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Sarah Palin Angers Elon Musk By Calling His Company’s Electric Car ‘A Loser’

Sarah Palin Angers Elon Musk By Calling His Company's Electric Car 'A Loser'

Sarah Palin apparently doesn’t mean too much to Elon Musk.

Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has run into some criticism from conservatives for his company’s electric car. The government-backed Tesla reportedly has some expensive battery problems that costs the car owner $40,000 to repair.

The situation has led to criticism from the business world and some politicians, including former vice presidential candidate and onetime Alaska governor Sarah Palin. In a Facebook post that attacked Tesla Motors as well as Fisker Automotive, which announced it was laying off three-quarters of its employees despite getting $200 million from the Department of Energy.

“Once again, the American public lost when the Obama administration attempted to pick ‘winners and losers’ in the free market,” Palin wrote.

Sarah Palin ripped into Fisker Automotive and also knocked Elon Musk’s company, writing: “This losing tax-subsidized venture joins other past losers like the Obama-subsidized Volt that gets 40 miles per battery charge, or like the Obama-subsidized Tesla that turns into a ‘brick’ when the battery completely discharges and then costs $40,000 to repair.

“This is really just the latest manifestation of the administration’s crony capitalism as their green energy buddies benefit from this atrocious waste of taxpayer money. Americans really need to get outraged by these wasteful ventures. As we’ve seen time and time again, We the People are always stuck subsidizing the left’s ‘losers.’ ”

Sarah Palin and her Facebook rant didn’t mean much to Elon Musk. In a sarcastic tweet Musk responded to Palin’s claims.

Sarah Palin and other conservatives been a target of Elon Musk before. When the Tesla Model S was named Motor Trend‘s Car of the Year back in November, he reminded everyone that Mitt Romney once said the government’s investment in Tesla was a “loser.”

[Image via: Therealbs2002, Wikimedia Commons]

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126 Responses to “Sarah Palin Angers Elon Musk By Calling His Company’s Electric Car ‘A Loser’”

  1. Dennis Moon

    How many Teslas, Fiskers, or Volts have you seen? I agree with Sarah.

  2. Mark Walsh

    There are plenty of Tesla cars and Chevy Volts to be seen in the more progressive parts of the country, but in the cultural backwaters, not so much. Tesla Motors is an amazing success story, and nobody's ignorant rant will change the simple facts.

  3. Steve Flesher

    Yeah the guy wastes millions of our tax dollars and he has the nerve to get angry at someone for pointing it out.

  4. Steinar Eliassen

    How much has conventional car industry gotten? What did the banks get? How much support has the oil industry gotten? But how dare we invest in future techonolgy?

  5. Louis Galmarini

    Well, I guess the truth hurts. I'm not much of a Sarah Palin fan, but she is absolutely correct! What a waste of tax dollars! The Volt is the biggest joke on the market. It's a geat looking car. But when I found out it only gets 50 miles on the electric side…and the cost! $48K! Are you serious! I laughed my ASS off when I heard that. I didn't pay $48K for my wifes' Lexus. We'll see which of the two vehicles are still getting more than half it's MSRP 10 years from now. Just more GM Junk…

  6. Ben Press

    As the old adage goes, "It takes one to know one," and nobody is a bigger loser than Sarah Palin.

  7. Carl Marino

    she has done a terrible job running her Family & State, what makes her think that she is a expert on cars.

  8. Bill Martin

    Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are correct, Fisker Automotive is a loser, Elon Musk is a loser.
    and so is the American taxpayer. Just another example of Washington liberals ripping off.
    the public to subsidize their pet projects and undoubtedly receive lots of under the table.

  9. Lawrence Mintz

    How sick and disgusting it is that the conservatives have demonized cleaning the environment.

  10. Kevin D. Hale

    It's a shame your take is a false one…we (Conservatives) are demonizing Obama's Crony Socialism, where he irresponsibly gives taxpayer money to companies and individuals that gave him campaign contributions to "prop up" Green industries that FAIL! Electric cars may be the future, but they're not there yet. When will they be there? When "private industry" financially backs them….they don't now…only Gov't does….with your money. It's not the Gov'ts job to pick "winners and losers".

