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6-Year-Old Pageant Millionaire Isabella Barrett Has Own Jewelry Line, Loves Being ‘The Boss’

Isabella Barrett a millionaire at 6 years old

Former Toddlers and Tiaras star Isabella Barrett is a millionaire at only 6 years old, and the pint-sized pageant queen certainly lives an extravagant lifestyle.

Isabella regularly enjoys filet mignon and lobster and once ordered $2,200 worth of food at a restaurant. She also has a closet full of custom-made outfits, which cost up to $10,000 each.

The majority of Isabella’s money come from her Glitzy Girl jewelry line, which she co-owns with her mother, Susanna. The mother and daughter got the idea from the first-grader’s pageant days, which started two years ago when she was just 4 years old. Every time Isabella won a pageant, she and her mother would have the titled print on a charm bracelet, “so she could brag about her accomplishments,” Susanna Barrett told In Touch magazine. Fans of the young beauty queen liked the charms so much that the two decided to take advantage of the popularity and launch the jewelry line.

Susanna Barrett also admitted that most of the revenue from the jewelry line is spent on clothes and shoes. “I’ll admit when it comes to Bella’s wardrobe, there is no expense spared,” she said. “That means a voice coach, make-up artist, regular spray tans, hair extensions, acrylic nails and even made-to-measure fake teeth which cost us $500.”

However, the 39-year-old assures people that she hasn’t pushed Isabella to do anything she didn’t want to.

“I am not a pushy ­parent, I just help Isabella achieve her dreams. If she told me tomorrow she didn’t want to do it any of it any more, then that would be fine,” she said.

But it doesn’t look like the Rhode Island native has any intention of walking away from the fame and fortune anytime soon.

“What’s not to like about being a millionaire,” Isabella told The Daily Mirror. “I’m a superstar, I have my own jewelry line and I just love being the boss. I never lose at anything and ­almost every pageant I enter, I win.” All of that winning landed her onToddlers and Tiaras.

But there is something that Barrett loves more than being the boss and winning pageants. Shoes. “I have over 60 pairs,” she said.

Susanna and Antonio Barrett are required to save a percentage of Isabella’s income, which she will not be allowed to touch until she turns 18. The parents insist they don’t want their daughter to grow up spoiled or end up like Britney Spears. “I certainly do not want that happening to my daughter,” Susanna Barrett said. “But she does like nice things, so we do treat her.”

Do you think Isabella Barrett’s lifestyle is too extravagant for a 6-year-old?

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99 Responses to “6-Year-Old Pageant Millionaire Isabella Barrett Has Own Jewelry Line, Loves Being ‘The Boss’”

  1. Mario DeCicco

    Precious little girl is learning how to be a piece of shit like her parents. this is the trend in the United States today.

  2. Karen Wolfe

    this isn't child abuse? has anyone else noticed all the make up she is wearing makes her look like she is an adult..and that isn't child abuse?

  3. Bobbie Achenbach Anderson Moody

    2,200 worth of food, what's ridiculous is that a parent would even let that happen. Sounds like she is being raised with unreasonable expectations and has a pretty rude awakening coming up.

  4. Marilyn Brennan

    All the tanning, hair extensions, make up, teeth, etc. give the children that the mom's push the message that they as they are are not good enough as they are. And if you think the moms don't push, think about this: what 3 or 4 year old (or 1 year old for that matter) is developed enough to "decide" that pageants are what they want to do? I'm sure a toddler who can;t even speak yet is capable of making any kind of decision.

  5. Zaidee Lutetia Brennan-Darby

    Hahaha. Do that pointing imitation you always do for me! 😀

  6. Sam Davis

    In a few years we will be reading about her petitioning the court to emancipate her from her controlling abusive parents who are ripping her off.

  7. Hannah Renee

    I've seen much cuter children, who don't have acrylic nails, spray tans, or fake teeth. People wonder why babies have babies? If you would let them be children while they are supposed to be children, they wouldn't grow up into selfish entitled teenagers who rely on mommy to fix their problems. And this girl is cute, but not millionaire cute.

