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A-Rod Finds A New Love In Santiago

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Is Alex Rodriguez in love? A newspaper in the Dominican Republics reports that A-Rod has found a new love with a young girl from the Dominican Republic.

The Diario Libre reports that the Yankes third baseman has fallen for Rebeca Yunen Finke, a 24-year-old girl from Santiago. Not much is known about Finke but the newspaper reports that A-Rod’s new love recently graduated with honors from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra with a Business Administration degree.

Yard Barker reports that A-Rod, who hasn’t played this season due to a hip injury, spent the entire all of Saturday with Finke last weekend. Rodriguez even met the girl’s father to make sure that he approved of their relationship.

A-Rod hasn’t confirmed the report about his new love but Diario Libre did have some convincing interesting details. The newspaper new the time that Rodriguez’ plane arrived (8:09), the hotel that they stayed at (Gran Almirante Hotel) and the cost of Rodriguez’ plane ($38 million).

The Yankees star has been dating former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson but if the reports are true than the two have probably split ways. Either that or A-Rod will have a little explaining to do when he gets back to New York.

The Yankees would probably appreciate it if Rodriguez focused a little more on his recovery instead of flirting with young women but at least he’s not getting involved in any drunken wrestling like Rob Gronkowski.

Are you surprised that A-Rod has found a new love?

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20 Responses to “A-Rod Finds A New Love In Santiago”

  1. Charles Bowles

    I'm happy for A-Rod, that he has finally came home in the Love & Sex department, because its been a long time. I've been to Boca Chica, Dominican Rep., and I know that they have some very lovely mestiza La Negritas in that country, along with lots and lots of beautiful jet black, even toned, Haitian ladies from next door on Hispaniola island. Its about time to marry a nice Black Hispanic lady, and maybe Tiger might learn something from his pals new relationship, and hook up with a Black Thai from Isaan.

  2. Anonymous

    Who cares…This egomaniac goes thru wpmen faster than Sherman thru Atlanta…What aggravates the hell out of me, is that the Yankees are stuck with this "over and done" player…

  3. Ralph Kootz

    seems like a lot of these athletes downfall is women. This guy rather frolic in bed with a girl then live up to his reputation as a great baseball player, so he's not so great at all.

  4. Will Willx

    So does this mean arod doesn't use his hips when he does his manly duty? I hope so , because otherwise he should be in the lineup.

  5. Will Willx

    So does this mean arod doesn't use his hips when he does his manly duty? I hope so , because otherwise he should be in the lineup.

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