  11. David Levy

    Mark, obviously you're a childless libtard wasting your days on a bicycle. did you use carbon credits to power your computer so you can leave this filthy message of yours?
    LOL. Idiot.

  12. Osco Cook

    Sometimes the truth hurts, get over it. You who can afford to pour your money down the drain should be able to the same as we should be able to resist.

  13. Lawrence Mintz

    David, if you want to name call, try being a little more original than regurgitating your fox new misanthropic mentors. If I was to name call I would say something like… David, so you're just another anal retentive mutant wart hog wallowing in your own delusional excrement dreaming of the day when cretins such as yourself will be allowed to rule and further ruin the roost without obstruction.

  14. Loren Moore

    We should never invest tax money in any automobile industry. If the electric car industry is a good thing then the public will invest, not the government.

  15. Loren Moore

    Both cars are to expensive and have a limited range on electricity. Neither car could make a round trip to my mothers house in the same state..

  16. Mark Kowalsky

    Tesla has created a next generation vehicle that doesn't rely on fosil fuels. Yeah there will be glitches but how many of those have we experienced with fossil fueled autos. The Big 3 have received gov't help at one time or another also. Cars like Tesla are the future. The Volt is a car of the future. When better battery designs and innovations are implemented, these machines will replace fossil fueled autos and it won't be long coming either.

    What has Sarah Palin ever created that was of any value or substance. The woman quit on her state. Thank the Lord that McCain lost that election. Can't imagine Palin being in the White House. She brings nothjing.

  17. Mark Kowalsky

    The Volt has a range of several hundred miles. 40 on AC and with 50 MPG from it's ICE and a 10 gallon tank, it's estimated range is 540 miles which is enough to get to almost anyone's grandmothers/grandfathers house.

  18. Tom Smith

    Gee Lawrence, did you learn all those big words? You must have gone to college and learned really neat words from your communist professors. Take your liberal BS and go to China, where everything is wonderful.

  19. Ted Eggleston

    Kevin D. Hale – electric cars get a tax rebate upon a purchase. Period. Not like the oil companies that get a mass subsidy from the oil centered Bush Administration (which we can't undo because of the phony and stupid Norquist pledge of the Republicans), who has benefitted from huge campaign contributions (ala Koch Bros, etc). And by the way, in case your head is far up your ass to notice, for the most part, oil companies, making more profit than most countries, do not pay any, or very little, Fed taxes. How does that work out? And aren't subsidies, like to oil, and to Ethanol, and to big agriculture, somewhat socialistic. But its never called that by Right Wing ideologues who are so blind to be fleeced by the Party of the Rich. Talk about crony capitalism- dumb ass sheep.

  20. Ted Eggleston

    Loren Moore – fine, but then let's not give subsidies to the oil companies (who pay little or no federal taxes on huge profits) or to Ethanol manufactures, or to the commercial airlines, or to big agriculture, and so forth. I would gladly give up an tax credit for buying a green electric car in order to get rid of these outrageous 'socialistic' subsidies, but with the Republican members signing the obscene Grover Norquest pledge not to raise taxes (and eliminating subsidies they feel does that?!?) we cannot get rid of those. But let's cut head start programs, aid to education, etc., just to keep those subsidies in place. And what about this carried interest taxation that so many superwealthy enjoy instead of ordinary income taxes that the rest of us pay (ala George Romney, paying 14% on the one year he showed us, or billionaire Steven Swartzman). So Loren, you don't think we should be giving any money to the auto industry, but are you ok with all of this other crap? And btw, without the TARP money to GM, Chrysler, we would have lost those manufactures, along with Ford by extension and all of the jobs and now profit that those car companies are producing.

  21. Ted Eggleston

    Drive a Tesla and then talk. The car is incredible: fast and responsive, very smooth (no transmission) great handling, innovative. It is the finest car I have ever driven, and eventually, I am planning on buying one.

  22. Mary Marchione

    We're all for cleaning the air if the products work. They say the 40,000 dollar repair is under warranty, but does the government cover the warranty? Remember taxpayers money is backing Tesla Motors. So taxpayers pay the warranty work. I cannot believe how gullible Obama supporters are and allowing him to single handedly destroy this country.