  8. Hannah Renee

    I've seen much cuter children, who don't have acrylic nails, spray tans, or fake teeth. People wonder why babies have babies? If you would let them be children while they are supposed to be children, they wouldn't grow up into selfish entitled teenagers who rely on mommy to fix their problems. And this girl is cute, but not millionaire cute.

  9. Sara Walsh

    Instead of allowing a 6 year old to spend $2,200 on a meal, why not take her to an organization for under privileged children and have her donate some of her money. All that makeup and falsifying this child's appearance does nothing but send a message that without all of that, she isn't good enough. If she has to get all done up looking like a 40 year old woman to be happy, that's a problem. Just because our children enjoy doing something, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Gobs of makeup and false teeth are not appropriate for a 6 year old.

  10. Maryellen Certo

    sounds like its way too late, for her Not to end up a spoiled brat! The way that little girl acts and brags, she lucky if she grows up having any friends! Hey parents… Time to come back to reality, and raise your daughter the oppisite of the way you are doing now!

  11. Kirsten J Walstedt

    She will hit a wall at some point and not be able to deal with frustration, struggle, failure or any of those things all people, no matter how talented or successful, have to deal with. And she will have no inner resources to deal with it and no elasticity. She could crash bigtime when that happens. Right now it looks like she is cruising towards becoming an egomaniacal narcissist.

  12. Regi Stickney Sangines

    she is starting to look like she ate the $ 2200 of food!

  13. Scott Dejean

    I am not trying to be mean, but the face on this 6 year old child looks like it belongs to a woman in her 40s and this is really sad. Why can't children simply be children? I don't think it is unreasonable to say this is a Lindsey Lohan in the making.

  14. Amy Smith

    Well tell her to save some of her money for the team of shrinks she will need when she gets older. What kind of message is this kid getting? UGH, Disgusting!

  15. Antigone McKenna

    I am completely disgusted by this whole article. First…the mom should be saving the money, because her fame will dissipate. Second, what kind of child are you raising who at her age is completely full of herself! Why would they be so reckless! Shame on them.

  16. Kathy Eldridge Lanouette

    Lets just say that "Bella" is not spending $$$ on these items, its MOM. You should be ashamed. You are setting your child up for failure and spending her millions like they wil always be there! 6-year-olds should not be having spray tans, fake teeth, etc. These pagents SHOULD NOT EXIST. Stop exploiting young kids for your own monetary gain.

  17. Barbara Graf

    I could thr.. up when I see that crap – American way of living. Most of the time ugly mums are putting their innocent girls into Lolita dresses and want them to act like sluts."Show your belly – move your backside – look sexy – Disgusting!!!! And after their "career" the ugly mums are even more ugly – inside and outside – their girls are completely spoiled and normal life is nearly impossible. Isabella enjoys filet mignon and lobster- Yeahhh – she loves being the boss and can't even write her own name and address. This is what the world needs and deserves! And I don't want to think about the perverse children-abuser… what are they seeing in that girls??? yack!!!

  18. Anonymous

    I'm sure the "pageant parents" will soon figure out a way to change that too-sadly!

  19. Teresa Clark-Lagrone

    I bet by the time she is 18 her mother would have spent all her money. What the hell is up with ordering $2200 in food? She could of at least bought that much food and handed it out to homeless people or something that is just ridiculous to order that much food for yourself. What 6 yr old needs to eat expensive lobster and filet mignon? Don't want her kids to grow up spoiled, DUH! She is wearing $10,000 dresses probably spends more than that on clothes for herself and she gets nails done, spray tans etc. I really don't think that little girl at 1 said "Mommy I want to be in pageants and look just like an adult so horny, pedophile men can get off". Her mother got her into it probably because she couldn't hack it when she was s kid. Enter your child in a pageant is fine but when you have to spend thousands on dresses, spray tans, fake teeth put pounds of makeup on a little girl than that is child abuse and pathetic. Enter them in pageants and buy cute non expensive dresses for them and do their hair and let them be them, all natural and looking like a little girl not a 6 year old looking prostitute. I pray this little girl don't grow up to be a bully in high school. Why not let your daughter enter pageants as herself and let her know that she is beautiful the way she is instead of teaching her that she must be beautiful at all time and if she doesn't have the makeup, tans, nails, teeth and expensive dresses that she won't be pretty? Mothers like this make me sick they get rich off their child. This girl will not have any money when she turns 18 and I also think her mom and her will have a strained relationship because of her mom spending her money and probably on how to run her jewelry line. I bet if that little girl wanted to quit her mother would not let her. Let that poor girl be a little 6 year old and play and live like a 6 year old. This mother is SICK!

