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‘Pippi Longstocking’ Arrest Thursday, Child Star Tami Erin Allegedly Assaults Roommate

pippi longstocking arrest

A Pippi Longstocking arrest Thursday has landed the 80s movie star Tami Erin (who played the titular redheaded lovable scamp) in hot water, after a neighbor phoned in what sounded like a domestic disturbance.

Not long before the star of Pippi Longstocking was arrested, Erin looked back on her career in a recent interview. Of getting the role, she said earlier this month:

“It was really phenomenal! … It was like getting on a rocket ship and shooting into the sky! And I haven’t gotten off the rocket ship, yet!”

Before her arrest, the Pippi Longstocking star explained how despite her relative recent anonymity, she still feels showbiz is her calling:

“This was something that I always knew I was meant to do … It was destiny for me. The way that doors kept opening for me, When I finally became a movie star, on some level it was like, ‘Exactly! Finally, I’m here!’ I wanted to be a movie star. A real movie star. My dream came true!”

But last week, Erin ran into some trouble with the law, and TMZ confirmed with local law enforcement that the Pippi Longstocking star had been apprehended by a neighbor after what may have been a domestic dispute:

“According to Walnut Creek PD in northern California, Erin was placed under citizen’s arrest by a neighbor who heard Erin and her male roommate arguing. Police say at some point, the roommate called out for help and that’s when the neighbor came rushing to the scene and placed Erin under arrest until police arrived.”

Erin was booked, charged with assault and released, but it isn’t clear whether the case will move forward — and the site reports that the male roommate involved had no visible injuries after the altercation.

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17 Responses to “‘Pippi Longstocking’ Arrest Thursday, Child Star Tami Erin Allegedly Assaults Roommate”

  1. Hope Tamara

    Oh MG stop the presses pippi's been arrested! I must admit I was a fan of "Pippi Longstockings"the movie! That was along time ago,& to be honest haven't seen Tami Erin in anything else since, so why are they calling her a movie star? To me a movie star is someone who makes millions per movie like Hugh Jackman! I could be wrong.But the story is about her arrest, which I feel if you hit another person, you go to jail.Domestic abuse isn't 1 sided, it can happen to men too! So if she did this she should have to face the music like anyone else "movie star" or not!

  2. Eric Sanders

    that's not the pippi I remember…good grief she is fine…..

  3. Christy Cat

    I don't even recognize this Pippi Longstocking, the Pippi I knew was named Inger Nilsson.

  4. Anonymous

    apparently, porn counts as a 'movie', wink wink nudge nudge

  5. Tina Sciola

    Uh, I don't know who that woman is but it sure as hell isn't the original Pippi Longstocking. The first Pippi movie was in 1949 played by Viveca Serlachius. The second Pippi movie came out in 1969 (the most noted and popular one) was played by Inger Nilsson.

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