Pakistan's Musharraf Arrested Friday

Pakistan’s Musharraf Arrested After Day On The Run

Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf was arrested on Friday after just one day on the run. The former military leader, who was ousted in 2008, ran out of court on Thursday after his bail was revoked in a treason case.

Mucharraf seized power in a 1999 military coup and ruled until he was forced to step down in 2008. After that, he spent time in Dubai and London before returning to his home country last month.

When he returned, the former president was issued a pre-approved bail, which expired on Thursday. Musharraf returned, even knowing he would likely face three court cases stemming from his time as Pakistan’s president.

In one of those court cases, the former military leader was accused of treason for ordering the house arrest of dozens of judges including the Supreme Court’s high justice.

Musharraf explained that his return was meant both to clear his name and to participate in upcoming elections, which are expected on May 11. But election officials and judges disqualified him from running in all four constituencies he planned to contest.

The retired military general appeared in court on Thursday to request a bail extension. When the Islamabad High Court rejected the appeal and ordered his arrest, Musharraf escaped from court and returned to his home on the capital’s outskirts with the help of armed security guards.

Court Orders Musharraf's Arrest

But it appeared on Friday that the former Pakistani president had surrendered himself to a court. He was placed under house detention by the court and ordered to stay there until the trial on his treason charges is complete.

Shaukat Qadir, a retired brigadier general who cautioned Musharraf against returning to Pakistan, stated of the situation:

“Musharraf has put himself into this bind. He always acts first and thinks later. The problem for the army is that it’s got no cards to play in this game. It’s been hijacked by the judiciary.”

It is not clear how long Musharraf will stay under house arrest before the trial begins.

[Image via World Economic Forum]