  20. Lynda Decker

    So sad to hear a 6yr old saying that she never loses at anything, when her bubble is burst when she does lose at something, how is she going to handle that. And what parent allows a child to order $2.200 worth of food. What message are you sending this child, 60prs of shoes, why, $10.000 outfits. Wow, now I know where the insanity is. I have not heard one positive thing about what she has done for her community, like donations of food, clothes, ect. Sound like an up coming new Kim Kardashian, all you hear about is how much they spend on clothes, and other frivolous things, never ever heard of any donations to charities or contributing their time to help out in a community, or doing fund raisers. Everything is me me me, so self adsorbed. This little girl is in for a shock of her life as she gets older, to see that the world does not revolve around her, and what her parents are doing and teaching her, is disgusting.

  21. Sandy Coryell

    We can only hope that the parents will try to do the right thing and keep this pretty little girls head on straight. It is not too late to start. I hope they realize this is just a fleeting thing and will be all too soon-GONE.

  22. Grayce Klass

    Sad and disgusting not to mention obscene and sick. I felt sick to my stomach just reading the article.

  23. Rhonda Williams

    There's no innocence in her face. I hate to say this, but she looks like a stripper way after her prime.

  24. Sarah Moore

    Child Abuse?! Really? There are far worse things out there than wearing a ton of make-up. I don't agree with letting a child dress up in this sexualized manner and parade around on stage but if that's what she's into then it really isn't hurting anyone. This little girl seams to be well loved and cared for. It might not be the message we want to send our children but, its all relative.

  25. Irmtrud King

    ridiculous in letting her order that amound of food..what a waste, when people are starving…she should buy some food and donate to a Homless Kitchen Pantry…

  26. Carmia Gustafson

    Absolutely ridiculous. Mother playing out her fantasies! 60 pairs of shoes for a 6 year old! Terrible that it says they "have" to put away a percentage. They should be putting away money and teaching the child morals. A 6 year old with spray tans and voice coaches? Toddlers and Tiaras is the worst show ever!

  27. Irmtrud King

    sounds like the parents are teaching her to have a taste for fancy foods…not many kids will ask for lobster/filet mignon

  28. Diane Locke Shelby

    This is so wrong. This child is not learning about "real" life. Children grow quickly – where are those 60 pairs of shoes going in 3 months? Who, in their right mind, would allow a child to order $2,200 of food? What child needs $10,000 outfits that are useless in 3 months? And on and on. If this isn't a lesson on how to be phony and excessive I don't know what is! How about teaching her how to share with those in need? Bet the parents are living pretty high on the hog off this child's money. I could go on but this is enough for now………….

  29. Anonymous

    Her Mom IS saving money. By law, she must put a certain amount aside until her child is 18 years old. But I still don't approve of what she is doing!

  30. Colleen Miller

    Doesn't want her to grow up spoiled but lets her order 2 grand in food… 60 pairs of shoes….. even the quotes from the girl make her sound like a spoiled brat. My daughter is a gymnast, and when she wins monetary award, they don't go towards new shoes, they go to the college fund. Another fake, talentless reality star in the making.

  31. Scott Cutler

    Her fall from grace will be quite a tumble…wouldn't you say? Can't wait till she's files a lawsuit against her mom one day when she's broke and trying to scrounge enough money to buy a fuxkin hotpocket!
    HEY MOM! Your daughter looks like a REAL whore! Good going!

  32. Veruca Salt

    My concern with children involved in stuff like this is that they are likely to attach their worth to their accomplishments and not who they are as a person. I'm sure she's great at what she does, but one day someone will come along that's better (that's just life) and when she loses (which we all will sometimes), will she be crushed or question her self-worth because it's attached to winning a pageant? I'm a parent, I have an athletically and academically gifted son which is great and all, but I'm more proud of his character and his spirit – those are things no one can take away from him.

