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Ann Curry Firing Was Dubbed ‘Operation Bambi’ By Producers

Ann Curry Operation Bambi Today

The removal of Ann Curry from Today was dubbed “Operation Bambi” by the show’s producers. She was also “tortured” by staffers behind-the-scenes before she parted ways with the program.

Quite a few details about the host’s firing from the popular morning news program are being brought to light courtesy of New York Times reporter Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning.

The plot to fire Curry was dubbed “Operation Bambi” since some of the producers thought getting rid of her would be the same as killing the iconic Disney character.

“Curry felt that the boys’ club atmosphere behind the scenes at ‘Today’ undermined her from the start, and she told friends that her final months were a form of professional torture,” Stelter wrote in the book.

The “professional torture” Curry described allegedly came in the form of cruel jokes and pranks at her expense. A yellow dress worn by the host was referred to as “Big Bird” by Today staff.

Several workers are said to have moved Ann Curry’s belongings to a closet to make it appear as though she had already been fired by producers. An insider told Stelter that a blooper reel was made from the mistakes she made on-air and passed around.

The source added that “a lot of time in the control room was spent making fun of Ann’s outfit choices or just generally messing with her.”

Although news regarding Ann Curry and “Operation Bambi” are sure to cause quite a few headaches for people the people working behind-the-scenes at Today, the show isn’t quite ready to make an official statement on the matter.

Ann Curry Today Show Firing

“We are focused on covering several major news stories this week and producing the best show we can for our viewers, not on year-old gossip,” a rep show told The Huffington Post.

Brian Stelter’s Top of the Morning will hit shelves on April 23.

Are you a fan of Ann Curry? What do you think about “Operation Bambi” and the torture she received prior to leaving Today?

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66 Responses to “Ann Curry Firing Was Dubbed ‘Operation Bambi’ By Producers”

  1. Paul Driscoll

    NBC shame on you. Matt Lauer is a bully. Ask anyone who ever worked with him.

  2. Maggie Dunn

    I have always been a big fan of Ann Curry. I don't understand why she had to leave. HE….Matt Lauer should have been pushed out. He's such a pig. Ann Curry is one of the nicest, easy to listen to, not a nasty word ever spoken on television. We miss you Ann Curry!

  3. Anonymous

    Ann Curry was the classiest and best reporter on the Today show EVER! I've stopped watching it since her departure. After all, who wants to watch a jealous bully, such as Matt Lauer do interviews. I am watching Good Morning America now.

  4. Carol Leaver

    I loved Ann Curry, I did not see anything wrong with her clothes. She did a great job. My opinion of Matt Lauer has changed totally and I will never watch NBC again. I saw the show where Matt Lauer made fun of Savanna Guthrie for not knowing how to operate a sweeper. A good co-worker would have supported her and not made fun of her on the air. Humiliation is what he did to Savannah and he deserve the middle finger even if she did not do the middle finger. NBC should be fined for harrassment , I'm sure Ann Curry will not sue, she is too kind of a person!

  5. Bill Haight

    What's new this has been going on for a long time in the television land Today show should grow up and start acting like a bunch of spoiled bitchy woman.

  6. Kathleen Grace

    Ann brought to the show a professionalism and a calm, classy demeanor and personality that is obviously lacking in the other folks with the show. Ann was and is the epitome of grace, and I miss seeing her.

  7. Darlene Tepper


  8. Deb Stevenson

    Ann Curry is the classiest person to ever grace NBC. NBC and all their "good ole boys" should be ashamed and go back to their basements where they can laugh and joke about others, at the same time someone should make sure that the basement door never opens again.

  9. Melissa Lin Walker

    When I was in NYC during the Christmas season of 2003, I stopped by the window just as the show was ending. Shortly after, the staff came outside to shoot their Christmas (oops – "holiday") photo. Afterward, everyone except Ann Curry jetted back inside the building without so much as a glance or wave to those watching. Ms. Curry walked around shaking hands and speaking with people. I agree, she was the classiest reporter. The treatment she received was abhorrent. However, it is what I have come to expect from mainstream American media.