  23. Tom Smith

    Palin brings something that you liberals have no knowledge of, The Truth, Patriotism and Love of Country and Honesty. You, being a liberal are only used to Lies, A deep hatred of America and a fear of the truth. You are a loser liberal. Go on believe what MSNBC tells you.

  24. Tom Smith

    If you can afford a Volt and IF it doesn't go up in smoke, you should be happy. But then again you're a liberal and liberals are never happy.

  25. John Hargraves

    Alaskans seem to think otherwise. And her family is still intact. And Tesla hasn't turned a profit since it opened. So maybe she can read a chart?

  26. Michael Elsken

    About the only thing that might be said to be positive about Ms. Palin's statement is that she clearly knows what it means to be a loser.

  27. Lawrence Mintz

    Hey Tom I did go to college but none of my professors were communists. Actually I graduated with a degree in Marketing Research. But I know facts to you are of no consequence. For your sake I will use smaller words next time.

  28. Gavin Riegel

    She has a lot of nerve to call someone a loser, as it was her presence which pretty much sealed the deal for the republican loss of 08.

  29. Jeff Apelian

    Mark – WTF are you talking about "There are plenty of Tesla cars and Chevy Volts to be seen in the more progressive parts of the country, but in the cultural backwaters" – I live in NJ and work in NYC and have yet to see one Tesla or Volt –

  30. Jeff Apelian

    she wasn't calling Musk a loser – she was calling it a "This losing tax-subsidized venture joins other past losers like the Obama-subsidized Volt that gets 40 miles per battery charge, or like the Obama-subsidized Tesla that turns into a ‘brick’ when the battery completely discharges and then costs $40,000 to repair."

    learn readiing comprehension – not what you want to read

  31. Dan Glisson

    David Levy is a prime example of Dummy-down sheep like humanoids who follow Rush Limpbag, and use his cute catch phrases.

  32. Dan Glisson

    Tom, I am a liberal, and I am happy every day because I know fools like you have no real say in the way the world is being run now.

  33. Courtenay Crane Cross

    Everything new is on trial. I have owned two Prius's. They are super cars. Zero maintenance. I would rather solve a problem than berate "new" thinkers. Palin and neo-conservatives are too stupid to be living in a progressive world. Do you think she has the all new light bulbs? Do you think she recycles? Do you think she embraces new technology or does she have staff reading her iPhone and computer feeds/emails, etc. I can't see this particular woman being able to know how to charge a smart phone much less use it.

  34. Jeff Apelian

    Lawrence – Where did she demonize cleaning the environment? She demonized waisting taxpayer money, but agian, read what you want, not what was said

  35. Jeff Apelian

    So far, 34 companies that were offered federal support from taxpayers are faltering — either having gone bankrupt or laying off workers or heading for bankruptcy. This list includes only those companies that received federal money from the Obama Administration’s Department of Energy and other agencies. The amount of money indicated does not reflect how much was actually received or spent but how much was offered. The amount also does not include other state, local, and federal tax credits and subsidies, which push the amount of money these companies have received from taxpayers even higher.
    The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies:
    Evergreen Solar ($25 million)*.
    SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
    Solyndra ($535 million)*.
    Beacon Power ($43 million)*.
    Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million).
    SunPower ($1.2 billion).
    First Solar ($1.46 billion).
    Babcock and Brown ($178 million).
    EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*.
    Amonix ($5.9 million).
    Fisker Automotive ($529 million).
    Abound Solar ($400 million)*.
    A123 Systems ($279 million)*.
    Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)*.
    Johnson Controls ($299 million).
    Brightsource ($1.6 billion).
    ECOtality ($126.2 million).
    Raser Technologies ($33 million)*.
    Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*.
    Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
    Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*.
    Range Fuels ($80 million)*.
    Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)*.
    Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*.
    Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)*.
    GreenVolts ($500,000)
    Vestas ($50 million).
    LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million).
    Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*.
    Navistar ($39 million).
    Satcon ($3 million)*.
    Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)*
    Mascoma Corp. ($100 million)

  36. Kathy Small

    Ted Eggleston
    You are my hero. You are well informed, unlike the folks that watch Fox (news?)
    who only parrot the same stupidity without any real facts.

