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Miss Russia Haters Say Elmira Abdrazakova Isn’t Russian Enough

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When Elmira Abdrazakova won the Miss Russia beauty pageant she gained a crown, a little fame, and a whole bunch of haters.

According to The Sun, the newly crowned Miss Russia’s haters are saying that she is “not Russian enough” since her father is Tatar, a Russian ethnic minority, and she was born in Kazakhstan.

Elmira Abrazakova, 18, saw her Facebook page fill with hateful comments after she won the Miss Russia pageant. The comments got so bad that the young beauty queen eventually decided to close her account.

Abrazakova said: “The nationality question – I don’t really understand it, I don’t understand why men would write to a young girl offensive things about her nationality … It humiliates first of all not me, but those people who write it. It was bizarre for me when men were writing things like that to me, I was surprised we have people of that sort here.”

Abrazakova said that she hopes to turn some of her Miss Russia haters into fans as she competes in the Miss World contest. And if she can’t convince any Russian men that she deserves the title, the 18-year-old hopes to inspire teenage girls from around Russia to achieve great things.

The pageant winner said: “For many teenage girls Miss Russia will become a role model, a measure of beauty. Maybe some girls will look at me and get inspired by my experience to grow, to develop, to work hard. I hope they can see that in life you can reach something without big money.”

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75 Responses to “Miss Russia Haters Say Elmira Abdrazakova Isn’t Russian Enough”

  1. David Daniels

    Please STOP using the word "Haters" its a fucking idiotic juvenile word that was created by Nigger loving bored white trash suburban teens.

  2. Anonymous

    Russia gets more like Nazi Germany with each passing day.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe when you reach puberty you'll be able to to, there little boy.

  4. Anonymous

    All the talk about "Russian men." Didn't any Russian women weigh in on the subject, or is this more of a men's entertainment venue in that country?

  5. Chris Sullivan

    And this is the same country that allowed a brutal Georgian dictator lord over them in one of the most oppressive regimes in history.

  6. Anonymous

    Flaming Hot Girl. I guess Russians like beefy shot-putters in fur parkas.

  7. Mark Smith

    She can pick any country on the planet, and they would take her in. She could pick any man on the planet, and pretty well get what she wants there too. If nobody wants her though, I'll take her in. Don't want her to starve.

  8. Michael Glasser

    Not Russian enough? I think she can stand still and wait for guys to come Russian to her. :)

  9. Jeffrey Tendick

    Seems they are getting just a bit racist over there, eh? Let her compete, and shut yer traps! You should be proud that she is representing you!

  10. Jeffrey Tendick

    No you don't Colinplowell. Plus, she has too much class to even allow you in her presence with that kind of dirty mind, you low life! Go back to your pillow with the stains on it, jerk!

  11. Richard Gross

    Just Russians wanting to be more European than Asian – racism in the guise of nationalism. She can represent my country!

  12. Konstantin Malolin

    Indeed, tatar people are very much brothers to the russians, living closely in the same country for many centuries. I do not understand those who want to see only the blond haired/slavic type girls as miss Russia.

  13. Anonymous

    Awesome, great job Russia. Great national pride!
    In America the entry has been mixed into the sewer, as the nation will slowly turn into Detroit.

  14. Robert Haney

    ever here the term built like a Russian weight lifter

  15. Anonymous

    Don't let the haters change you. So much vile attitudes, hate and cruelty. People think they should say anything they want. Sad!

  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous


  18. Ian Elliott

    Russians have historical reasons for hating the Tatars, but that was centuries back and hardly applies to today.

  19. Ian Elliott

    Russians have historical reasons for hating the Tatars, but that was centuries back and hardly applies to today.

  20. Halina Minadeo

    Crazy racists! This lady is gorgeous and as Russian as any other. After hundreds of years of Golden Horde rule in the region, Russians, Ukrainians and Tatars intermarried. There is still a large Tatar community in the Crimea. The late actor Charles Bronson's father was a "baptized Tatar," one of the group which had converted to Christianity. I loved my grandmother's Tatar looks, the high cheekbones and a golden cast to the skin. The quotation by 18th c French politician Joseph le Maistre, "Grattez le Russe et vous trouverez le Tartare ("Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tatar")" has the ring of truth to it.