  10. Ramona Diaz Guerrero

    That's what they are, no less than that. I switch to GMA right away, I hate Matt.

  11. Ginger Johnson

    very unprofessional. they act like children, not very well mannered children! I no longer watch the show. hate matt lauer.

  12. Donna M Fago

    ann I hope you get to reads this and it comes from the bottom of my heart. I am so sorry you had to be bullied at work.. don't worry you have lots of fans , much of whom will never watch the show again. Soon they will all have their days….especially the idiot Matt. He should have halted all the torture you went through….but no he's a frickin idiot and I cant stand him….gl Ann.

  13. Thomas J. McCabe

    Ann Curry has more class than ALL of those slugs combined. She is better off being away from these small-minded people. Savannah is a light-weight in comparison.

  14. Linda Williams Church

    It seems to me that bullying isn't only in school. Since I have watched NBC the only people who have left the show has been women.. I wish there was something to do to stop this hate on women from this network.

  15. Jane Wagley

    With NBC perishing in the ratings, it is no wonder their sense of judgment and control of employees has totally tanked. Treating any employee the way Ann Curry was is truly despicable and NBC brass should be ashamed.

  16. Ron Viramontes

    AFter a half dozen female co-host departures from the show, you'd think executives would figure out it's not the women who are the problem. The TODAY SHOW took a huge dump on the national morning TV stage and now don't know how to dress it up.

  17. Linda Louis

    I stopped watching, can't stand Matt lauer, Savannnah is nice but to gushy ad interrupts and too gotcha, bad interviewer in my opinion. NBC is paying in the ratings and I know lots of people who stopped watching when this happened. It was handled very unprofessionally and I can't wait to see where she lands so I can watch again. Matt Lauer is a joke.

  18. Kathy Carlson

    Brian Stelter can write a book about Ann, but she can't tweet Robin Roberts? Good ole boys network is still alive and well at THE TODAY SHOW! I'd sure like to see the contract Ann signed. Ann, next time get a couple of attorneys to read it first. I would like to see all women that watch morning TV to show support for Ann by never turning on ABC.

  19. Johnette Brakel

    I think Ann is a beautiful lady; Seems like a very gracious and caring individual. No wonder GMA is way above the Today show in the ratings with all this back stabbing going on sounds like a bunch of juveniles instead of professional people !!

  20. Andrew Bryant

    Linda I watch NBC as well and i think it is sad what they Did to Ann Curry!

  21. Judi Bush

    Ann was the best person on that show, unlike the CUPI dolls that are there now with their fake smiles and poor reporting. With Ann, she was real and what you saw is what you got. Just another HUGE blunder by that network.

  22. Nancy Knox Abbott

    I quit watching the Today Show when Katie Curic left and they didn't give Ann her postion the first time. Up to then I watched it every day. As far as I'm concerned, they should fire Matt and replaced him with Ann. Then I might start watching the show again and I think a lot of their old fans would come back.

  23. Peggy Herman Brown

    I always stand on Ann Curry's side, I very seldom watch NBC in the norning, well, most anytime. I yse to watch it all the time until Ann had to leave, then I gave it up.

  24. Tricia Mills

    I agree with you, Deb. The term, "HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT" springs to mind.
    NBC should be very very ashamed. Today show ratings are in the toilet, too. Y'all EARNED it, nasty little boys.

  25. Nancy Vojtek

    I'm 57 years old & watched the today show for a long time. I felt very bad for Ann, and I also stopped watching the show. I hope NBC changes their way's and see how wrong they were. Sounds like a new regiment is in order. When you have so many people complaining , you would think they would make some changes. I'd love to see ann have her own talk show. She was very good with people, and has a bright out look on topics.