  37. Will McHugh

    Lawrence and Dan…please remember to take your prozac and other medications before you respond to New York Post articles. You are both clearly mentally ill. I'm serious by the way.

  38. Robert Langfelder

    While Obama's strategy has not gone over to well.. We need to develop clean burning fuels from domestic sources.. Or Republicans will continue to subsidize the Mid-East and more future wars.

  39. Patrick Livings

    So you are saying it is ok for Obama to give out tax money as gifts to his friends?

  40. J.w. Tucker

    Too bad that you are so liberal oriented that you can not see the truth in Palin's comments. I don't remember Henry Ford getting any government money when he started out. The only difference between a Osama Obama and John McCain is who's buddies get the money!!!!!

  41. Ken Higginbotham

    You are not calling all of us neo-conservatives stupid are you Courtenay?

  42. Mel Weinstein

    How many more ways will it take to prove that Sarah Palin, "Didn't know there were two Koreas" is a moron.. For her to offer advice to anyone about anything is a joke.

  43. Patrick Livings

    Our government should not be subsidizing any private companies. This is a free market. If a business fails it fails. There is no such thing as too big to fail.
    What is wrong with 14% tax? Most americans pay less than that. This idea that if you make more money you should pay a higher percentage is stupid. You are basically punishing people for doing well. We should go to a flat income tax across the board. with no write offs or tax returns. You just pay your percentage and that's it. How much money would the gov. save if the I.R.S. was no longer needed? It's even easy to comprehend. at 10% if you make $10,000 you pay $1000.00 , I you make $10,000,000 you pay $1,000,000. simple.

  44. Terry 'daBear' Browning

    Ok, Lawrence, I will try to be a little less of a mimic than your so-called, 'misanthropic mentors'…facts are facts: this vehicle is not ready for public transportation…the idea is sound, while the power capabilities are NOT…yet, this current administration FERVENTLY plows $$$ into it, not as a result of true capability, but as a, 'Thankee!'….JUST LIKE SOLYNDRA……hmmm..where DID that $500,000,000.00 go……I cannot apologize for David Levy's blunt blurt…he is merely as frustrated as I, and many others, are at the sheer mendacity of this, 'Cult of Personality' regime…(I will not call this an, 'administration'…'abomination'…is more apt…) to cross swords?…..

  45. Ihateyou Ok

    A) no one cares about Sarah Palin because its been established that she's nearly mentally retarded. B) oh yeah, well, I'm sure the right could win with another proposition for another winning war that has barely cost the taxpayers and in fact they're benefiting soooo much from it. I'm sorry if Democrats aren't the best leaders or decision makers, but its very clear that Republicans are the worst, most corrupt leaders with leaden souls of pure evil. So, yeah, excuse us for going for the lesser evil.

  46. Peter Burrascano

    I'm a fan of Palin, but she's dead wrong about TESLA.. While Fisker was a rat's hole, TESLA was an already established company, with a product and sales network, and vehicles actually sold and in the public's hands. the loan guarantees TESLA got were for the development of their next-generation "Model S", which has alerady won the Motor Trend Car of the Year, and is a success. TESLA has also already repaid the loans that the gov't guaranteed.

  47. Patrick Livings

    just because someone disagrees with you, that does not make them an idiot. liberals always think they are smarter than everyone else. Have you been to her house? Have you seen her recycling bin? No you have not. my 6 year old can use an Iphone. If that is the high mark for you , maybe you have other issues to think about.

  48. Ihateyou Ok

    Kevin D. Hale Wow, you must be the biggest hypocrite ever because Republicans' decisions are all backed with what you call 'crony socialism' (aka just another buzzword for idiot conservatives to throw out without actually knowing the meaning). Surprise surprise, when Bush and his cronies started those two useless wars, who benefited the most? The Iraqi and Afghani people? Guess again! It was the companies that they collude with, yet I'm sure you were all for those wars because you believed the propaganda hype about terror and freedom and god.

