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Man’s Other Wife Found On Facebook

Woman Finds Other Wife

A newly married man landed in hot water recently when his other wife was found on Facebook.

A 38-year-old Australian woman was sharing news of her recent nuptials on Facebook when she received an alarming message from a stranger: “Hello, new Mrs. Keyet. How can you be Mrs. Keyet when I am still Mrs. Keyet? From the old Mrs. Keyet.”

The devastating message turned out to be true. Although the scoundrel husband had revealed a previous marriage to his new bride, she was led to believe that the union had been legally dissolved.

Mr. Keyet even continued the ruse during the couple’s recent civil ceremony, claiming to the presiding Family Court official that his first marriage ended in divorce.

However, after the alleged other wife was found on Facebook, the new Mrs. Keyet began to doubt her husband’s honesty.

She began researching court documents, desperately seeking legal proof that her husband wasn’t lying about the dissolution of his first marriage.

Sadly, there was no proof to be found. The new Mrs. Keyet soon realized that the original union, which took place nearly two decades ago, was still legally binding.

Crushed by the news that her husband had been deceiving her all along, the new Mrs. Keyet kicked him to the curb. She was soon granted an annulment by the Australian courts. Mr. Keyet did not bother to make an appearance during the legal proceedings, choosing instead to convey his feelings to his former bride by text message.

The short sentiment simply read, “I think I’ve put you through enough hurt.” The message apparently did not have much impact on his ex-wife. She is currently mulling over the possibility of bringing bigamy charges against him.

How would you react if your husband’s other wife was found on Facebook? Would you file bigamy charges against him?

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19 Responses to “Man’s Other Wife Found On Facebook”

  1. Kathy Doubrava-Root

    File bigamy charges……no. I'd send him home to the other wife. Let her deal with him!

  2. Leslee Brown

    If I found out my husband had another wife then she can have him along with all of his bills……..

  3. Valerie Budworth

    I'll bet he was Turkish. Those guys do that shit ALL THE TIme

  4. Melody Conrad-Longest

    I most certainly would & sue him for defirmation of my character!

  5. Keith C. Parsels

    The first wife should get in contact with the second wife and work together to nail his butt! Lets see…. Bigamy, fraud, emotional distress, financial loss. abandonment spousal support.. I'm sure they could up with more.

  6. Keith C. Parsels

    He deserves to be relieved of every cent he makes for as long as they both can get it.

  7. Alaina Duval

    I'm not married yet but if I was and I found out this not only would I file charges but I would divorce him and not let him anywhere our children if we had any because they were cheated on also and if you cheat on one person you cheat on the whole family!

  8. Tina Thomas

    I'd put him through hell as follows: bring the other wife to the house and have him walk in with her sitting there with divorce papers. Having that on would be priceless.

  9. April Throgmorton

    As long as she helps clean the house and wash the windows I don't care.

  10. Krista J Kirkland

    Heck yeah! He should not be able to do this to any other woman again.

  11. Audrey Koopmans Albert

    I was on the other end. I was the wife that found out my husband was engaged to another woman. Their announcements had been sent out and she had her dress and then I came along and spoiled it be telling her he was still married to me. If I had been smart, I would have let her have him. I got smart and a few months later I stopped believing his lies and divorced the creep.

  12. Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb

    She should have explored her legal options. Divorcing spouses are usually able to ask for spousal support, property, pensions etc. She should have found out how she could get some compensation for her emotional suffering. I do think it is best to file bigamy charges since this is a crime.

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