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Dianne Feinstein Dismisses Calls To Label Dzhokhar Tsarnaev An ‘Enemy Combatant’ [Video]

Dianne Feinstein Dismisses Calls To Label Dzhokhar Tsarnaev An 'Enemy Combatant' 807032

Dianne Feinstein has spoken out against the growing clamor to declare Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev an ‘Enemy Combatant.’

Such a designation would mean Tsarnaev’s legal protections would be limited; as an “Enemy Combatant,” the teenager could even be tried by a military commission, rather than a civilian court.

However, in an interview on Fox News Sunday, Dianne Feinstein argued it would be “unconstitutional” to label Tsarnaev in such a way. She said:

“I do not believe under the military commission law that he is eligible for that. It would be unconstitutional to do that.

“Let me say this … one of the great things about America is that we come together at times of trial. I very much regret the fact that there are those that want to precipitate a debate over whether he’s an enemy combatant or whether he is a terrorist, a murderer, et cetera.”

Dianne Feinstein added that there have been 435 terrorist convictions under federal law. She said:

“You’ve got the high-value interrogation group. They’re skilled. They know how to do this. The Miranda rights can be read at a later time. He has reportedly been shot through the throat. He’s intubated. He can’t talk now.

“So there is time to do the investigation, to make a clear assessment and to move from there. I really regret all of this discussion, which is creating a conflict that need not be there. The administration is ready for this.”

Feinstein was likely reacting to a statement from senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, and Peter King. On Saturday, the four issued a joint statement urging President Barack Obama to label 19-year-old Tsarnaev as an enemy combatant.

On Sunday, Graham told CNN‘s State of the Union that Tsarnaev’s status as a US citizen should not prevent him from being treated as an enemy combatant. He said:

“When the public safety exception expires, and it will here soon, this man in my view should be designated as a potential enemy combatant, and we should be allowed to question him for intelligence-gathering purposes to find out about future attacks and terrorist organizations that may exist and he has knowledge of.”

Do you agree with Dianne Feinstein that Tsarnaev should not be regarded as an enemy combatant, or do you feel such a label can be justified in this extreme case?

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68 Responses to “Dianne Feinstein Dismisses Calls To Label Dzhokhar Tsarnaev An ‘Enemy Combatant’ [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    Socialist Liberals like Feinstein do not like to admit that due to their Liberal policies terrorists are protected in the USA.

  2. Don Camacho

    What a waste of fresh air…..maybe the words from her mouth should be controlled by California Emissions, because every time she opens it, its nothing but pollution!

  3. Burt Schatz

    A typical Feinstein liberal commie view of life. She is why California is in such dire straits. She and Boxer both. Yet the stupid people who vote continue to allow such nonsense. Revolting situation to quote Jackie Gleason.

  4. Don Mc Kee

    So MRS. FEINSTEIN: are you going to slap him on the wrist–send him back to Russia where he came from –and tell him don't you ever do that again–or prosecute him for his crime.Give us some kind of an answer.

  5. Robert Coplin

    Don't forget that other liberal Nancy Pelosi as she is as bad as Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein.I am from California and i would never vote for these 3 liberals.

  6. Odie Kalnajs

    So she took the time to read the Constitution in behalf of this terrorist, but chose to ignore it for the 2nd amendment battle? Shame on Californians who vote for her, Pelosi and Boxer.

  7. Anonymous

    Time has passed Dianne by, she has no compass, she's for the Constitution today, but not yesterday or tomorrow. She & her kind have contributed to the sorry state of California, & if she doesn't get her way, her ADHD acts up! Give it up Dianne, you're no better than an old windbag, & take that other windbag Boxer with you.

  8. Anonymous

    You mean the same Constitution you tried to trample on with your "Assault Weapons Ban"?

  9. Jim Binford

    The only enemy Feinstein has is anyone that won't vote for her, she's got a one way Feinstein mind, if it doesn't hurt her it doesn't matter.

  10. Julia Flowers

    She has only ADD, ADHD would mean she gets off her throne and moves around. Attention Deficient Disorders only mean she can't stick to one subject long enough to make sense. The Hyperactivity in ADHD means she flits from place to place, never staying long enough to finish a task.

  11. Anonymous

    California, How in the name of God can you keep people like her and Boxer, & Pelosi in office! What a shame you voters have given these idiots the run and ruin of your once proud state! You all are to blame and should feel the shame that the rest of the country has for your representatives…

  12. Anonymous

    Does she just do this to oppose the Republicans or is she a nut? I think the later. How many people need to be maimed and killed before you earn the title Enemy Combatant? "He can’t talk now. “So there is time to do the investigation, to make a clear assessment and to move from there. I really regret all of this discussion, which is creating a conflict that need not be there. The administration is ready for this.” Really this is your argument. Maybe the people you hang with can't read or write, but he can.