  49. Ihateyou Ok

    Ted Eggleston right-wing morons rebuttal to your post: "Yeah, well….well…you're a socialist, communist, fascist libtard…um, yeah, cuz name-callin and narrow-minded propaganda parroting is all we have."

  50. Fran Sallans

    Tom, using the words truth and honesty in the same sentence with Palin is a travesty. Do you think McCain would have taken her has his running mate if he had known her daughter had a child out of wedlock? How fair was this to her daughter. By running for vp she brought all kinds of attention to her daughter that just was not necessary. What about using her powers as governor to go after her brother-in-law trying to get him fired because he was going through a divorce with her sister when there was not a problem with his job performance. The only thing worse that her dishonesty is her lack of knowledge of the real world. How do you get off accusing liberals of lying, have you watched Fox News lately, PLEASE!!! Talk about a fear of the truth. Why would a liberal be a loser? Who lost the last election. I would not say conservatives are losers but at least in that election it showed how out of touch their policies are with most of the voters in America. If they don't change they will lose the even bigger in 2014.

  51. Ihateyou Ok

    Oh, wow, what a rebuttal by Tom Smith, truly an incisive argument full of objective facts….wait, wait, no, just another retarded right-wing moron spouting empty vague parroted propaganda. Surprise!

  52. Ihateyou Ok

    David Levy Oh, wow, what a rebuttal, truly an incisive argument full of objective facts….wait, wait, no, just another retarded right-wing moron spouting empty vague parroted propaganda. Surprise!

  53. James Streier

    I saw a study that proved conservatives have a much lower average intelligence than liberals. It's because they don't believe in book learnin'.

  54. Fran Sallans

    Louis the truth doesn't hurt. I guess you could pay 48k for a Volt but most folks are able to negotiate a deal for far less than that. Hell look on e-bay and what about the rebate. Are you leaving out facts on purpose or you just don't know. Even though the vehicle only goes 48 miles on a charge it is not like the vehicle just stops the vehicle also has a gas engine. While you are laughing your ass off and contributing to our trade imbalance with Japan and polluting with your gas engine at least get your facts straight.

  55. Jimmy Gray

    Funny thing, the average (even some above average) American that helped to build these cars can never afford to drive one. If he wants superstars and big money owners to drive his cars then perhaps he should get the same people to invest in his business. I am all for cleaning up the environment, but pretty sure it doesn't require a $100,000 car to do it. All of you backing Tesla are just trying to fit the story into your (incorrect) perception that anything Obama does is good, and anything Palin says is stupid. When we start looking for the good and bad in policies instead of people we will all be better off.

  56. James Fernandez

    why would anyone care about her opinion on anything she does not hold an office in government cause she QUIT so why should any one care about what she says about anything

  57. Scott Kiefer

    From Public Policy Polling:" To put into perspective just how poorly thought of Palin is in Alaska now, consider this: Congress has an 8% favorability rating in the state. But asked whether they have a higher opinion of Congress or Palin, Alaskans pick Congress by a 50/34 margin."

  58. Scott Kiefer

    From Public Policy Polling:" To put into perspective just how poorly thought of Palin is in Alaska now, consider this: Congress has an 8% favorability rating in the state. But asked whether they have a higher opinion of Congress or Palin, Alaskans pick Congress by a 50/34 margin."

  59. Anonymous

    I am not a Lib or a Con. I am not even political. However, I have followed business in the U.S.A. for over fifty years. And I can honestly say that both Libs and Cons need a lot more education and information to know what the government has been doing to its' citizens over this time period. This is a snowball going downhill that is gaining both in size and speed that is going to destroy every freedom in its path. Please study long and hard both sides of the issues everyone. Because the total truth is always somewhere in the middle. Except perhaps when it comes to math.

  60. Andrew Lasseter

    The Toyota Prius would have failed miserably if the Japanese government hadn't subsidized Toyota. At the time it was an incredibly unpopular decision. I guess that turned OK.

  61. Scott Desselle

    Hate to tell you Ted but the Subsidies that the Oil companies receive are the some all other businesses receive. Energy companies also receive the bulk of GREEN ENERGY tax breaks. The last energy bill PASSED BY DEMOCRATS was a huge tax write off to big oil. P.S. if you do not like BIG Oil fine, you can walk where ever you go. I will be more than happy to wave to you as a drive by.

