Amanda Bynes Us Weekly Threat

Amanda Bynes Threatens To Sue Us Weekly Again

Amanda Bynes has threatened to sue Us Weekly after she claimed they published another “false story” about her behavior.

The 27-year-old actress has lashed out at the publication again on Twitter after reading an article she didn’t find agreeable. She particularly took issue with one of the magazine’s editors, going as far as to describe the individual as “ugly.”

Instead of issuing the threat using 140 characters, Amanda Bynes used TwitPlus to issue a lengthy message to Us Weekly regarding the offending article.

This is what the actress had to say about the piece on Saturday:

“Yet again, I’m suing @UsWeekly for writing another false story. NOTHING is wrong with me! All Trash mags – contact me personally since you r talking to people I DON’T KNOW then claiming they know me. Please say names of those supposed sources, they sound like you made them up like the crazy person you’re trying to portray me as in your ugly magazine. I’m talking to the ugly Asian editor and all the ugly women I met when I did a shoot with you. I am suing you every week you put up awful photos with a false ‘I’m crazy’ story. You have never contacted me once to find out who I am or what I’m up to.”

Since she didn’t feel her point was properly made, Amanda Bynes followed up her original post with another extended tweet on Sunday. She once again attacked the physical appearance of the folks who work for Us Weekly and declares that she’s lost all respect for the magazine.

Amanda Bynes Wants To Sue Us Weekly