Jak and Daxter collection coming to PS Vtia

‘Jak And Daxter Collection’ Coming To PS Vita This June

Jak and Daxter are headed to the PS Vita this June. The game had previously been announced as coming the Playstation based handheld device but there wasn’t an official date attached at the time.

The HD collection is one of the most popular collections in Sony’s seemingly long history of video games and there has been quite a demand for all of the games that are wrapped up in the series.

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak 2 and Jak 3 are all going to be released on the Vita as one for the low low price of just $29.99. While that price tag might not be dirt cheap, considering that you are able to get three separate games it certainly is a deal that will make hard core fans pretty happy.

Along with the old reliable games, there will also be a couple of new trophies that you can unlock. Sony says that there will be at least three trophies that weren’t included with the titles when they were released on the PS3 in February of last year.

The first rumors of the series coming to the PS Vita were started when a listing was discovered on the ESRB website. There hadn’t been anything close to a confirmation that the games were actually coming since then.

There has been quite a bit of talk that Sony wants to try and jumpstart popularity for the handheld by releasing some of their most beloved titles on the platform this year.

The company has talked quite a bit about wanting to release a ton of games for the Vita in 2013 because they believe it has been under utilized since it first hit the market.

The Jak and Daxter collection certainly fit the bill as a series of games that people might enjoy being able to play again on their handheld device.