  62. Steve Kerckhoff

    Hey Elon, pay back your government subsidized loan from the taxpayer. Let's see how viable your company is. You are a wealthy man and shouldn't be on the government tit.

  63. Steve Kerckhoff

    Hey Elon, pay back your government subsidized loan from the taxpayer. Let's see how viable your company is. You are a wealthy man and shouldn't be on the government tit.

  64. Scott Johnston

    Classic liberal move: distort. Conservatives want a clean environment as much as anybody. Investing in the private sector is not the way to do it. Giving money to businesses run by donors without regard to the worthiness of the venture is foolish at best and a direct kickback of contributions at it heart. Government money on green energy should be spent on pure research. Hire the best and the brightest to work on alternative energy technologies with the intent of creating better technologies. Let private industry with private money create the application. Subsidizing technology that is not economically feasible is a loser.

  65. Scott Johnston

    I was opposed to the government spending money on any of those follies. The government should invest in technology. It should not invest in businesses. Pure technology research in alternative energy conducted by the government is the right thing to do. Higher the best and the brightest and create a "Manhattan Project" style commitment to alternative energy technology because it is not practical for private industry to make that commitment. License out the results to private business to create applications for that technology using private money.

  66. Joshua Kaufman

    Kevin, just out of a sense of history, don't you realize that all emerging technologies need a helpful push now and again. As it stands, without taxpayer money, we wouldn't have a lion's share of our tech breakthroughs. Just google "stuff created by NASA" and prepare to be astounded. Gov't has been picking winners and losers since the Constitution was ratified. The fact that special interest groups have influence proves this. I mean, are you that devoid of any historical knowledge? Did the world start in early 2009?

  67. Joshua Kaufman

    Mary Marchione Were you this concerned when 770B of Bush-authorized money was going to the banks to save them after they squandered the economy?

  68. James Johnson

    John Hargraves Actually John you are wrong, Tesla went into the black following Q1 2013 and analysts expect that trend to continue with new contracts signed between Tesla and the manufacturers it provides technologies and patents to. The company's profits were reported on April 13, 2013.

  69. Scott Louis

    Has anyone ever seen the video about that plant in the old Soviet bloc where the hybrid batteries are made for the Toyota Prius? Apparently, there is an ever expanding "dead zone" that as of a couple years ago was half a mile in radius and expanding. All those nasty chemicals leaching into the soil in countries that don't have an EPA or any real pollution standards. So there goes the left's "green energy" argument down the drain. Billions of dollars wasted on pipe dreams for consumers. Can the average American buy a Tesla? Of course not. If there really was a PROVEN technology that worked, electric or fuel cell, and was cheap enough for the average person to buy, Toyota and Honda would be ALL over it, and we all know that. Instead, our govt gives hundreds of millions of dollars of OUR.

  70. Maria Triveri

    can we please STOP using the word RETARD! Doesn"t anyone know how to voice an opinion without name calling? I get it. We all have different views and ideas, but come on… just agree to disagree. That"s what makes the world go round. Be kind to one another. We wonder why our country is the way it is.

  71. James Johnson

    Would you be referring to the $465 million low interest LOAN which is now being repaid thanks to Tesla turning a profit starting in Q1 2013? A profit that most experts agree will continue now that Tesla is leasing its technologies to most major manufacturers and holding a patent portfolio for the industry? Or the tax dollars from his SpaceX company that has yielded new systems that can transport goods to the ISS and other missions for cents on the dollar? Also at least Tesla is US based, the US government is giving billions to wind mill company's that are fully owned by company's with no US interests. Tesla isn't just a car company, it's an R&D firm and its focused on the right R&D for an entire sector.

  72. Scott Johnston

    "Republicans will continue to subsidize the Mid-East and more future wars." Really? Democrats are all environmentally sensitive people that do not drive gas guzzlers. In fact it is the liberal idiots lead by Obama that refuse to use oil available in the US. We cannot drill offshore, or in Alaska. We should not frack, Keystone pipeliine is bad etc. In the end, Democrats use as much oils as Republicans and they are unwilling to use what we have here.

