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Bomb Sniffing Dogs Reportedly On Site Before Explosions At Boston Marathon

It has been reported that spotters were also on the roofs before the race.

The Boston Marathon came to a tragic end Monday afternoon when two explosions went off near the finish line just over four hours into the race. According to Local 15, a news station in Mobile, Alabama, the University of Mobile’s cross country coach Ali Stevenson was in attendance and noticed bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish line.

Stevenson told Local 15 that “they kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise.” Stevenson also mentioned that he saw spotters on the rooftops during the start of the race and much more security than the usual marathon.

“Evidently, I don’t believe they were just having a training exercise,” Stevenson told Local 15. “I think they must have had some sort of threat or suspicion called in.”

The cross country coach had finished the race just before the explosions and accompanied his wife out of harms way. According to The Boston Globe, two people were killed during the explosions and at least 125 people are injured.

There have also been reports that up to 10 victims have had limbs amputated at Massachusets General, according to Fox News live coverage. Senior White House officials also told Fox News that the tragic event was an “act of terror.”

As of 6 PM EST, the Boston Police Department confirmed that no suspect is in custody and no persons of interest are being questioned after the New York Post reported that an unidentified person was being guarded in custody.

Thousands of onlookers were in complete shock after the explosions as they scattered in search of their loved ones. Others began pulling apart the wreckage to help survivors as Boston’s streets were immediately shut down.

With bomb sniffing dogs and spotters allegedly at the marathon before the race, many people have come to suspect that Boston’s police had been hinted to some sort of threat before the explosions. These suspicions have Boston’s community and Americans around the world wondering if this was in-fact an act of terrorism.

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21 Responses to “Bomb Sniffing Dogs Reportedly On Site Before Explosions At Boston Marathon”

  1. Sarah Ferrell

    Looking for bombs is part of a thorough security sweep before any such event. They had a lot of people in a confined space that they had to protect. I'm not sure why they would tell people it was for training purposes when they could easily have said it was routine. That could just be someone's policy decision, thinking they were putting people's minds at ease. I did hear that they thought they had done a good job securing the area. It will be interesting to see just what happened.

  2. Anonymous

    Interestingly they were swarming at the finish line yet the dogs apparently failed to detect any of the devices located nearby.

  3. Anonymous

    mossad job I bet, on 911 israeli jew mossad agens were caught tryingt o blow up the GW bridge with a truck bomb, detonating a truck bomb on king st in manhattan with a mural on the side of planes flying into the wtc and exploding dressed as arabs , and filming the wtc before the 1st plane hit and celebrating afterwards, they were pulled over and told the police "we are israelis , we are not your problem, your problems are our problems, the palestinians are your problem" they failed multiple lie detector testes and were sent back to israel without charges by homeland security head and head of the justice department at the time, michael chertoff a jew a dual US/israeli citizen who's parents were rabbis and among the founders of the terrorist state of israel , chertoff also owned the companies that make the airport body scanners and were planning to install them before the underwear bomberincident on xmas ,

  4. Anonymous

    also israeli security was inchare of security at all the airports ICTS , where all the illeged 911 terrorists supposedly departed from as well as the shoe and underwear bombers, for more on the underwear bomber google "kurt haskell".

  5. Anonymous

    Pay no attention to the dancing Israelis here to "document the event."

  6. The Political Film Blog

    Training exercises were reported during the 7/7 and 9/11 attacks. In the case of 9/11, there were up to 15 different military exercises occurring simultaneously. These were and are covered up to some extent to this day. The 7/7 bombings were particularly suspicious for several reasons.

    As for possible reasons to hold a training exercise: leaking of security information to intelligence channels, and where that info ends up… who knows? Information about the disposition of security officers, and what times things like garbage cans will be checked, and which times they won't be checked could have obvious relevance.

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