Komodo Dragon Attacks 83-Year-Old Woman

Woman Survives Komodo Dragon Attack In Indonesia

An 83-year-old woman reportedly survived a recent Komodo dragon attack in Indonesia.

The victim explained that she was sitting on the ground outside of her house when the animal attacked. She was making a broom when the lizard suddenly appeared out of nowhere and bit her on the hand.

“I have no idea which direction it came from A knife fell from my right hand as the Komodo sunk its teeth into my wrist. There was nobody else around and I knew that I faced a fight for survival,” the woman explained.

The Komodo dragon attack ended when the woman used all of her strength to kick the animal in its leg. When it finally released her wrist, Madam Haisah was able to crawl away and scream for help. She was later taken to an area hospital for treatment.

The woman’s son said she required 35 stitches in order to properly close the wound. Although her hand was initially paralyzed by the animal’s bite, the ability to move it has since returned.

“I’m doing fine now. I hope my hand will return to normal so that I can make brooms again,” she explained.

This isn’t the first time someone has been the victim of a Komodo dragon attack in Indonesia. Two park employees were reportedly attacked by one of the animals last February.

Komodo Dragon Attacks Woman