  26. Peggy Lyons

    Isn't it ironic that the person we loved best on the show was Ann Curry because she had such compassion for people in this treacherous world. I miss her very much. I liked the way she dressed. She was down to earth and unpretentious, which is more than you can say about some of the reporters! God Bless you Ann Curry. I have also quit watching Today show.

  27. Anonymous

    If this is true and whether you were Ann's fan or not, NBC treatment is crue, unprofessionall and nothing short of bullying. I used to watch NBC, but haave switched to ABC until the 10 am hour. Lauer also has appeared to go the Bryant Gumble route, by overestimating their own importance.

  28. Bonnie Binion Seibert

    My husband and I have stopped watching the Today show because of the firing of Ann Curry. What a shame what the company did to her. Shame on them. Ann was a joy to watch and she was good at her job.

  29. Jane Wright

    I did exactly the same thing. Ann Curry made stupid Matt look good. Bye-Bye Matt, the sooner the better.

  30. Suzanne Neville

    I've never read comments where they were all in agreement; all comments were in favor of Ann Curry. Let me add mine. Don't let the bastards get you down, Ann!

  31. Glenda Acasio

    They're just envy of her because as an Asian..she is one of the classiest,smart, and beautiful in and out. So many EVIL in this world and whoever
    disrespect?,are just one of them. More blessings Ann Curry!

  32. Mickey James Godfrey

    I quit watching The Today Show after she was "released". She is first class and her compassion to her other people is unsurpassable. I watch GMA every morning.

  33. Mickey James Godfrey

    I quit watching The Today Show after she was "released". She is first class and her compassion to her other people is unsurpassable. I watch GMA every morning.

  34. Anna Salerno

    Ann Curry has more moxey and class in her pinkie finger then Matt Lauer has in his pointed head. Ann is beautiful, kind, intelligent and professional. What this net work, NBC, did to her before she was ousted is so cruel and it was of unparralled proportions and exceedingly cruel! I stopped watching this show because of them getting rid of her in the way they did. I love Ann Curry and I hope she does well in whatever she does next. NBC is so left wing biased that is the other reason that I stopped watching it and the other Main Stream Media!

  35. Deborah Jo Siler-Williams

    I am in Shock..Beautiful, heartfelt reporting..May she find bigger and better projects..I will miss her.

  36. Emett Harold

    Anyone else see a message here? Honesty and talent get squashed if your not ruthless. Not regretting my choice to fire the Today show.

  37. Patricia Kays

    I always would watch the Today show when Ann Curry was on there, when they got rid of her, they lost a loyal viewer, me.

  38. Katie O'Connell Evans

    Ann Curry was AWFUL and sounds like she's overly sensitive.Good riddance & neither she nor Savannah has had a good stylist

  39. Ellen Williams

    Ann curry is wonderful and the TOday show producers and staff should be ashamed of any back stabbing that they participated in, what goes around comes around.

  40. Pam Emken

    adult bullies, they should all be ashamed of themselves. Ann is a beautiful and charming women with more professionalism than any of them. I can not believe that a national network of supposed professional. educated adults would let this behavior and mentality happy. Journalistic idiots!

  41. Sheila Maher

    If the bullying behind the scenes happened to Ann Curry, I'm sorry that happened to her. To blame Matt Lauer for these things is wrong. I don't believe he was a major factor in her departure. I liked Ann when she read the news and did an occassional interview. But when she was named Meredith's replacement, I was shocked! She didn't have the ability to do live TV. Period! She was whiny and sappy, and I hate to say this, but whoever her stylist was should have been fired! She was dressed like a kindergartener most of the time. She's great at edited stories. NBC should let her go and be done with it. Good luck to her.

  42. Gayle Matters

    Ann was fired from another network after the Oklahoma City bombings. Look into that before you decide.

  43. Anibal Rivera

    NBC has always been a cancer to good people like Ann Curry. So it's no surprise to me.

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