  13. Phil Beer

    this feinstein is a asshole and should be put out to pastore anybody that makes a bomd and targets people is a terrorist not a criminal and on the second ammendment this goverment just wants to take your guns away so you can not protect yourself from it it has nothing to do with gun violence in schools lets see all federal , state and local goverment building have police and mental detectors why not schools why are this goverment buildings and people in them more important then kids I guess so by the way all polliticions have body guards how many schools versa goverment buildings are there in the us? I bet there are more goverment buildings then schools and if the goverment is reading theis freedom of speech is not dead yet and the second 1776 is coming.

  14. Thomas Jambor

    Though normally I disagree with Dianne on many issues, we cannot let our political orientation restrict us from agreeing when a Liberal is actually right. We have provisions regarding Treason and such when it comes to dealing with CITIZENS that take up arms against the US. This would be a better and more direct constitutional approach that maintains our country's core values and sends the correct message to other Citizens becoming under radical foreign and domestic hostile influence.

  15. Elaine Ileina Ahnee

    I bet they deport him. They are already trying to down play the whole thing….boy being influenced by his brother….troubled teen…blah blah blah. I am also speculating that it will come down to which bomb killed/injured what people (his bomb "probably" killed no one), who shot and threw bombs at the police during the car chase (he was driving), who killed a MIT officier ("prob was the brother") who injured other officer ("prob" was the brother). They will summarize the only thing the 19yr is guilty of is running over his brother, engaging in gunfire with police, resisting arrest and other various little charges they can find.

  16. Steven Rorie

    Diane Feinstein epitomizes what is wrong with America today. She wants to disarm law abiding citizens but stand up for thugs and terrorists that mame and kill children. She is a traitor and should be hung in a public square somewhere.

  17. Duane Downs Sr.

    Who voted this Bitch communist skank back into office anyway? Wer're all going to suffer for it!

  18. Richard Martinez

    This woman is an enemy of the people. She should be labeled an enemy combatant.

  19. Kenneth Patrick Morrow

    Suddenly she is concerned about the constitution? I thought the 2nd amendment was a part of that.

  20. Pete Schneider

    Unconstitutional? This lady wants the constitution rewritten every day.. Gun control, illegal aliens even to he point os suing the people of CA when we voted against her wishes (unconstitutional) Props 63 and 38. You've already messed up CA.. Leave the federal issues alone.

  21. Anonymous

    Earth to Senator Feinstein: An indiscriminate attack on innocent U.S. citizens in an American City, at a public event is an act of TREASON! Dahakhar Tsarnaev and his brother are nothing more than two cowardly "enemies of the state" who committed an act of "War" on the U.S. The fact that you are a U.S. Senator is an embarassment to all patriotic U.S. citizens!

  22. Shaun Kroese

    They voted for her over and over and over and over and over, how about we the people implement term limits and have modern era people running our Government instead of back peddlers, like Feinstein, gran MA CAIN and more, take a good look at how many over the hill we have still stuck on the hill. We can complain all we want, unless we Americans take action nothing will ever change.

  23. Shaun Kroese

    And they voted for her? Over and over and over and over and over, how about we the people implement term limits and have modern era people running our Government instead of back peddlers, like Feinstein, gran MA CAIN and more, take a good look at how many over the hill we have still stuck on the hill. We can complain all we want, unless we Americans take action nothing will ever change. How old is she now. 72-73? Still thinks the Beach Boys are number one is America? She and even McLame are Out of touch completely.

  24. Anonymous

    What jumps out at me is Feinsteins' remarks and unwillingness to see things as they are. When is this whiny female dog and her cohort Boxer just going to go away. They are the Gloria Alreds of the Democratic party who constantly and consistently throw out sparkely chaff to distract the voters of California.

    I'm not going to give the Republicans any pats on the back about their constant club swinging either. They haven't shown much willingness to reach across the table to make good policy when it comes to terrorism any more than the Dems.

    Bottom line? our policies that allow known possible terrorists to walk the streets freely in our country are to blame for all of this. Our politicians seem to take this problem as seriously as two gardeners arguing over whether pink posies should be planted in the garden or white ones.

  25. James Raymond

    This bitch is ready to condemn all gun owners as enemies of the state , but the real enemies she wants to protect their rights. Now tell me she isn't a Socialist.

  26. Dingus McGee

    If he IS deported and set free to some other country then he was used as a patsy. Meaning that it was all staged.

  27. Steve Weakley

    This old buzzard will never die, she is going to live forever and never ever change her li beral views. I'm not sure that anything could get this old woman to change her views, even if the most beloved member of her family were to be murdered by a terrorist she would not be able to see that other options and means are a better way to prevent that action.

