Selena Gomez Goes To See Justin Bieber In Oslo, Norway While He Is On Tour

Justin Bieber Gets A Visit From Selena Gomez In Oslo, Tweets ‘Smiling’

Justin Bieber got a visit from Selena Gomez in Oslo, Norway on Thursday.

Apart from the fact that 37 million plus (or 17.8, but who’s counting) beliebers are currently having a meltdown over this unexpected news, frankly — it is genuinely shocking.

After watching Gomez’s jaw-dropping — “well that makes two of us” — zinger on Late Show with David Letterman, many assumed her relationship with Bieber was deader than a dead thing.

The actress later retracted her “cry” revelation on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

So, to details. The Spring Breakers actress was spotted at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo at around 8:30 pm (local time) on Thursday.

Sources close to the Latin starlet have confirmed that her arrival in Oslo is not a coincidence and it appears the 20-year-old has no professional commitments in the city.

Bieber, currently on his Believe world tour had already been in the capital four days to play three concerts at Telenor Arena.

The 19-year-old’s last Norway gig was on Thursday.

Online tour schedules reveal the next gig date is in Copenhagen April 20, which gives the star-crossed ex-couple at least 24 uninterrupted hours together — if the Canadian singer has no press obligations.

Notably, Bieber was extremely upbeat on his Twitter feed after the show ended, enigmatically tweeting the word “smiling.”

Gomez and Bieber began dating in 2010, before splitting last November. After a brief reunion, the ex-Wizards of Waverly Place star reportedly walked out on her then boyfriend mid-way through a December vacation in Mexico.

Since then, the lay of the land between the pair hasn’t been pretty.

Less than three weeks after the couple separated, Gomez performed “Cry Me A River” at a private concert for UNICEF, introducing the song, saying:

“I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool,” before adding, “this song definitely speaks to me.”

Her appearance in a dance video set to Dustin Tavella’s “Everybody Knows,” which includes the tag “Your boyfriend is a douchebag/And everybody knows last month also suggested things were far from amicable.

Likewise, Bieber told Billboard in a January interview,”I’m not in the happiest place I’ve ever been,” before revealing that a cut on his 2013 Believe Acoustic album”Nothing Like Us” was about his relationship with Gomez.

Meanwhile, Gomez hasn’t been crying into her pillow during their separation.

The actress is about to release her album later this month and has just released the lead single “Come and Get It.” The Bindi-wearing singer-actress debuted it at MTV’s Movie Awards and will perform the song on Letterman next Wednesday.

Although the couple met up a few times after their split, notably Bieber visited his on-off ex at her Encino, CA,. home on March 27 between his concert dates.

Representatives for both stars declined to comment.

But, for now, this is known: Gomez and Bieber were in Norway at the same time, and are possibly en route together to Copenhagen.

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