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Murdered Teen’s Facebook Hijacked By Her Killer [Report]

The friends of Parwhine Lucia Mejia Kaur, an 18-year-old girl from Malaysia who was found dead last week, were shocked when they logged on to Facebook and discovered that a message had been posted from the murdered teen’s account.

Kaur was found dead last week after having been missing for days. Police found her body, face down, in a storm drain near a soccer field in Bandar Puchong.

Police said that her body was discovered by a passerby around 7pm that night. Her possessions were scattered around her body.

“Initial investigations also revealed that there was a cut on the front side of her neck,” said Yahaya Ramli, the assistant commissioner for the Subang Jaya police.

The mystery surrounding Kaur’s murder has yet to be cracked by authorities, with the girl’s friends and family waiting desperately for answers. Adding insult to injury, they were taunted this week when they logged on to Facebook and discovered a cryptic posthumous message posted on her page.

“Heheā€¦no one cn.find me !!!! Parhwine kaur’s murderer,” the message read.

The post, allegedly from the girl’s killer, received nearly 200 comments in an effort by friends to get the it some attention, with the hope that it could aid in the investigation.

The page has been dormant since the Wednesday post, but the killer could feasibly be caught by tracing the IP address he or she used to hack the account. Still, it’s not exactly known whether it was indeed the killer who posted the message, or crude prank on the part of an anonymous hacker.

Here’s a screenshot of the chilling Facebook post. What do you think? Was Parwhine Lucia Mejia Kaur’s Facebook hijacked by her own killer?

Parwhine Lucia Mejia Kaur Facebook

[Top image via: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com]