Fox Isn't Ordering New Cleveland Show Episodes

‘The Cleveland Show’ Canceled? Fox Not Ordering New Episodes

Fox has decided not to order new episodes of the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show. However, the network has yet to announce its cancellation.

Since Fox has a habit of pulling shows from its schedule only to bring them back at a later date, it’s possible that the network hasn’t pulled the plug on the animated comedy just yet. Despite rumors about the show’s cancellation, the network has remained tight-lipped about its future.

News about the fate of The Cleveland Show first appeared on The Animation Guild website. Writer Steve Hulett said he recently spent quite a bit of time at Fox Animation Studios on Friday morning. This is where he reportedly learned of the show’s cancellation.

Since Seth MacFarlane currently has his hands busy with a number of different projects, the fate of his animated programs were called into question. However, an insider told Hulett that MacFarlane’s other shows are moving forward for the time being.

“‘American Dad’ isn’t a problem. Seth does two voices on the show but doesn’t run it. But he signs off on the stuff at ‘Family Guy.’ When he’s not there the show can get bottle-necked because he hasn’t okayed stuff,” the anonymous animator explained.

A representative for Fox reached out to The Hollywood Reporter to address the cancellation of The Cleveland Show. The network neither confirmed nor denied the program’s status.

“Only Fox can dictate whether a show has been canceled,” a representative for the network explained to the website.

The fate of the spin-off may hang in the balance, but several other animated comedies are scheduled to return next season. The network has ordered new episodes of Family Guy, American Dad, and Bob’s Burgers.

Are you a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show? Are you disappointed that Fox hasn’t said one way or the other about the program’s rumored cancellation?