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Ann Curry ‘Tortured’ By Today Show Staff

Ann Curry Tortured

Ann Curry was “tortured” by the Today Show staff, according to Brian Stelter’s new book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV.

In his book, Stelter says the Today Show is run like a boys club and boys club president and co-anchor Matt Lauer developed a “growing indifference” to Curry and a “general meanness on set” towards his former co-star.

Also in the book, Stelter says Today’s executive producer Jim Bell made a blooper reel of Curry’s biggest on-air gaffs to show the staff, a move reserved only for Curry.

According to the book, the Today Show staff also gave Ann Curry a bad office location, and even the security staff made jokes at her expense.

In his book, Stelter writes:

“Many executives at the network never grasped how profoundly hurt and humiliated Curry remained — not just by her televised dismissal but by all the backstage machinations that led to that fateful morning. Curry felt that the boys club atmosphere behind the scenes at ‘Today’ undermined her from the start, and she told friends that her final months were a form of professional torture.”

Here are two more excerpts from Top of The Morning:

“At one point, the executive producer, Jim Bell, commissioned a blooper reel of Curry’s worst on-air mistakes. Another time, according to a producer, Bell called staff members into his office toshow a gaffe she made during a cross-talk with a local station. (Bell denies both incidents.) Then several boxes of Curry’s belongings ended up in a coat closet, as if she had already been booted off the premises. One staff person recalled that “a lot of time in the control room was spent making fun of Ann’s outfit choices or just generally messing with her.” On one memorable spring morning, Curry wore a bright yellow dress that spawned snarky comparisons to Big Bird. The staff person said that others in the control room, which included 14 men and 3 women, according to my head count one morning, Photoshopped a picture of Big Bird next to Curry and asked co-workers to vote on “Who wore it best?””

Apparently even Katie Couric had problems with Curry’s ambitions:

“Before she even arrived at Studio 1A, Curry’s ambition was legendary. In 1993, while anchoring an early-morning show called “NBC News at Sunrise,” Curry made a play for the weekend “Nightly News” slot. When it went to Brian Williams instead, she called the president of NBC News, Andrew Lack, at his home to express her frustration. When she eventually replaced Lauer as the “Today” news reader four years later, Curry jockeyed to fill in for Katie Couric every time Couric was away. According to several well-placed producers, Couric didn’t appreciate Curry’s eagerness. Producers said Couric thought Curry was melodramatic and, in a word that one used, “fake.””

Ann Curry felt “tortured” by the Today Show staff, but perhaps she had managed to get the last laugh. Stetler writes:

“On particularly bad days ‘Good Morning America’ beat ‘Today’ by a million viewers. Some of this was attributed to Curry’s fans exacting revenge. She was overwhelmed by condolences. ‘It feels like I died,’ she told colleagues afterward, ‘and I’ve seen my own wake.'”

With Good Morning America continuing to battle against The Today Show and fans still seemingly upset with the back stabbing and behind the scenes antics, perhaps its time for The Today Show staff to turn against the rest of the shows staff.

In the meantime, I simply don’t understand why Today Show fans don’t want to watch Al Roker suddenly turn into a frozen statue or talk about accidentally pooping his pants at the White House. Perhaps Ann Curry getting the boot from the show was the best thing that could happen for her.

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84 Responses to “Ann Curry ‘Tortured’ By Today Show Staff”

  1. Cindy Dunn

    The ugliness by Matt and others was obvious. It's exactly why I switched to GMA. Loved Anne!

  2. Robert Taylor

    It sounds to me like she is trying for a discrimination suit….typical move by people who feel persecuted and want revenge or are "in it" for the $$$$$.

  3. Robert Taylor

    It sounds to me like she is trying for a discrimination suit….typical move by people who feel persecuted and want revenge or are "in it" for the $$$$$.

  4. Anonymous

    After the success of "Operation Bambi", I switched to GMA and never go back to the mean NBC.

  5. Anonymous

    Ms Curry and Ms Couric were the only reason to watch The Today Show. Once they were gone so was I!