  28. Gary Hess

    Steve…these left wing liberadicals aren't worth the time of day. I find that all they do is get my blood pressure up. Piss on em'……….her, Harry, Pelosi, Obama and all the rest of them!

  29. Kathy Pickett

    It seems like there is a ton of evidence that he is guilty of the bombing, with probably other charges, as well. And, I think the death penalty is appropriate, should he be found guilty – no, I don't think there's any chance a jury would find him not guilty. However, he is an American citizen. We might not want him to be, but he is. I don't know how we can justify calling him an "enemy combatant" if he's not a foreign national. Wanting Feinstein to be wrong just because she's a Democrat is ridiculous. No one wants to let this creep off, but we do have a justice system that must be followed. It's still going to end up with him on death row.

  30. John Stafford Ryals

    As usual, I totally disagree with anything that comes out of her mouth.

  31. Bill Forston

    Maybe Diane can take this poor troubled boy under her henny penny wing and nurse him back to health, they could be so comforting to each other with their beliefs….he could be the son she never had.

  32. Juan Carrasco

    The old ultra liberal leftist not only defend and support illegal aliens, nos she defends foreing born terrorist enemy combatants that killed and maimed American men women and children. These terrorist are noting more foreigners that once again made mockery of our overly open and tolerant immigration laws. We need to device psychological exams and tests for immigrants that come from hostile to the West religious fanatics or that are easy prey for extremist to recruit. Muslims will never acccept us, so why allow them to live in our mists? I mean, we can't very well go to their countries and preach Christianity without risking our lives.

  33. Tommy Barr

    That woman should be tested for the worse type of mental illness.

  34. Randy Nott

    What a moronic statement. She's not "giving" any rights here. And it's got nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment. This is just "hate speech", Ron, Dennis & Ted! You're all pawns controlled by the Koch Brothers agenda. Pathetic.

  35. Randy Nott

    Your use of the hate word "commie" underscores your ignorance, Burt.

  36. Randy Nott

    Sounds just like a typical, totally uninformed FAUX "News" cretin. Nobody's "ignoring" the 2nd amendment, Odie! It's a matter of interpretation of a "well REGULATED militia"

  37. Randy Nott

    Stupid statement. I doubt she "loves" the bomber. Standing up for an accused criminal's "rights" is the same thing as standing up for ALL citizens' rights.

  38. Randy Nott

    "What a shame" you apparently can't recognize "intelligence" when you see it. I'll bet you're a FAUX "News" cretin. And stop speaking "for the rest of the Country" when you obviously don't have any idea what you're talking about.

  39. Randy Nott

    They're from Chechnya, Don – NOT Russia. Having trouble with 3rd Grade geography? — ALSO, your "answer" is that he WILL BE PROSECUTED under the laws of the USA, OBVIOUSLY!

  40. Randy Nott

    Another uninformed, would-be "Constitutional scholar", FAUX "News" brainwashed cretin! :-( Questioning the applicability of the "well-regulated militia" clause, Pingm1, is no more "trampling on the Constitution" than outlawing yelling "FIRE" in a crowded theater is "trampling" on the FIRST Amendment.

  41. Randy Nott

    Ridiculous statement. Where's your "proof" of this? This is the most inane LIE I've read all week!

  42. Randy Nott

    And your psychological qualifications for making this judgement are what?

  43. Randy Nott

    I'm "betting" you're wrong about deporting him. Why would you ever think that? — And WHO is "trying to down play [sic] the whole thing"?? I've lived in the Boston area all my life and, believe me, NOBODY is trying to "downplay" anything about this travesty! – We're just not jumping on the LYNCH MOB MENTALITY thing and have confidence in our Court system!!

  44. Harold Hall

    I love it when she saids that she would rather see a thousand police officers on the streets with guns than to see one person with a AR-15, what a scumbag moron.

  45. Anonymous

    Randy Nott I see you replied to about every post here with absolutely nothing but quips like "Faux news, Koch Brothers, etc." Like every good libtard you have nothing to say that has any substance all the while making a lot of pretty wild generalizations. Try watching something else than MSNBC for a change, you'll get fresh ideas.

  46. Anonymous

    Who comes up with all these stoopid terms. Has to be either lawyers or equally stoopid politicians. Why not just call them what they are, murderers.

  47. Lee Daughdrill

    so who is running in the room giving him blow job now! the terrorist needs to rest between his over excitment of 72 virgin! obama's little hero needs his rest so he can go to his palace that the obama 's is buying with US tax dollar's for him.. Dang! Alluh! must be all powerful! especially with his boy in the white house!

  48. Lee Daughdrill

    Randy Nott he does not have any right's ! when he decided to kill american in a rage of hate in the name of alluh ,, they should of tenderize his ass while in the boat problem solved and tax payers money saved ..

  49. Anonymous

    Feinstein is just as much an enemy to our nation as this terrorist.

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