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Amanda Bynes Booted From Gym For Smoking Weed [Sketchy Report]

Former actress Amanda Bynes is making headlines once again, but not over her intention to sue publications that speak negatively about her (though that is almost certain to follow). Word is, Bynes was booted from her New York gym for smoking weed this past weekend… on 4/20.

Now before we begin, we can’t stress enough that this is just a rumor (please don’t sue us, Amanda Bynes). The report comes from RumorFix, which I would love to confirm the authoritativeness of if I had ever heard of the publication before today.

Still, the rumor alleges that Bynes was kicked out of Planet Fitness in Harlem and had her membership revoked after she was found smoking weed in the women’s locker room.

An employee for Planet Fitness reportedly told the website that the gym “does not allow lunks to workout here, and especially no weed smokers,” and added that Bynes stormed out after having her membership revoked.

The Huffington Post took the rumor hook, line and sinker, posting their rendition at the top of their celebrity section today. Their “pro” argument for the truth to the story is essentially “but she’s Amanda Bynes, she’s crazy, look at all the evidence.”

But that’s actually exactly the reason we sort of doubt this one is true. In recent weeks, Bynes has made a habit of singling out publications and threatening to sue them, but all she’s really doing is increasing their circulation.

RumorFix probably made it up. Honestly, who the hell has used the word “lunks” since the 40s?

Oh, and look what happened!

The rest of that reads “I also don’t smoke pot I smoke tabacco! There are always tons of photos to choose, you always pick the worst one!”

Well played, RumorFix.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes?

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