Andrew Koenig still not found, may be “lying low”

While the search for missing actor Andrew Koenig intensifies, conflicting clues have emerged in the investigation.

As is common in missing persons cases, there have been several sightings of the actor near Vancouver where he disappeared, but none are confirmed. Although Koenig was last seen on February 14th, his cell phone was last used on the 16th. Koenig’s ATM card was last used around the same time, and police have stated that they believe Koenig is just “lying low in Vancouver.” In a statement, police said:

“Cell phone and banking records up until the time he disappeared lead police to believe he is still in the Vancouver area. There has been no cell phone or bank activity since February 16th when he was last seen in south Vancouver.

“Police are still hopeful that Andrew will be found alive and safe.”

Though friends and family are concerned about Koenig’s safety, some believe the disappearance may have been a conscious decision on the part of the long depressed actor in response to dissatisfaction with his life:

Pal Lance Miccio visited Koenig’s California apartment on Monday night and said the flat was cleaned out and that the actor told friends two weeks ago he planned to move back to Vancouver to “start over.” Koenig, who was last seen February 14 and is said to be suffering from depression, chose the site of this year’s winter Olympics because he lived there nearly 20 years ago and considered it his “place for solace.”