  73. Beau LaVergne

    Kevin D. Hale -85% of green energy companies that Obama "propped up" are profitable– get your head outta your ass!

  74. Beau LaVergne

    Actually Tesla will turn a nice profit this year and every year forward–It takes time to build a company–but they prob dont teach that at Univ of Phoenix biz school-

  75. Beau LaVergne

    Actually Tesla will turn a nice profit this year and every year forward–It takes time to build a company–but they prob dont teach that at Univ of Phoenix biz school-

  76. Bryan Adcock

    Kathy Small Kathy actually Ted is not as informed as you believe. If he and you understood conservatives (especially the TEA party), you would understand that they do not support the subsidies Ted has listed. Also, conservatives very much support early childhood education – they just don't think it's the governments job to provide cradle to grave control of educating its people (see recent comments by MSNBC host and Obama).So don't confuse the 2. Does your well informed Ted not understand how Romney was able to get his effective tax rate down to 14% or does he purposely withhold that explanation (biased opinion and unrelated to discussion). Does his informed self really think that TARP is what saved GM and Chrysler? He is not very informed if he believes so. Yours and Ted's comments really only show your hatred and bias which is something we don't need.

  77. Kip Bunn

    You sound like the same parrot I see posting every other comment Kathy Small.

  78. Kip Bunn

    Nice rant Gavin Riegel, another eloquent retort form a liberal. He who yells loudest just thinks he wins, when in fact everyone else has just stopped listening.

  79. Kip Bunn

    Zero maintenance? From this statement on I just assumed you were making up crap. Another hippie who forgot to grow up.

  80. Bryan Adcock

    Initially clicked to comment on Gavin's big word choice (reminds me of college where everthing is an -ism). LOL. I then laughed at Dan's comments – if conservatives aren't in control of anything then get something done!! Actually Dems had congress and white house for 2 years and did NOTHING!!!!

  81. Jim Walker

    OMG, Tom! Liberals are never happy??? Liberals are generally more forgiving, more tolerant, more ready to compromise than conservatives. And, yes, I'm one very happy LIBERAL, and proud of it!

  82. Kip Bunn

    If I see one more liberal use the word parrot or parroted, I will lose all faith in humanity. Form your own opinions don't just recycle someone else's. (you claim we are the parroters when in fact you and your kind have only one reply to everything)

  83. Jerry Markey

    David Levy "Libtard". Haha that is SO funny and original! Wow, you must be a comic genius!
    Seriously now, can your people come up with something more fresh and original? And perhaps something more clever? I can't figure out how "libtard" became so common with your people. Other than it shows a profound disrespect and meanness for those with Down's Syndrome because you try to associate liberals' mental capacity to their's.
    For example, calling me a "libtard" doesn't lower my opinion of myself one bit. It would show a disrespect for my late brother who had DS. I loved and respected him dearly. In that sense, the word "libtard" bothers me greatly.
    However, if you want to associate me with my brother, that's fine with me. I have more respect for him and others with DS than I ever will for people who throw demeaning insults like you. I rather have a soul like his than a souls like yours.
    End of Rant.

  84. Shawn Patrick

    Existing car manufacturers have held back this tech for many years, as they are in bed with oil and they were all happy if things didn't change. It is a good thing for Gov to assist in ushering in new tech, especially when we are all so dependent on energy. Elon is exactly the kind of entrepreneur to make this real, and frankly he will prob succeed in space as well. Sad that people out there don't see the promise of where this leads, and are all to happy to demonize liberals because we want things like "air" and "water." I mean really, imagine!

  85. Kip Bunn

    At least it has a gas engine. Wow! kind of negates the green thing if you know out of the box this pos must rely on its environment ruining death spewing motor. I would say I'm amazed at how your mind works, but the fact that it does not work at all amazes me more.

  86. Kip Bunn

    Mark, they are not in the cultural backwaters as you call them, because the are too unreliable. If I could depend on one of these glorified child's toy to run as well as my Vette or Dodge Ram I'd get one. The fact is, at this point, they are only a novelty. Amazing success story? One mans biased opinion.