  6. Nancy Crow

    what's really sad is they did alot of reporting on bullying and that's what they did to ann curry talk about a hipocrit matt lauer sucks so do the rest of them.

  7. Anonymous

    NBC is a cesspool. And Couric's " pot calling the Kettle Black" is laughable!
    Couric's credibility is right below Kim Jong Un!

  8. George Mark

    Have never watched the Today show after she was let go. Never will.

  9. Sheryl Woods


  10. Susan Gober

    Surprising to me Kaitie Couric takes exception to Ann Curry's ambition – Couric is the biggest barracuda of all. Anyone recall her cutting off a scheduled interview with Barbara Bush to conduct an unscheduled interview with President Bush? Amazingly that type of disrespect, aggression and shamelessness is what put her on the map, Ann Curry is better off out of those shark infested waters.

  11. Kim Perry

    I'm not sure what really happened here, but I can say that I never could stand Matt Laurer; and since the ann curry incident, I no longer watch the Today Show!

  12. Byron Mullican

    As a "typical" left wing news reader, she doesn't have the mentality to withstand normal work conditions. When she "cracks" on others, in her reports, that's OK, but when it happens to her, boohoo, "they are torturing me!" She is getting paid good money to stay at home, enjoy it while you can.

  13. Lou Heft

    Ann Curry to me is one of the best new people on TV. The way she left was kind of weird. She needs her own show I think she is aewsome.

  14. Byron Mullican

    Cheryl Lambert-Avila , typical female thing to say! If you(women) wanted into "man's world" (I know this will get them going), learn to take it like a MAN!

  15. Steve Gretsuk

    Hasn't been the same chemistry between anyone since Katie left , but honestly this all sounds like rhetoric to increase book sales…

  16. Michael Herp

    Katie Couric stabbing Ann in the back with her comments is ridiculous. Couric's phony perkiness on the air is designed to hide her devious personality.

  17. Anonymous

    I never liked Katie Couric; I thought she came across as fake. Which is a reason I would switch the channel or turn off the TV. When Mrs. Curry was promoted to replace Couric I thought to myself I would give the show another chance, even though Matt Lauer, I thought, came across as arrogant and plastic (fake). When Ann Curry was fired, I stop watching the NBC Today show. Instead, if I have the need to check the weather I watched the any of the competiton shows. If I really want to know about news, I go to the Internet.

  18. Ginger Jennings- Davis

    I used to have respect for the Today show and was very excited when the Honest and Sincere Ann Curry came on board. I could see the tension starting with Matt Lauer starting to be very disrespectful to Ann, cutting her off sometimes. I felt her days were numbered and I lost all respect for the Today show staff and started to even dislike Matt Lauer immensely. I have changed my opinion of the Today Show as the best in morning television and my choice now is GMA. Sorry Matt, I think it is time for you to get the boot and maybe things might be nicer again on that set..

  19. Connie Groblewsky

    Matt Lauer is a fagot, bully, and just a genuine piece of crap!

  20. Connie Groblewsky

    Matt Lauer is a fagot, bully, and just a genuine piece of crap!

  21. Anonymous

    I've seen Matt Lauer put down other women, and Hurray! for Meredith who left while she was still alive. I feel sorry for Samantha having to put up with his guff. But, she does it well, and I still watch because of her.

  22. Mary McCort

    I would prefer Ann over Matt,. and Matts coanchor, (cant remember her name) She looks like a little kid reading the news.

  23. Anonymous

    Yes, Katie Couric has an obvious ambition, and tried hard to be "cute'. I wish she'd just report the facts.

  24. Anonymous

    Matt Lauer doesn't seem to have a clue, does he? He's not that good a reporter or interviewer, and he's lost all the people who made him look good, except for Al. How dumb is he?

  25. Tracy Jennings McCloud

    I have watched GMA since the early 70's. It is the best morning show.

  26. Susan Hefty DeBartolo

    Last time I consistently watched the Today show was when Barbara Walters was on that show and the #1 song was "let it be" by the Beatles. Matt Lauer's look is disturbing, and he seems to be very arrogant. I like GMA and watch it everyday.

