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Rihanna Rumors Swirl After Repeated Show Cancellations

Rihanna rumors

Rihanna rumors have the internet in a tailspin after the pop singer cancelled a fourth stop on her Diamonds tour earlier this week. She backed out of a Houston show on Monday, a Dallas concert on April 12, and two other scheduled performances back in March.

Last month her representatives told TMZ that she had a throat infection. It was the end of flu season, so the claim wasn’t too weird.

However, the infection seems to have gone on for an awful long time.

And another gossip site, Hollywood Life, published a photograph that they said showed Rihanna leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. She was making a gesture that could be construed as being protective of her stomach — admittedly odd for a throat infection.

When a young woman is sick to her stomach, then it’s a given that some people will guess that she’s pregnant. And, indeed, many of the Rihanna rumors running wild are claiming that she’s having a baby with on-again, off-again erstwhile girlfriend beater Chris Brown.

However, there’s another rumor swirling — that she partied a little too hard in Vegas and let down her fans further down the line. Rihanna has posted some perhaps ill-advised photos and comments to Instagram, and a lot of people have left some pretty peeved-off posts as a result. Much of the language used both to attack and defend Rihanna for the no-shows can’t really be described in a family publication.

However, one angry fan left a message that we can pass on:

“Stop cancelling your shows. You weren’t sick when u were getting high at Coachella.”

I think I like this tweet on the whole brouhaha:

Here’s one of the tweets that angered fans who thought Rihanna didn’t have her mind on the tour:

What’s your take on the Rihanna rumors?

[Rihanna photo by Helga Esteb /]

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11 Responses to “Rihanna Rumors Swirl After Repeated Show Cancellations”

  1. James Melissa Shaw

    No matter what her reasons are for cancelling the show, she is only human. Sometimes people need time in their life to do what they need to do, no matter if it hurts someone else or not. If she cancelled a show, I'm sure you get your money back. If she is pregnant then be happy for her….but I doubt that is the cause if she has been partying like a lot of things have showed. Maybe she is going thru a tough time in her life right now (like all of you do) and sometimes she just doesn't feel up to performing. You do not know what she is dealing with mentally or emotionally, and from experience that can mess up your life much more then something physical if you don't take the time to fix it.

  2. Sherri Kowalski

    Who knows, but if Blood De'Grate were able to speak and/or write the English language, I may be able to comprehend what he/she posted…*eye roll*.

  3. Anonymous

    All of you people making excuses for her just think about this; first they went out and bought tickets and then they made sure they were off that day. I do not know if she cancelled the same day or just days before but it's not just the concert ticket it's the whole thing. the person probably got their hair done/cut, bought a new outfit or item of clothing, and so on. Not only the concert goers are losing out but everyone it takes to promote a concert to the people it takes to clean up the venue are losing out. This is bigger than Rihanna but the problem is these stars forget that and think they are bigger than the rest of us. Whether she is really sick or just catching Lindsay Lohanitis she is really letting her fans everyone employed down by not letting them know with plenty of time and or just screwing up.

  4. Krissy Willoughby

    So she will continually get stoned, and post pictures about it, but has laryngitis? Huh….weird. People pay money to go to her shows, to support her, and she cancels not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 shows? I feel like LeBron over here. People work for a living, just like her, and take days off IN ADVANCE. If she needs a break, she should schedule one accordingly just like the rest of the world.

  5. John Oates

    she listened to one of her songs and realized how bad she is. She sucks. go back to being a hooker.

  6. Anonymous

    Could be illness, could be pregnancy, could be bruises she can't explain.

  7. Anonymous

    This woman finally hit a realty wall and came to realize that she doesn't have the talent to back up her agents fiscal ambition. REALIZE!

  8. Anonymous

    Who cares. She is an embarrassment to black women and the black race in general. What a whore. To all the white and asian folks out here. Don't let women like Beyonce and Rihanna fool you. There are good black educated classy women out here. Not all black women are promiscuous and not all black men are thugs.

  9. Mary Christine Viere

    Give Rihanna A Break People Maybe she is getting tired of being famous and working allot I don't blame her yeah sure she parties but famous people need to party too. she probably wants to have a normal life without people bothering her and having rumors Spreading around about her being pregnant its probably not true she probably just have some stuff going on. If your going to be mean to Rihanna about if she gets back to gether with chris or not and for canceling her shows keep the mean comments to your self.

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