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Sandra Bullock: Boston Is Full Of Amazing, Strong, Loyal People

Sandra Bullock has paid tribute to Boston in the wake of Monday’s marathon attack, describing Bostonians as “amazing, strong, loyal, kind, giving people.”

Sandra Bullock’s Boston comments were made to Access Hollywood as the actress promoted her new film, The Heat. The comedy was shot in Boston, giving Bullock a first-hand experience of life in the Massachusetts capital. She said:

“That city is made up of amazing, strong, loyal, kind, giving people and you saw that once everything happened, you saw the amount of people that rushed into the danger and just helped everyone. All tragedies – it brings out the best in people and you just see what a great, great, great place Boston is.”

The Heat director Paul Feig described the movie as a “love letter” to Boston, and said he hoped the film would put smiles back on the faces of Bostonians. Speaking before he presented the film’s trailer to a theater full of exhibitors at CinemaCon, Feig added:

“It’s not a movie where it’s supposed to be New York but it’s shot in Boston. This takes place in Boston. We have Boston natives in the movie, like Jane Curtin and Bill Burr and Joey McEntire; all these famous Bostonians are in it. And if this movie can help Boston laugh, than that would be great.”

Sandra Bullock admitted the Boston bombing left her concerned for cast and crew members in the area:

“I think having been there, having had our entire crew around us all the time, who are all from Boston, you’re just hoping. And when you see the aftermath, I try to look on the other side, which is, ‘Look how amazing the people were. Look at those people that ran towards everyone without thinking twice about themselves.’ ”

The Heat is set to open in the US on June 27. A spokeswoman for 20th Century Fox said a special screening in Boston is scheduled to take place closer to release. You can watch a trailer below.

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