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Tribeca Exclusive Interview: Emma Roberts Leaps Into ‘Adult World’

It’s safe to say that Emma Roberts is well past her “arrival date” into young Hollywood. Considered acting royalty, the daughter of Eric Roberts, and the niece of Julia Roberts, Emma broke out from any question of nepotism and made an indelible mark as a young actress. In the last few years she’s had a wide range of roles in films like Celeste & Jesse Forever, Scream 4, and It’s Kind of a Funny Story. Her latest film Adult World had its Tribeca Film Festival debut on Thursday, and sees the young ingénue opposite John Cusack, and American Horror Story’s Evan Peters.

Capturing the bubbly and green disposition her generation is compounded in, Roberts plays Amy, an aspiring poet who completely skips sarcasm 101 and instead walks on legs made out of irony in the quirky comedic film. Showing all of her cards right away, Amy has no plan B and is determined to succeed as a poet, despite being dismissed over and over by her has-been idol Rat Billings (John Cusack). Lacking a true worldly experience, Amy is half firecracker, half lovable “snack pack” of a girl, and is easily the little engine that is worth rooting for even if she could easily give anyone some serious secondhand-embarrassment.

The most enjoyable aspect was Emma’s effervescent quality on screen, which she has in spades off screen as well. It’s the same energy that makes her character believable as a girl stuck between trying to grow up as quickly as possible, while wanting to feel everything at the same time. At 22, Roberts plays to her strengths and doesn’t shy from the youthful idealism of her age, as she leaps into Adult World.

The Inquisitr’sNiki Cruz sat down with Emma Roberts to speak about her generation, artistic expression, and Adult World.


THE INQUISITR: How did you become involved with Adult World?

EMMA ROBERTS: I got sent Adult World, and I read the script. It was one of those scripts that I read and thought it was very special, and different. I met with Scott Coffey, the director, and we just had the best time talking for hours and hours. I know he read a bunch of people and I was shocked that I got the part right off of the meeting, because that rarely happens these days. It was just one of those things that I loved and wanted to be a part of. I couldn’t imagine not having done it. Scott and I made this character and really worked so hard on it. I really put a lot of myself into it, so that was really cool to do with a role.

THE INQUISITR: During the initial meeting, what did Scott ask you?

ROBERTS: He just asked me about the character and the script. I guess we had the same perspective on the story, and we really wanted to tell the same kind of story. We didn’t want it to be a kind of coming of age story that says the same thing. We wanted it to be a coming of age story from a different direction. She fails over, and over, again, and we wanted to show that in an honest way, instead of “Oh she ends up being really famous and successful.”

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