  87. Bryan Adcock

    Hypocrite – you start off by validating yourself by boasting of your Prius (private company designed) and then attack Palin on non-related items. You don't realize it, but you agree with Palin. You support a private company and their offering, yet do not support the failed companies your country has gambled on. You are just too clueless to make the connetion.

  88. Jerry Markey

    Kevin D. Hale We subsidize Big Oil, and probably a lot more than we subsidize green energy. "Crony capitalism" is alive and well for those industries. One could say oil companies are successful and that is the difference between them and green energy. I would say that oil companies are successful enough and they don't need subsidies.
    Also, there are a lot of successes in the green energy field. Wind power is has expanded greatly. Yes, there are some failures, but that always happens in new industries. For green power, the successes are greater than the failures.

  89. Robert Heiney

    Wait a minute, here! The "Volt" was built during the Bush administration. And Tesla started designing his electric cars during that period too. So wouldn't it be a Conservative boon-doggle? Just asking!

  90. Dcfc Soprano

    Dont know about any of YOU, BUT I AM TIRED of SUBSIDIZING EVERYTHING just so certain people (Rs & Ds) CAN GET RICH!! This country is falling apart and behind so fast…… we subsidize INFERIOR PRODUCTS (AND COUNTRIES) continously. The "ONLY PEOPLE" getting hurt ARE THE TAXPAYERS!! WISH I COULD MAKE MILLIONS, NO BILLIONS….. BY RUNNING A COMPANY INTO THE GROUND!!!

    I do have a question though: HAS ANYONE ever gone back to see just HOW MANY "CASH FOR CLUNKER" new cars were eventually REPOSSESSED???? PEOPLE BUYING CARS THEY COULDNT AFFORD.. NEVER DID HEAR THE FINAL OUTCOME, but I know it didnt work!!

  91. Bruce Partin

    I back you…We're not ready for battery operated cars that cost as much as these, and HAVE FAILED..Tesla looks great, but needs a fuel effecient motor and funding from the private sector; not me and you.

  92. Dcfc Soprano

    Don't know about any of YOU, BUT I AM TIRED of SUBSIDIZING EVERYTHING just so certain people (Rs & Ds) CAN GET RICH! This country is falling apart and behind so fast…… we subsidize INFERIOR PRODUCTS (AND COUNTRIES) continously. The "ONLY PEOPLE" getting hurt ARE THE TAXPAYERS! WISH I COULD MAKE MILLIONS, NO BILLIONS….. BY RUNNING A COMPANY INTO THE GROUND!

    I do have a question though: HAS ANYONE ever gone back to see just HOW MANY "CASH FOR CLUNKER" new cars were eventually REPOSSESSED? PEOPLE BUYING CARS THEY COULDn't AFFORD.. NEVER DID HEAR THE FINAL OUTCOME, but I know it didn't work!

  93. William Kuhles

    <spoken in my best Palin-esque imitation> "Well…NOW yer just gettin' picky…point is them there 'lectric cars would NEVER make it up here in Alayska!"

  94. Ryan Quattro

    At least Tesla Motors is trying. We all know Palin is an intellectual lightweight so it does not surprise me that she is unaware of the fact that even Edison and Tesla failed more often than he succeeded. The difference is that when they did succeed it changed our world forever. Encouraging innovation by investing in businesses is worth the risk. As someone stated previously, invest in a technology, not a specific business. Be a smart investor by picking those with the best business plan and ideas.

    I have always thought it odd that Republicans oppose this. Why? What do they think the stock market is? You are taking a risk by investing in a company. The same holds true here.

  95. Marq LaFayette

    There are rattlings in the Perry camp that he's considering another run for president. PLEASE let Sarah and him run together. F'n hilarity waiting to happen.

  96. Mark Kowalsky

    Yeah John amazing how you Cons can avoid little things like FACTS: The woman quit on her state when resigning halfway thru her term. SHe did not tell McCain that her daughter was preggers with an out of wedlock baby (imagine those family values people having babies out of wedlock, who would have thought), the city she was mayor of is the Meth capital of Alaska. Her favorability rating among Alaskans is as low as it gets. The woman is a walking punchline and a joke.

    Try getting your news from Real sources, not Fake ones

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