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Mystery Man On Roof After Boston Bombing Described As ‘Chilling’

mystery man on roof

As the Boston bombings are investigated, shots of a mystery man on a roof in the city at the time of the bombings have been circulating on the web and Twitter in particular — and many wonder if the shadowy figure was connected with the attack.

Overnight, the image of the mystery man on the roof became the subject of press speculation as well and even part of already emerging conspiracy theories about the Boston attacks.

Little information that sheds any light on the motive or responsible groups or persons connected with the Boston bombing has emerged.

As such, scene photos such as the one involving the mystery man on a roof in Boston remain some of the small amount we know so far about the scene at the Marathon Monday.

The image in which the mystery man on a roof appears to circle back to was tweeted by @Boston_to_a_T, who in turn credits photographer Dan Lampariello for the image.

It’s certainly clear how, in light of the attacks, the pic is a bit off-putting.

The original tweet, which seems to have sparked off the interest in the mystery man, was sent last night:

Police in Boston have been actively culling social media evidence such as the photo of the mystery man on a roof in Boston after the attacks, even using Twitter to solicit tips from those who may have images or footage from before or after the Marathon bombings this morning:

So far, no official statements have been made about the mystery man on a Boston roof — and for city dwellers, the image does not seem all that suspicious or odd.

Some Twitter users have posited a theory about the mystery man on a roof with which we tend to agree:

Here in New York, it is increasingly common for those with any sort of rooftop access to bypass giant crowds and instead view and event from the roof, and we imagine fellow metro-area residents would assume a man on a roof would be simply viewing the event rather than up to anything sinister.

Do you believe the mystery man on a roof lead will amount to anything?

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24 Responses to “Mystery Man On Roof After Boston Bombing Described As ‘Chilling’”

  1. Kat Hicks

    if he was innocent, why hasn't he come forward? from that view he might have seen something…..if he is innocent.

  2. Ann G Dickinson

    He knows he's the one in the photo – if he was just sitting there watching the marathon, why doesn't he just call the police and tell them? And it wouldn't seem he would get up and walk away after the bombs went off? Normally a person would be so in shock that they would remain to look at the scene and the situation – they'll never find him unless he comes forward.

  3. Tamera Lamb Gaskin

    There are chairs on the roof that looks like some sort of patio area, perhaps he was just up there chilling and got up when the explosion happened to try to see what is going on. There is nothing chilling about this image to me, not at this point.

  4. Bail MeOut

    can't wait for the next "back slapping" press conference.

  5. Patrick Schmalz

    some people are more worried about individual people being hurt instead of trolling the internet thinking you are gonna solve the mystery…i just saw the photo now for the first time and im constantly on twitter, yahoo, and facebook. He is a 50 year old looking man that probably uses a computer once a week.

  6. Ib Four-e

    It looks like the same picture they use to show Bigfoot sightings.

  7. Anonymous

    Every lead needs to be investigated intil we catch the cowards responsible Semper Fi.

  8. Matt Campbell

    Because not every person in the world has access to the internet. The picture emerged this morning, and unlike you, people don't have time to take out of there day to follow ALL developing details. Especially this, since no major news site has posted this picture.

  9. Lori Lolorashel Myers

    Doesn't look very chilling to me. He's walking toward the blast, not running away. He's near lounge chairs. He probably heard the blast and is walking to see what happened.

  10. Anonymous

    This is the apartment building of Rich of Toucher & Rich on 98.5 the Sports Hub in Boston. Rich said that its an outdoor patio deck that everyone in the building can access and watch the marathon from. nothing more

  11. Kelli McDaniel Robinson

    OMG! Lots of people in cities have rooftop decks. I wonder how many culprets were watching the marathon from windows in their homes or offices….round them all up and interogate them thoroughly!

  12. Anonymous

    hopefully he will identify himself to avoid time wasted investigating.

  13. Elizabeth Davis

    Chilling? Really? There's two chairs. Maybe that's his apartment complex and he was watching the marathon from his "patio" area? Here's an idea, go to the building, take a look up there, and then talk to the building tenants. (I bet the chairs are still there, along with maybe a table or two) But I guess they need a few different conspiracy theories to keep everyone on their toes……

  14. Anonymous

    All those windows and most people don't have enough brain cells to think he lives in one of them apartments.He don't have to call the police, fbi or anyone else.Some of you are past retarded.

  15. Jorge Parrales Maruri

    Good evening Lori Lolorashel . With all the Respect you deserve, greetings to you. I want see the possibility that you can send me a friend request. My app is not working yet. Have a great week! Thanks again for your courtesy! Have a great day.

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