  27. Gary Jatzlau

    We as consumers could stop all of this if we really wanted to. Its very easy. Stop watching the Today show. This will hit them where they hate to be hit, in the pocket book. But will people do this. LOL

  28. Eamonn Byrne

    That's the most nonsensical response I have read in a long time. You are a bad rep for men everywhere.

  29. Chuck Cardillo

    Matt Lauer is a really good reason NOT TO WATCH the today show. The new co-anchor is a total bore and Katie Couric is not missed at all. GMA is such a better show with a much better group. Another 2 some that should be done away with is Kathy Lee and Hoda, what a joke those 2 are! Why are the people at the Today show paid so much $, a bunch of talentless, ego maniacs.

  30. Darlene Paisano

    It seems bullying someone is not just for the schoolyard. Many people are bullied at work. Something should be done about workplace bullying. Anti-bulling law pertaining to the workplace.

  31. Teresa Roy

    Ann Curry was one of the few believeable voices in newscasting. Katie Couric always a pretender.

  32. Frank Podroskey Jr.

    This is not unusual! Look what kind of games the network payed with Leno and the other tonight show hosts including Johnny Carsom. This goes back to the days of General Sarnoff whodrove one genius to commit suicide in the 40"s.

  33. Anonymous

    Ann Curry was no different than the rest as far aas ambition. she wanted the "queen bee " role as much as anyone. She comes over as a sweet, pathetic victim because you have not seen her behind the scences. You think they could not stand her because she was a sweety? No…they couldn't stand her because of who she was as a person and as far from a team player as you could get. She got what she deserved and to really know her is to dislike her.

  34. Anonymous

    Matt sucks – if you listened to his interviews after the Boston Bombings it was rediculasssss – he has no concept of compassion. Al has sold out to the "Big Money" I often wonder if they pay Al anything close to Matt's rediculasss wage?
    Ann was always the BEST and RIP Today Show…

  35. Heidi Posada

    In that business, EVERYONE has to be ambitious. I have little kids, so most of my morning television involves Nick Jr. and Disney Jr., but I was more inclined to watch Today when Ann Curry was on. She seems like a classy lady.

  36. Rob Zampino

    Curry is a class act. Lauer is antagonistic in interviews…even light hearted ones. He interviewed 4 guys about a week ago that were recued at sea…he would ask questions then rudely cut them off! What an ass!

  37. Jana Borton Gober

    For years I watched The Today Show. After Ann Curry was treated so horribly, I switched to Good Morning America. I refuse to patronize bullies!!

  38. Rob Zampino

    Complete bullshit, she didn't ask for any money nor is suing as far as I know…though she should in my opinion.

  39. Perry Robertson

    NBC is self destructing, to hell with all of those execs, treat your people bad and backstab them the network deserves everything that's coming at them FAILURE.

  40. Charley Young

    I think she is awesome. I am sure there are squabbles and differences behind the scenes on many tv shows but IU think she had enough impressiveness to make the media frenzy seem awkward. I mean she set the tone for professionalism and formidableness. She's just one of the guys based on all this probably a threat to Matt and a bunch of others-

  41. Sharon Susie Ross

    I hate Matt Lauer. I stopped watching the Today Show when he repeatedly told Sarah Jessica Parker, "You're so BIG! OMG, you're so BIG!" when she was like in the last trimester of her pregnancy. But the description of Ann's treatment by all the staff just goes to show how most people are mindless dweebs just following the leader.

  42. Jim Cronin

    I'v been tortured before also. It was in the waiting room at the doctor's office. The TODAY SHOW was on and I couldn't change the channel-coudn'even lower the volume. I pooped my pants too.

  43. Anonymous

    Sounds like a juvenile work environment but I have to say I was no big fan of Curry and stopped watching pretty much after Couric left. I would agree with the "melodramatic" aspect to Curry , particularly with some stories that provided an opportunity for her "performance"…. as if she was just trying too hard. That approach just seemed to lose authenticity for me. Perhaps her sheer ambition was at fault.