  33. Eric Bishop

    I can't wait till she's older and has filed a lawsuit against her mother because she has no money and is trying to get enough money together to buy a hotpocket! Better enjoy your fillet mignon and lobster while you can little girl……
    And oh by the way….You look like a whore! take that make-up off and go play outside.

  34. Tiffany Arnold

    To each his/her own, but I often question the "profit" of children in beauty pageants 1. Because it's at the expense of a normal childhood and 2. Because majority of these parents are shucking out ridiculous amounts of money on them. I mean, I've seen people pay up to $100,000 a year on pageants. That's a house! And a car! I'm just saying, yea she's earned a million bucks but her mom's prob already spent a million and a half to get there. And check out that ego! Childhood=gone. And her mom thinks it's cute. Wait til she's a teenager mom, and then we'll talk lol. It's ridiculous.

  35. Sandra Courtney

    this is killing me, it is one thing to teach your child about business but this sounds just like what they say they don't want…….."I'm the boss and I always win"…..and a 2200 meal…..NO YOUR THE IDEAL PARENT….I HAVE THE PERFECT BRIDGE TO SALE TOO.

  36. Kristyn Jo Sage

    Her parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen! What a horrible waste of money. This is a 6-year-old little girl – who likes being the boss? And this is what is wrong w/ today's society! Yes, a treat for anyone is a good thing – but 60 pairs of shoes and custom clothes? She is 6!

  37. Pamela Richardson

    What the f is wrong with you people, why do you have to label everything child abuse int his country. You are so fixated on that word that you stupidly apply it in every situation that is not even close to child abuse. Uneducated morons.

  38. Pamela Richardson

    Sarah Moore I agree with you Sarah. People nowadays are just so stupid they take every little detail and convert it into something that is not there. I swear they whether dont know the definition of child abuse or they are dumb

  39. Bernie Ricard Badon

    My grandkids at that age regularly asked for filet or ribeye when we go out to eat. We don't put them in pageats, but we found out it was cheeper to but the whole filet and eat the best when we bar-be-que rather than the fat on ribs.

  40. Pamela Richardson

    Karen for your information child abuse is when you beat your child with a belt everyday and kid cant breath, when his bones are broken and he cant even walk. Child abuse is when you put hot iron on your child's body as a form of punishment. Child abuse is when you put your kid in the basement for hours or days and dont feed them. These are all the forms of child abuse. Person of your age should know better than that to distinguish what is child abuse and what not. You need to stop applying that term to the situation where it does not belong completely. Does a 25 year old- me has to teach you that?

  41. Pamela Richardson

    Antigone, there is nothing wrong with what she s doing with her child. She is only pushing her to be the best. Wait till this child grows up. She not only has a future well taken care of, but will develop all the skills to be an adult. Preparation from the childhood is what every real and caring parent needs to do for their children. Now she is better than you or your kids that need to be put through college with your money or even worse- loans. Oh that is so great. Thats why her child is and will be above your kids.

  42. Cheryl Lynn Avino-Griffin

    We know Bella and her Mom, they are both very nice. Bella is a very sweet normal little girl and acts like one. They don't flaunt the fact that she makes that money. Whenever we see her she runs up to myself and my daughter and gives us a hug hello like any other child would. She is not always "made up" if you saw her in a room full of other children she would fit in perfectly and you would never know she was there. She's adorable, loving and respectful and an absolute sweetheart!

  43. Jenn Uknowit

    this bitch is not a mother an should be hanged, how pathetic….

  44. Jenn Uknowit

    shooz_n_stuff they have, theres kids fake boobs and but fillers

  45. Jenn Uknowit

    Sarah Moore not hurting anyone? she gets bleached and tanned moron….

  46. Jenn Uknowit

    pretty sad when my daughter dosnt need any of that shit an is beautiful…that kid, not to be mean, looks homley like that!

  47. Alexandria Douglas

    Funniest and saddest part of this article: "The parents insist they don’t want their daughter to grow up spoiled" HAHAHHAA…newsflash – its too late, that ship has so sailed.

