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Boston Marathon Looters? Video Shows People Taking Jackets After Bombing

Watch live feed of Boston Marthon explosion

Were there people looting after the Boston marathon bombing yesterday?

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, there have been several reports showcasing the heroism and kindness from innocent bystanders at the scene.

One man was praised as a hero for helping those who were wounded at the scene. Patton Oswalt wrote that the attack last night proved to him that there will always be more good people than evil people. And Mr. Rogers urged us all to re-watch the footage from the bombing and take notice of all the people helping.

Unfortunately, there have also been reports showcasing people at their worst. The Westboro Baptist church announced plans to picket the funerals of the Boston Marathon bombing victims and a video surfaced shortly after the attack that reportedly showed a group of people stealing merchandise while others were busy helping people who were wounded in the explosion.

The YouTube user who posted the footage wrote: “People stealing marathon jackets, after the bombings, while they were still searching for bombs and kids and innocent were dying and or losing limbs. Not caring about their own lives just free merchandise!”

Here’s the video. Do you think people were looting after the explosions at the Boston Marathon?

The video may look incriminating but it doesn’t appear that the people in the video were looters.

Let’s point a few things out.

First, if these people were really looting, at least they weren’t throwing bricks through windows or stealing TVs. They were taking jackets from cardboard boxes.

Second, a commentator on YouTube who claims that he was one of the “looters,” said that the officials were giving away the jackets and that the video was filmed far away from the bombing site.

One commentator writes: “This was not near the blast… It happened hours afterwards. No one in the area was injured, or in need of help… People were being told that the stuff was being given away.”

Lastly, if you watch the video closely you can also see someone place down a cardboard box full of merchandise. That typically doesn’t happen in the middle of a crime.

Do you think the video shows looters at the Boston Marathon?

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7 Responses to “Boston Marathon Looters? Video Shows People Taking Jackets After Bombing”

  1. Juli Wyant

    Westboro Baptist plans to picket victim funerals? wow. Just so hateful. I hope huge crowds show up to block the view so that the grieving families won't have to see the WBC ass hats waving their nasty hate messages.

  2. John Joseph Grimes

    I have seen these so-called "Christians" with their signs of hate at the funerals for American soldiers but I can say with all honesty, they had better not come to Boston and try it here……and I'm not joking.

  3. Joseph A Clements

    "TURDS" They should all rot! Too Frikin lazy to run and get a jacket honest. I hope thry feel like crap every time they look at those jackets maybe even see the face of that 8 year old boy staring them in ther rotten faces. Be human you TURDS burn the jackets, nobody wants your BLODDY ILL GOTTEN GAIN. Blacks folks loot White people procure Wrong Both are Turds little small pieces of waste.

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