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Warner Bros. Wins Superboy Lawsuit

Warner Bros. Superboy Lawsuit

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have won the rights to the Superboy character.

A federal judge ruled that the rights to the character belong to the studio and the comic book publisher. The ruling determined that the 2001 agreement made by the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerome Siegel included the rights to Superboy.

Although Smallville and Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel tackle the iconic superhero as a child, they were not allowed to reference him as Superboy. The recent ruling ultimately means that Warner Bros could move forward with a movie centered around the character at some point in the future.

DC Comics had previously extended the copyright on the characters several times in the past. The publisher extended the rights in 1976 for an additional 19 years. However, Siegel’s estate attempted to regain control of the property by issuing Warner Bros. and DC a termination notice in 1997.

Although everyone came to an agreement on the subject in 2001, the estate headed back to court to snag rights to Superboy and some character-related advertisements. The issue dragged through the courts for years, forcing the studio and the publisher to tread very carefully as they moved forward with ventures involving the character.

Should Man of Steel make a ton of money at the box office this summer, then Warner Bros. could move forward with some sort of Superboy project. However, there are currently no plans for a movie involving the younger version of Superman.

The future of Superboy essentially hinges on how well Man of Steel fares with moviegoers. Given that earlier buzz has been nothing but positive, fans of Superboy could see some sort of project involving the young superhero come together down the road.

Are you a fan of Superboy? What do you think about the recent ruling that puts the rights back in the hands of Warner Bros. and DC Comics?

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5 Responses to “Warner Bros. Wins Superboy Lawsuit”

  1. Gp Spector

    I hate that Warner Bros. is telling us that if we want a Superboy or Justice League movie, we have to like "The Man of Steel" movie. I fail to see why when there so far, is no direct connection to this upcoming movie. Personally, I have no interest in seeing "The Man of Steel" movie. I really hate the costume and very disapointed that they are keeping the character dark. Bring back the Christopher Reeve costume and just make new episode movies without rebooting it, again and use it for Superboy and Justice League.

  2. Serge Budja

    Kevin Costner is in it, so I wont be seeing it either, cause that man is a pain in the a$$ too! On the serious side I agree with you Gary, and to add to that, I hate that its a 2nd reboot, and I hate the casting! I thought Brandon Routh did an excellent homage to Cristopher Reeve, but they set that 1st reboot up to fasil from the start with a crappy storyline and a horrible choice for the cast!!

  3. Louis Spector

    It’s not that they are saying you have to like “The Man of Steel” what they are saying is that if it doesn’t do favorably in the theaters, why make more. It’s not cheap to make movies but it’s worth it if the fan base is there. Oh, and I really hope they don’t make a Superboy movies, that would just suck. Also, I’m looking foreword to The Man of Steel.” I think it’s a much needed fresh approach and view of an icon, very much like Star Trak…oh I forgot you hated that one also. ; Anyway, times…they are a changing. :)

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