  48. Shani Sanford

    The parents (and I use that word sparingly) are idiots. So when does a parent let the child think they are a "boss"? The child needs to be treated and act like a 6 year old. Where does it ever end with these type of people?

  49. Anonymous

    It's really sad. Her mother not giving her a reality check now, is going to be her downfall. Everyone knows that age and fame is easily lost. The child speaks as if it's going to last forever. I hope she's strong when she experience her first major failure. Bless…..

  50. Maria Perez

    I do pray she doesn't turn out like Brittany Spears. But being that spoiled doesn't help. Yes it is good to encourage your child but you also should show that child how to be humble.

  51. Tired Pat

    Its a shame but she is being made into a obnoxious child that does not kknoe the value of a dollar..By the time she is old enough to start her own realcarreer she can only fail to what she thinks she accomplished nowlRight now she is a tax write off.Her mother really owns the business and runs it and she just uses the child to promote the company..

  52. Joan Cuppett

    What 6 year old has 60 pair of shoes? (bet they aren't from Payless either) Let alone spend $2,200 on food! I didn't read anywhere that she is being taught to give her old toys away so that kids less fortunate could have them She is already a spoiled brat and what happenes when she becomes a teenager and doesn't get her own way? Oh, then her parents will wonder where they went wrong! DAAAAAAA! She also looks like she doesn't get outside a lot to play or eat healthy either. BOO HOO – poor little rich girl is what she will be crying someday.

  53. Heidi Gruendler Skelly

    I thought the same thing – and her parents are so nieve to think that she is giong to be okay – not turn out like Brittany Spears – OMGosh, Brittany had an actual talent and worked hard – didnt have 60 pairs of shoes at 6 years old… she is going to be a narcissit… gross missuse of a human being and money!

  54. Anonymous

    Since when is it a 'beauty pageant' when a kid is loaded with all of the make-up, manicures or hairdressers to help them look better? What happened to natural beauty? I know kids that would give them a run for their money without a drop of makeup or any other fake bull….These parents are making money off the kids, and living vicariously through them….Letting these kids grow up too fast will only lead to trouble…. as in Jon Bonet…..all of this is just ridiculous and sad for the kids.

  55. Shari LaRue

    Oh, my! I see the makings of another Lyndsay Lohen. Who ever heard of letting a 6 yr old order $2200 worth of food at a restaurant or pay $10,000 for 1 dress? I don't care what she is worth right now, that could soon end and it would all be gone. I heard no mention of education. Also, she is not to young to be taught about unfortunate people and how the more fortunate could share and help others also. She will just keep growing to believe she is awesome and rules don't pertain to her because of who she is. What a shame. It sounds to me like mama is living the big life at the expense of her daughter's entire life. I find this very very sad.

  56. Anonymous

    Not trying to hate on anyone, but the mother stated what they had to do and what they spent the money on…… In the 4th. paragraph Susanna Barrett also admitted that most of the revenue from the jewelry line is spent on clothes and shoes. “I’ll admit when it comes to Bella’s wardrobe, there is no expense spared,” she said. “That means a voice coach, make-up artist, regular spray tans, hair extensions, acrylic nails and even made-to-measure fake teeth which cost us $500.” How can this pass? The show should be called "Fakes and more Fakes" nothing real about this should really be stopped. It is not a beauty contest it is more of a…… "MOMS WHO WANNA BE OR WISH THEY COULD HAVE BEEN"….Take off all the enhancements and they most likely would not make it at all….The mothers spend the household money to fake up the kids hoping to win more money and get notoriety along with it……Very sick of the parents.

  57. Suesan Borts-Bredall

    Seriously? What child order filet mignon and lobster? That means mom and dad take her to a restaurant where they order filet mignon and lobster on her money; the kid just says "I want that too". $2200.00 in food? What restaurant are these parents taking their 6 year old kid to? It sounds to me like "mom", and I use that term loosely, has expensive taste. Normal 6 year olds don't eat at places that cost that much. "We spend most of the $ on shoes and clothes?"She is 6 for christsakes…she is going to grow out of that crap in a few months. She is not going to be winning pageants forever, then you have a girl with expensive taste and no money, in serious need of counseling because her self-esteem is shot. Someone needs to step in and take over this girl's income. Her parents are leeches. My guess is they buy her expensive stuff to justify what they buy themselves with her money.

