Billboard for HBO’s ‘Hung’ in NZ may have invented massive wangvertising

If you’ve seen an episode of HBO’s Hung and the title didn’t clue you in, you know the show basically depicts a world that actually does revolve around the main character’s huge dick.

Via Copyranter comes this suggestive billboard from New Zealand, where the show has yet to premiere. Breasts have been used to sell things probably since the first beer ad was scrawled on a cave wall. It’s less common to see the target gender (or sexuality) reversed like this.

Could you see a concept like this flying (or dangling, as the case may be) in Times Square, like right where that steaming Cup O’ Noodles billboard was? Are you not dying to know what the planning and execution sessions to get this produced were like? Is this the crowning glory of some ad exec’s portfolio? And also: penis.