TinySuperheroes Provides Sick Children With Capes

‘Tiny Superheroes’ Provides Sick Children With Capes

An organization called TinySuperheroes is providing sick children with capes. A love of sewing and compassion for sick babies and children inspired Robyn Rosenberger to craft tiny capes. Each child she helps is provided with a handmade cape and a blog entry detailing their illness and progress.

Rosenberger started sewing capes for her son and nephew. They enjoyed their capes so much that she was inspired to share them with others. The first sick child blessed with one of Rosenberg’s capes was Brenna Helen Marie.

Rosenberger found Brenna’s blog online, detailing her struggle with a rare skin disorder called Harlequin ichthyosis. The condition prevented Brenna’s skin from retaining moisture. As her skin was compromised, she was in danger of developing infection from bacteria.

Rosenberger contacted Brenna’s mom and asked if she would be interested in a cape for her little girl. As reported by Today.com, Brenna’s mother graciously accepted the offer. Rosenberger agreed with Brenna’s mom that the child was a true superhero, inspiring the organization’s name.

In her blog, Brenna’s mom reports that her daughter is now “healthy and thriving.” Unfortunately, there is no shortage of sick children who would benefit from one of Rosenberger’s capes.

The TinySuperheroes creator insists that she is “not even a seamstress.” Despite her humble demeanor, Rosenberger and TinySuperheroes has provided more than 80 capes to sick children.

Tiny Superhero With Cape