Video: ‘Epic Beard Man’ Thomas Bruso’s fight, explanation

Thomas Bruso, a 67-year-old Vietnam vet and apparent lightning rod for viral videos, got a lot of internet attention this week for a smackdown on an AC bus (below) wherein Bruso, known on the internet as ‘epic beard man,’ bests a much younger black man after a few minutes of bickering between the two. (The clip is the second one below.)

The altercation was filmed by a college student also present on the bus and quickly rose to internet infamy, garnering nearly 2.5 million YouTube views by the time of this posting. Bruso has already become the star of another viral clip, this time explaining the situation from his point of view. Titled “Epic Beard Man” explains it all, the clip has sparked a large outpouring of sympathy for the man on sites like Digg, where users are even seeking to assist the veteran with expenses in the sunset of his life:

If it wouldn’t offend him, I’d love to send this guy some money so he can buy some shoes and get himself a drink on me. I wish there were more people brave enough to stand up for themselves like that. I live in England and this has scored +1 for America in my book!

Is there a legit donation fund going for this dude yet?

I feel genuinely sorry for this guy. He’s clearly seen action, served his country, and whatever the circumstances, they’re not helping him out. He needs help in a lot of ways and his mum just died.

No vet should ever be short of money to go to his mothers funeral.

Bruso also was the subject of a viral video last summer, when he was tased by police at an Oakland A’s game.

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