Alice Cooper Dick Wagner Memoir

Alice Cooper Rejected Raquel Welch’s Sexual Advances

Alice Cooper reportedly rejected the sexual advances of Raquel Welch during the 70s.

The information was revealed in a recent memoir from guitar Dick Wagner. The musician said he and Cooper were in Miami for the Super Bowl in 1976. Welch happened to be performing in the area at the time.

The encounter took place after Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner were invited up to Raquel Welch’s room. The guitarist said he could tell that she was up to something as soon as they arrived.

“You gotta do it at least one time for all us horny b******s in the world,” Wagner told Cooper at the time.

However, Alice Cooper would ultimately reject Raquel Welch’s sexual advances. The rocker stayed true to his 19-year-old girlfriend Sheryl Goddard.

The guitar wrote in his memoir that Cooper was “crazy not to allow himself to be seduced.”

Although the proposed seduction took place at Welch’s suite, she continued her advances with the rocker the next day. Wagner and Cooper were reportedly playing golf when Welch approached the “School’s Out” singer once again.

Raquel wanted to sign on as Cooper’s caddy. Instead of allowing her to follow him around while they played golf, Alice decided to call it a day. Wagner wrote that the musician quickly fled the golf course in order to avoid Welch.

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