Colonel Meow takes over internet on YouTube

Colonel Meow YouTube Campaign Takes Internet By Storm

Colonel Meow is back, and in a new YouTube campaign, he is set to conquer the internet.

Colonel Meow made his debut appearance on The Inquisitr back in October 2012, a cat with excessive fur due to an extra fur gene, making him look like he’s always angry. In that video he was seen calling a dog with sunglasses a “f***ing hipster” on Facebook.

Colonel Meow may not be as popular as Tardar Sauce, the grumpy cat, but we imagine only time will tell if the two of them will ever have an anger-off. A video published on YouTube April 18 shows us Colonel Meow in all his supreme fluffiness, even staring at a painting with his fur made up in a fashion like Wolverine from the Marvel comics and wearing a military suit.

The video begins with the painting and the words, “Who is Colonel Meow?”

We see him standing atop a large box with one paw as the narrator, emulating the old time movie style, gives us his take. “Colonel Meow is the paw in the dark. He is the gathering storm.”

We see him zoomed out with a red symbol of angry eyes on the box as he looks down at the camera. We then see the red eyes symbol panning over white before an extreme closeup of Colonel Meow’s eyes as the narrator continues with an accent, “He is the chaos that sets you free. He is the hairball in your carpet. And now he is on his way directly to your internet, to shape it in his own illustrious vision.” We see Colonel Meow looking up at the painting of him.

“Colonel Meow will lead you fearlessly. He will weed out the weak among you, and give strength and sustenance to those who remain. Do you have in your possession any extra cat food Colonel Meow can have? Because he is hungry. No, not the cheap stuff. Now you have disappointed him. Now he is pissed.”

The rest of the YouTube video is above.

Are you ready for Colonel Meow’s invasion of the internet?