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Photo Of Fatal Text Message Shared By Parents Of Alexander Heit

fatal text message

An image of a fatal text message, unsent by car crash victim Alexander Heit, has been shared by his parents — in hopes the picture will serve as a reminder to drivers that texting while driving can and does kill motorists and passengers.

Alexander Heit, 22, was a college student in Colorado. The fatal text message was composed on April 3, the day Heit was killed in accident near Greeley.

The image of the fatal text message, unfinished and very mundane in its content, might resonate with anyone who has tapped out a quick in-transit SMS. To a friend, Heit had begun to say:

“Sounds good my man, seeya soon, ill tw.”

It appears that, as Heit typed the fatal text, his vehicle drifted dangerously close to oncoming traffic. What may have been an evasive maneuver seems to have followed, and Heit’s car swerved off the road entirely before flipping and killing the 22-year-old.

Police say that those who witnessed the crash report Heit appearing to have been looking down before the crash, looking up only as he realized his car had drifted. An apparent attempt to avoid a collision led to the fatal crash as he jerked the wheel, and he died of injuries sustained in the rollover at a nearby hospital.

Matt’s mother Sharon Heit says of the decision to release a picture of the fatal text message:

“I can’t bear the thought of anyone else having to go through something like this … Please, vow to never, never text and drive. In a split second you could ruin your future, injure or kill others, and tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves you.”

Police Chief Jerry Garner also commented, saying that few people realize how quickly a fatal text can occur and that most drivers don’t realize how rapidly dangerous texting while driving can become:

“Unfortunately, when we think to ourselves, ‘I’ll just do it this one time,’ we are fooling ourselves. This “one time” may be the only time. The Heit’s are sharing their tragedy and loss, in hope that through Alex’s story, others may realize and recognize just how dangerous texting and driving is.”

Heit’s fatal text message is pictured above.

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13 Responses to “Photo Of Fatal Text Message Shared By Parents Of Alexander Heit”

  1. 'Michael Agee

    I love urban legends… That phone survived better than its owner… and so did the battery… I guess when they got there they looked for his phone first and worried about saving him later…

  2. Janet Vadase

    Oh my – that's your response?? It's an urban legend?? You do realize that any phone activity can be recovered by the carrier, right?? Do us all a favor and take yourself on a drive and don't forget your phone – IF you have any friends to text…..

  3. Ron Gardner

    Just to be clear: you can't conceive of a cell phone remaining intact after a fatal car wreck, but you have no trouble believing that not only did the first responders 'rescue' the phone first at the expense of the driver, but that the parents also conspired to nefariously use the phone as a public service warning? Why yes, I can see your point so clearly now.

  4. Amisha Smith

    Well Agee, I was going to point out the reasons you're a flaming idiot, but a few people seem to have beaten me to the punch. So I'll just sit back and watch the show.

  5. 'Michael Agee

    Haha… If you believe that a text killed this kid than you're fools… Cell phone usage has skyrocketed since the inception of the device… fatal auto accidents have decreased over that period… which is just a general negative correlation to texting or mobile phone usage being the cause of fatal accidents. I concede that the phone could have survived… been recovered and a picture taken of it… but the likelihood is low, but possible… I've seen a coffee cup still in the cup holder of a car that flipped over… Believe what you want… but here in CA we've had a hands free law in effect for years and have seen no decrease or increase in fatal car accidents… its just a myth that texting is more likely to kill than taking to your kid in the back seat or eating a burrito…

  6. 'Michael Agee

    Oh.. and as for it being faked… Yahoo news reported that Eddie Murphy died in a skiing accident and CNN that Joel Olsteen had left the church… never gave a retraction… just deleted the article… be a sheep… baahhh

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