Justin Bieber Grandfather Blasts Pop Star, Lives In Squalor

Justin Bieber’s Grandfather Blames Star For Dirty Mattress, Oddly Leaves Out One Thing

Justin Bieber’s grandfather has slammed the singer and said that he receives no financial help or any significant contact from the Canadian superstar.

George Bieber, who is the father of Justin’s father, Jeremy, is reportedly “living in squalor” and sleeps on a “dirty mattress” in the front room of his small cabin in Mitchell, Canada because of an “agonizing back condition” that prevents him from working.

The 61-year-old gave an exclusive — paid — interview to The Sun newspaper, who compared the vast wealth and lifestyle of Bieber to his grandfather’s much poorer circumstance.

“Justin might be worth £70 million [about $106 million] but we certainly have never seen a penny of it,” George told the British tabloid.

“It’s hard to imagine the money Justin has, as it’s about as far removed from our life as you could get.”

According to The Sun, the “desperate” grandfather hasn’t been able to fix a hole in the roof of his over 40 years lived in wooden cabin.

We’re told that George’s wife Kathy, 56, works a 40 hour week at a local factory, schlepping sacks of paint powder for what sounds like minimum wage. Further Dickensian insights reveal the couple haven’t had a vacation in years, and have only received a television from their grandson possibly when they last saw him one Christmas.

Prodded for a quote about Bieber’s Believe tour dramas to drag the story into relevancy, George obligingly informs the paper that he thinks Justin is getting “too big for his britches.”

He adds: “When I hear about his recent behavior I just wonder who on earth is looking after him as — believe me — this is not the loving little boy we always knew.”

‘Disgruntled relatives’ stories are par for the course for celebrities. Just ask One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Adele, both of whom recently endured tales of woe published in tabloids from their estranged fathers.

What’s odd about Bieber senior’s story is the deafening non-mention of his son, Jeremy, who himself has a thriving relationship with his own son, Justin.

Jeremy Bieber had a four year relationship with Justin’s mother, Patti Mallette who he met when she was 15 years. Mallette’s personal history was a troubled one. Sexually abused as a child, she experimented with drugs, alcohol from the age of 14, along with shoplifting and one instance of arson. A suicide attempt at 17 led to Mallette spending a brief period of time in a psychological ward.

Pregnant at 18 with Justin, a year later Mallette and Jeremy split up. However, they managed to maintain a friendly relationship even after Jeremy moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba and married Erin Wagner. The couple have two children Jazmyn, 4, and Jaxon who is 3 years old.

Both Justin and Jeremy — who also plays the guitar and has a similar penchant for tattoos — are close. The “Boyfriend” singer has previously said:

“I have a great relationship with my dad. When I was younger, he taught me how to play some songs on the guitar, like Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.”

Reportedly, Justin has helped his parents financially in the past.

On Sunday, April 21, Jeremy tweeted: “Listen all! @justinbieber is a superhero You cant tire him you cant break him,you cant knock him down! He is and always will be! #Biebers.”

He later deleted the tweet.

It’s likely Jeremy’s tweet was an angry response to the recent bad press his son has received, but it’s possible it’s also a reaction to his father’s interview, given that the angle of it attacks his son Justin.

According to Mail Online, Jeremy is aware of his father’s alleged dire straits, so perhaps more pertinent questions would be:

Why is George Bieber talking to a newspaper instead of his own son? Further, if Jeremy isn’t — and that hasn’t been established — supporting his father, is it possible there’s a reason why?

As ever with tabloid tales, there are usually at least two sides to a story.

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