  21. Halina Minadeo

    Well said, Konstantin, some of the most beautiful Slavic women are dark, like Roxelana the Ukrainian singer and the late American actress Natalie Wood, who was of Russian immigrant parents.

  22. Jay Hughes

    Shes beautiful! I think there thinking she should be blond with Aqua blue eyes and 6-1.But she still has a Euro-look and is simply beautiful.

  23. Doris Leitinger

    In which field exactly do you have 'to work hard' to become Miss Whatever?

  24. Anonymous

    After much deliberation (read Gawking at her pictures/surfing the web) I think she's Smokin Hot!

  25. Anonymous

    Now I don't want to come off as racist or anything. The girl is most definitely gorgeous, but my idea of Russian would be a 6'8" blue eyed blonde, but that's just my opinion. It's understandable that countries are pretty much known for their unique diversity, culture and physical features of their native people. I'm not sure if features have ever been part of what originally constitutes a beauty contestant. Probably not. What if we put the race card on the other foot here. Say it had been a tall blue eyed blonde that won Miss China or Miss Ethiopia. I don't think it would go down to well for their nations. In the USA it is different. Oh boy is it different here! We are a nation of immigrants. We are a nation in which slavery was once considered the norm. Who ought to represent our nation? The Indians were here first. What gives? The whole world goes through constant change, some places for the better and some for the worst. I never thought I'd be using this saying but what the heck…"It Is What It Is".

  26. Anonymous

    It's too bad people can't show more class…but national pride is what these contests should be about. for instance, for too long in the Caribbean, Latin American and even African countries? white ethnic minorities have been Miss "whatever" that would anger me too if I was from there.

  27. Brian Hart

    Hickey, people like you prove my point every time you open your mouths that the truly racist and hate filled Americans are the liberal/progressive/communist/marxist/Nazi/baby killing/Democraps like you and your false god in DC.

  28. Carolyn N Alfred Closson

    William, they are not racists. She is the same race as most of the haters. They hate her because of her nationality. Not her race. There are three races on the planet. Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid. The lack of proper education in this country is appalling.

  29. Bernard Rangel

    what! nothing else happening in Russia that is news worthy! they have to dig up some obscure story of this nature! Is all the news there censored? They would prefer sending a granny making cakes to represent the nation. Yeah, everybody move to Russia for real life value! Nutters all of them! Send Putin's wife!

  30. Charles Kenneth Nesbitt

    If you remember the "Russian Beauty Contest," on SNL back in the '90's with the huge women that all looked alike, with the 1920's stripped bathing suits and beach ball, that was what they wanted. I'll bring her home with me.

  31. Anonymous

    Many Russians are boorish, and my sole experience in attending a dinner where practically the entire dining table had Russian couples, most of whom were raised in the United States, was an eye-opening experience resembling something out of a crazy scene from 'Animal House'. Not too difficult accepting the fact that those Russian haters actually despise someone from their own nationality. Go figure …

  32. Anonymous

    Carolyn N Alfred Closson : one just needs to read the many bloggers and posters who misspell relatively simple words such as 'here' for 'hear', and couldn't put an intelligent sentence together if their lives depended on it. I do believe, however, that many people who have graduated jr. high school, high school and college are pushed through even though they can't read or write well.

  33. Bruce Baltovick

    Hickey… why don't you educate yourself and stop looking like an ignorant moron. You remind me of the (stupid) commercial on TV where the ignorant female says… "they couldn't put it on the internet if it wasn't true!" to which the reply was…."where did you hear that?"… "on the internet!"

  34. Carolann Quinn

    The problem is she must be a Russian citizen. I am not sure how the -stan countries are but they are NOT a part of Russia anymore. It would be the same if a Canadian came here and won Miss USA. There are two MAJOR requirements: 1) must be a US citizen b) a resident of that state for at least 6 months before the competition.

  35. R Wane Parker

    What in the HELL is a HATER? You pukes that continiously use HATER to describe someone or a group are only displaying your stupidity! A person can dislike someone else, but that is not HATING them! Are you a communist? A socialist? A Nazi? What ARE you that you label people HATERS?

  36. Samal Aina

    It is funny how nationality does not play this huge role for Russia, when it comes to Olympic athletes.

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