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Reese Witherspoon ‘Too Old’ Says Gracious Stevie Nicks

Reese Witherspoon too old

Is Reese Witherspoon “too old” to play Stevie Nicks, as the catty 64-year-old Fleetwood Mac singer/songwriter recently told ET Canada? Meow.

The remarks were allegedly made at the Toronto premiere of Nicks’ new documentary, In Your Dreams, which was produced with the help of husband and Eurythmics star Dave Stewart. It records the process of the once-popular Nicks making her first solo studio album in a decade.

I might have said 37-year-old Witherspoon was too classy to play the 70s rock icon who didn’t hold back from the drugs, sex, and messy relationships expected of a star of that era. However, it’s called acting for a reason. In 2005’s Walk the Line, she played a famous musician and wife of an even earlier time, June Carter Cash, to such acclaim that she earned an Oscar for Best Actress.

In any event, by Stevie Nicks’ own account, she apparently didn’t realize that the 70s were over until well into the 90s. In an interview in January, she confessed that her addiction to Klonopin is part of what drove Lindsey Buckingham to leave the band in 1987. But she didn’t quit the drug until a rehab stint in 1993, which included withdrawal symptoms so severe that she claimed that she nearly died.

Now, I’m not saying that ET Canada’s Michele Yeo has a mean streak, but she caught some pretty garbled comments coming out of Stevie Nicks’ mouth. Nicks said she already told Reese that she’s “almost” too old — as if that nasty little “almost” makes it all right — and then added:

“I love her, but she’s like, ‘I could play your mother, I’m like okay.”

Yeah, I’m like OK too. Did that even make any sense?

Apparently, Nicks is only calling Reese Witherspoon too old because Witherspoon allegedly said it first. Or maybe all that babble is a Klonopin flashback?

At this point, it isn’t clear if there will be a Stevie Nicks biopic starring Reese Witherspoon at all. But we could next see the Legally Blonde star in David Fincher’s Gone Girl.

I for one would love the idea of Witherspoon playing the perfect suburban thirysomething sociopath Amy, who plots to frame her husband for murder. Even Stevie Nicks couldn’t call Reese Witherspoon too old for that part.

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8 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon ‘Too Old’ Says Gracious Stevie Nicks”

  1. Heather Ward

    Who in the world is Stevie kidding? Reese is way to pretty to ever play her skanky tail in a movie, no disrespect to Reese's acting abilities. That old hag must have went and smacked her head. She would be lucky to have someone as beautiful and classy as Reese to play her.

  2. Jennifer Kozelka

    Regardless of who said it first… too old wouldn't be my first impression. TOO PRETTY would be the first… Stevie Nicks was and still is dog! WOOF WOOF

  3. Anonymous

    All I read above is that this "writer" is clueless about how casting works and is making it sound as though Nicks is being "mean." Ridiculous and immature. Also, I didn't know that Stewart and Nicks are married….Because they're NOT married. This writing is not credible in the least. I'll never visit this site again– what a bunch of bollocks.

  4. Amber Eagan

    Are you serious with this article? Nice job of taking Stevie's comments out of context! Stevie and Reese are friends. In her newly released documentary , she mentioned how she would like Reese to play her if a movie is ever made about her life. A few years have gone by since that tidbit was filmed, and it looks like Reese herself thinks she's to old to play it as of now too. Makes sense to me if it would be based on her early years in Fleetwood Mac when she was 10 years younger than what Reese is now. If anyone is "catty" looks to be this writer. Nice research lol.

  5. Cathy Brown

    True.. but, stevie nicks can sing them songs! lol's

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