  58. Anonymous

    If these parents have any common sense whatsoever, they would be showing their daughter how to help those who are less fortunate. They should enjoy their success while instilling the value of helping those in need. $2,200 could have fed a lot of children who have missed a meal!

  59. Jeannie O'Rear Williams

    Parents aught to be brought up on neglect charges for surely they are neglecting that childs well being and I don't mean feeding and clothing her for sure. All she is teaching that child is how to be a spoiled brat who needs a good old fashioned trip over the knee and 90 percent of that garbage taken away from her so she can learn to be a kid.

  60. Michele Sharnet Sauers

    That's a shame her parents are raising her this way! "Don't want her to be spoiled" they say? Damage already dumbass parents!

  61. Di Sankey

    What a great example of awful parenting. This child has been groomed and reared to this point. No child would look like that, eat like that, have that many shoes and so on if not guided toward such over indulgence by an adult. Sadly we will probably see stories about her outrageous actions as a teen. We talk about child abuse/neglect when kids are not fed, clothed, schooled, etc. but, there's a type of abuse when parents use their kids in this type of manner. This should be child abuse and exploitation and the parents should be locked up. In about 10 years we will see this kid probably on drugs or on her second pregnancy.

  62. Marsha Long

    I certainly do think it's ridiculous to let a 5 yr old spend like that, and the comment she made,"what's not to like about being a millionaire", come on, what 5 yr old talks like that? Sounds like she has no idea of money value, she just spends it, what 5 year old needs 60 prs of shoes, she would have to change twice a day every day to even break them in. We certainly don't need another "honey boo boo" series, one was enough. But, at least that mom was saving her money not wasting it. Let kids be kids, they have to deal with adulthood longer than being a child.

  63. Vearnetta White

    This is sad. Consider the selfish and self-serving attitude she has already developed. For those who may not consider this child abuse, child abuse isn't just physical action. Her emotional and mental state will certainly be affected and appears to hae already started. Her parents need to have a talk with Mama June.

  64. Debra Robinson

    Think this child and I strss the word child, just might be out of control? Can one imagine what type of human being " Ms. I never loose at anything" will turn into? Would you want to work for someone who currently possess the characteristics this little gem does? Gets everything she wants, etc. Yes an achievement that she's a millionaire, but what about things like a child's childhood and playing outside and having true friends? Seems this little one is a miniature adult and that too is sad. Pure conjecture on my part, but it would seem that Mother is living vicariously thru her daughter. THAT is sick. There is nothing wrong with a healthy competitiveness but where is her humanity being developed and nourished? I'll keep them both in my prayers–I think they're going to need it.

  65. Patrice Haber

    They don't have to worry that she will become.
    a spoiled brat she is already one. Why don' they teach her to give to those less fortune.

  66. Rufina Yagudina

    Sick….she has fans? What contribution to the world this girl makes that she has a fan following? Bet you when she is in her 20s she will have "leaked" sex tape and be on her way to becoming just another ho' with no real skills, no real emotions (everything else is fake on her, why not fake emotions), medicine cabinet full of anti depressants and anti-anxiety medicine, but she might have a reality show for all this trouble…..

  67. Jacqueline Faith

    The mother was on Dr. Phil with her older daughter last year. She entered her older daughter in pageants to 'help with her self esteem' and then went and entered the pageant herself and won. She regularly competed against her daughter and didn't understand why it upset the girl! That woman is a terrible excuse for a mother!

  68. Gloria J Gallamore Robinson

    Sooooo….they don't want their daughter to be spoiled, but………..really?

  69. Gloria J Gallamore Robinson

    Susanna Barrett to daughter: "I'm sorry, baby girl. Mommy would like to give you all the money now, but the damned government says that we have to save some for when you grow up. No, not the kind of grown up you are now, but the other kind…the one that's counted in years. Why, because someday you might want to spend another $2000 on a meal, and if you spend all your money now, then you might not be able to do that".

  70. Kimberly Linton

    Absolutely, positively ridiculous! And really what is all this teaching this child?? What kind of adult will she become? Not one I'd like to meet.

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