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who’s with me?”

The singer later tweeted a link to an explanation of “ag gag” bills, while those who questioned her choice to make a political tweet were met with a sharp reply:

“I should stick to singing? Wow…sorry, I’m just a tax paying citizen concerned for the safety of my family.” #NoAgGag

Underwood’s sentiments found much support on social media with animal activists, but time is running out for those who love animals.

Around a dozen states have passed or are proposing legislation banning undercover footage or images from farming operations. Supporters of the laws argue they are designed to protect the privacy of farmers and agriculture businesses.

However, in the absence of a single US federal law that protects animals, welfare investigators and journalists have played a major role in bringing public attention to inhumane practices.

What do you think about “ag gag” bills? Do you feel Carrie Underwood’s tweet rage is justifiable?

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25 Responses to “Carrie Underwood In Tweet Rage Over ‘Ag Gag’ Bill”

  1. Tammy Glasscock DeFranco

    Goof for her for speaking up on behalf of those that have no voice! And to those that choose to say negative things about her or that are in favor of this bill, clearly you have something to hide. Go Carrie!

  2. Juli Roland

    Those of you criticizing Carrie, do you even understand what this law does? When someone commits animal cruelty, IT PUNISHES NOT THE CRIMINAL, BUT THE PERSON WHO WOULD TRY TO EXPOSE THEM. There's no other law of this kind in our country. It's written by and for the factory farm industry. Absolutely ridiculous, this is what our so-called 'public servants' try to shove down our throats. The majority of Americans do not support this.

  3. Anonymous

    Bill, who abuses his animals daily and god forbid anyone get in his way. "We" = you and your sociopath self.

  4. Anonymous

    I'll bet ol' Bill Annett takes the side of the abuser every single time. I'll bet his neighbor caught him beating his dog or fondling his sheep in an untoward manner and called the cops and no Bill Annett has an embarrassing record.
    That, or he works in factory and gets off on abusing animals.

  5. Mike Carey

    So the governor of Tennessee wants to make it a crime to report a crime? Does that work for bank robbery to?

  6. JoAnne Shipman

    Yah…this law is obsurd…Props to Carrie Underwood for speaking up. Unfortunately, law makers are more likely to pay attention if someone with a following speaks up.

  7. Miranda Paige Nickerson

    I'm glad she didn't fall back and apologize for having an opinion. Shame on the TN lawmakers AND society for blaming her for having an opinion.

  8. Thessa Torrillo

    people have the right to know because people eat what comes from the farm! It's the citizen's safety that's at stake here most of all!

  9. Erika Bradshaw

    Speak for yourself, I'm from TN and I don't hate her. You are the one who is VeryAnnoying IMO

  10. Craig Klucas

    Isn't the state of Tennessee by passing this law enabling criminal behavior? If someone was smoking pot on camera would they also be immune from prosecution because the state doesn't want it to be seen. It means that the state is complicit in illegal behavior, by the way, I wouldn't eat anything from Tennessee after reading this.

  11. Paulie Patterson

    You need to stfu
    you disgusting jerk. Go beat your wife and kids, maybe they can fight back unlike the animals. Most of my family lives in Tennessee, are farmers and animal lovers. You do NOT speak for the state.

  12. Keith Timmons

    This is the kind of thing that will take down conservative majorities in a lot of states. We (I am a conservative) love to say how pro business and pro public safety we are but that goes out the window when business interests want to commit crimes and inflict the public with unsafe food. I am a huge advocate of buying local and enjoy East Tennessee local produce when I am there.

  13. Keith Timmons

    Another thing. "Big Ag" are some of the worst criminals in the country. Governor Haslam is a criminal for signing this bill as is any legislator who voted for it. Does anyone really think the "authorities" will do anything but cover the crimes up?

  14. Jennifer Fogarty

    Good for you Miss Underwood! This bill should be deemed unconstitutional and be called out as a way to legalize abuse of animals!

  15. Jennifer Fogarty

    Paulie Patterson, Go beat your wife and kids? No, they won't be able to successfully fight back if he's married to a woman and has children that are not adults. You claim to be an animal lover and yet you make those kind of remarks about fellow human beings? Your statement makes you no better than the fool you were writing to.

  16. Greg Flook

    you do realise the cruelty is in the slaughter process and they want to block people from filming so that they can hide this from the public. Sorry to say that if you eat meat, you support this, there is no such thing as humane slaughter!

  17. Jan Hoadley

    Why has she not even answered the representative that has asked to meet with her to discuss this? She has doors open to her that many do not, and would rather rage on Twitter than suck up and go get answers, to make a difference in policies rather than the public court of opinion.

    Nothing in this bill stops whistleblowers. REad the bill folks – all it says is if it's recorded, it must be turned in within 48 hours to law enforcement. It doesn't even say that you can't keep going – it says *you must report it – work with law enforcement* so that charges stick. Not public smear campaigns. Eliminating cruelty.

  18. Jan Hoadley

    Sorry Juli but that's not what it does, and many states are enacting the same laws. If you record cruelty, you must turn it in to authorities. That's it. Not let the cruelty continue for weeks or months while the video is edited for fundraising for some organization. Prosecuting cruelty. If anything this *empowers* whistleblowers by giving exactly what they must do by law.

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