Ramzan Kadyrov on Boston bombing

Chechnya Leader On Boston Bombing: We Mourn With You, But It’s Your Fault

Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov has never been one to mince words, and while we more or less see what he’s trying to say regarding the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, we can’t help but wish he found a better way to say it.

Kadyrov issued a statement on the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, who were revealed by authorities to be U.S. immigrants of Chechen origin late Thursday/early Friday. He urged authorities to “seek the roots of evil in America” instead of focusing on their war-torn country of origin for explanation of their actions.

Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev immigrated to the U.S. with their father in 2002, after a Chechen community in Cambridge, Massachusetts helped fund their relocation. They were seeking refuge from the war in Chechnya, which was spurred by an Islamist rebellion, reports the International Business Times.

Though some media outlets are reporting that the motives of the Tsarnaev brothers are religiously founded, their uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, dismissed such allegations, reasoning that someone “must have radicalized them” and focusing on the “shame” that they put on their “culture and their family.”

For motive, Kadyrov blames the U.S., saying in an Instagram post that “any attempt to link Chechnya and [the brothers], if they are guilty, is in vain.”

“They grew up in the US, their viewpoints and beliefs were formed there. You must look to the roots of evil in America. Terrorism must be fought everywhere. We know better than anyone else,” he said.

He did, however, conclude by saying that Chechnya “mourn[s] with the Americans.”

To Ruslan Tsarni, the explanation is much simpler. He said that the Tsarnaev brothers’ terrorist act had more to do with “them being losers, angry at others” who have settled peacefully in America. “Turn yourself in, and ask forgiveness” from the victims,” he implored Dzhokar.

Tamerlin was shot and killed by authorities in a firefight that broke out in Watertown, Massachusetts Thursday night. Dzhokar is currently on the run, and the situation is ongoing.

What do you think of Ramzan Kadyrov’s statement on the Boston Marathon bombing suspects?

[Image via: government.ru, Wikimedia Commons]