Jesus Christ Appears In Fabric Softener

Jesus Appears In Fabric Softener Spilled On T-Shirt

A man claims that Jesus Christ appeared to him as a fabric softener stain on his T-shirt.

Although the Son of God probably has better things to do than appear on some random guy’s shirt, Martin Andrews claims to have seen Jesus when he accidentally spilled the liquid on his top.

In order to see the image properly, Andrews said you have to turn the T-shirt upside down. Only then will the image of Jesus in the fabric softener appear. Martin said the image shows the Messiah with his arms outstretched. Others have said the stain looks like a juggler.

“When the t-shirt’s the right way up it doesn’t really look like anything … but when you look at it the other way up it’s really Him,” Andrew explained.

He added, “I showed my mates at work the picture and one of them said, ‘I’ve heard you can find comfort in Jesus but you’ve found Jesus in Comfort!'”

While Andrews jokingly said that Jesus had appeared on his T-shirt after he accidentally spilled fabric softener, he said his co-workers have interpreted the stain a little differently. Martin added that he thought it also kind of looked like Fonzie from the television series Happy Days.

As far as Jesus appearances go, the one on Andrews’ T-shirt is a little weak. The power of suggestion helps the eye see the Son of God in the stain, but this writer wouldn’t immediately have identified the discolored blob as Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year, a man in Ohio claims to have seen Jesus after a bird pooped on the windshield of his car. Jim Lawry was visiting his parents last February when the so-called miracle occurred.

In March of 2010, a student from Salford, Lancashire fell asleep while cooking some bacon. The fire that threatened to consume his kitchen produced the image of Jesus in his frying pan.

Do you think the fabric softener stain looks like Jesus?

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