  44. William Carlisle

    Can this cunt just go away! Tortured,,,,,,,, f'ing really?

  45. Anonymous

    The today show is INFOTAINMENT. You are living and dying by being part of a clique. She knew this going in. Hey, pay me a million a year to be a talking head, and you can say what you want.

  46. Anonymous

    Today show is lame, Curic, Curry, and Lauer are lame, and no smart-minded person uses that show for serious news or stories. That show is a waste of time. The epitome of TV sensationalism. With so many more useful news channels and programs, if those network morning shows disappeared, it would have no impact on legitimate avenues to gain information.

  47. Lolit Goree

    I believe it's true. She was tortured. I" don't see anything so special about Matt, that they chose to get rid of her to keep him!

  48. Cynthia Jackson

    NBC is notorious for being a boy's club. In 2000 I worked as Project Manager for Quokka Sports on Brannan St. in San Francisco who ventured w/NBCOLYMPICS.COM. It was the first year the Olympics went online and our techie guys discovered Telemetry. Quokka was a great company til they joined up w/NBC. I was bullied by a couple of men in that company but my manages fought me on a well deserved raise. I did the work of 20 people coordinating sports writers from all over the country. After I confronted my boss regarding his reasons I shouldn't get a raise after 2 years work, no sleep building up to the Olympics he said, Let's go on the rooftop and discuss this. His tone was arrogant and condescending when he told me, "you're playing with the big boys now at NBC now, you won't that raise". My response was you don't know who you're playing with, sorry you feel that way Tom we'll see. In the end not only did I get the raise but got a 7% raise instead of 3%. Take that! Unfortunately, when Olympics was over the company's stock bellied up and 900 people lost their jobs and their money all because of NBC. Still I loved the Aussies I worked with and don't regret a minute of that experience.

  49. Marilyn Armstrong Sharum

    Could not stand Katie Couric when she was on the Today Show and cannot stand to watch her new show. The way The Today Show treated Ann Curry is totally unforgiveable, and then she had to set on stage with them her last day as they all told her a friendly (yeah, right) pat on the back, hug, hug good bye. Such two faced people especially Matt Lauer who she tried to refrain from him touching her on that day. I would never watch that show again.

  50. Charise Chervenok

    Haters will do anything to think that acting up like this can help boost their career or image! Karma Kills..God Don't Like Ugly!

  51. Charise Chervenok

    Haters will do anything to think that acting up like this can help boost their career or image! Karma Kills..God Don't Like Ugly!

  52. Charise Chervenok

    I pray for people like that! Shame on Couric! She should know Karma will bite her in the @ss soon!

  53. Anonymous

    Her sappy, whining way was her undoing. She was and is awful.

  54. Marilyn Wick

    Don't watch and will not watch the Today show anymore….I liked Ann Curry. I cringe now when I hear Matt Lauer voice.

  55. Marilyn Wick

    Don't watch and will not watch the Today show anymore….I liked Ann Curry. I cringe now when I hear Matt Lauer voice.

  56. Vicky Morrison Cooke

    How can Katie Couric call anyone "fake"? She is the fakest thing on TV! I could never stand watching the TS because of her and baldy Lauer…they both suck! ML has the personality of cheese (sorry, cheese).

  57. James Edward White Jr

    IM STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT who is Nancy Chavez and whats SO stupid about this lady who was never heard of until she married the Vice-Pres of NBC and her BOSS!!!

  58. Anonymous

    Ann C. is a true pro. In the end she will get the last laugh. It's hard to believe that top executives can't admit mistakes made. It's GMA all the way!

  59. Anonymous

    The Today show has way too much "fluff" that is just nonsense and juvenile. I never like Matt Lauer. He is fake. I always liked Ann Curry. She did a great job interviewing. WHAT'S THIS ABOUT AL ROKER POOPING HIS PANTS? Does anyone know about what happened?

  60. Anonymous

    Plus the FACt, that the Today show is so Liberal. They are very narrow minded, and are a bunch of "goody good shoes".

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