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Joel Osteen Resigns? Hoax Says Famous Pastor Has Lost His Faith [Video]

Has Joel Osteen resigned from Christianity?

It was recently reported that Joel Osteen, the senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and a televangelist whose ministry reaches millions of viewers, has resigned from Christianity, citing a lack of faith in the validity of the Bible as the word of God.

Images of articles on CNN, Drudge Report and Yahoo News show headlines announcing Osteen’s resignation, but actual links to those articles were unable to be found. Instead, the announcement seemed to originate from a WordPress blog named Joel Osteen Ministries in which the only post is an alleged article from CNN claiming that the megachurch pastor released a statement on his website, Joel Osten Ministries.

Osteen’s “statement” reads in part, “I believe now that the Bible is a fallible, flawed, highly inconsistent history book that has been altered hundreds of times. There is zero evidence the Bible is the holy word of God.” He goes on to say that he has informed his closest colleagues that he is leaving the church, which will continue in a “bare-bones fashion as we liquidate our assets and fulfill various financial obligations.”

The second clue that something is off about Osteen’s reported resignation is the final paragraph, which states that Osteen is having trouble transferring ownership of some of his ministry’s websites. So in case you were wondering why the website has only one “e,” it’s because it was the only website Osteen is able to control.

“I’m dealing with some church leaders who refuse to accept my resignation,” he says. “They are refusing to change or alter any of our many web sites, and this is the only one I have control over.”

A look at Joel Osteen’s official website reveals no indication that the 50-year-old, who has led Lakeview Church since 1999, has any intention of resigning.

The most recent article about Joel Osteen on CNN discusses the televangelist’s dismissal of the controversy over History Channel’s The Bible miniseries. Osteen, who is a consultant on the show, said he is not surprised by the show’s success.

“There are a lot of people of faith still in our country and when somebody takes a step of faith like Mark [Burnett] and [co-executive producer Roma Downey] did, people want to get behind it and see good quality, you know, production of something that’s … dear to all of our hearts, and that is the scripture and the Bible,” Osteen said. He also dismissed the idea that the actor who plays Satan bears a resemblance to President Obama.

“I felt like it was nonsense,” says Osteen. “People can draw funny conclusions.”

The CNN article was posted on March 29, the same day Osteen’s “resignation” was posted on his website.

Did you see reports that Joel Osteen resigned? Did you believe them?

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29 Responses to “Joel Osteen Resigns? Hoax Says Famous Pastor Has Lost His Faith [Video]”

  1. Henry Byers Dom

    What proof do you have that this is a hoax, Ms. Holman. I agree that something is fishy due to the lack of news coverage. But where is Joel Osteen? If this "hoax" was published on the web on March 29th…can Joel Osteen really go that long without hearing about this?

  2. Steve Kallock

    The timing would seem to suggest an April Fools Joke. But I agree with Henry below, how can he go this long without addressing this publicly? Very strange. I certainly hope it is not true and that his faith in Christianity is still strong.

  3. Patrick Marron

    First, let me say this, if anyone knows the history of this church and family, they will know that even John Osteen at one point in his life questioned his belief and how and why he was serving God. This was when he was a Baptist minister and he stopped in the middle of the service and walked off the stage because he felt he didn't know he was doing. He "regrounded" his faith and began a little church named Lakewood. And just to be clear, even IF this was true, there isn't a point in time were we (any person of any faith) does not question it and each person comes to their own reckoning. So know this, and understand, the validity of this article or the position of one man's belief will not have any effect on my beliefs. I follow the Word of the Lord, not man. Oh, and BTW, if you know Joel, he wouldn't address the media to claim it a hoax, he would be there bright and early at Lakewood on Sunday morning and he would laugh at the enemy trying to plant false seeds. So I challenge anyone who questions this or has an opinion, go to Lakewood and listen to Joel himself and draw your own conclusion.

  4. Patrick Marron

    Oh, and he also has his own TV program to address any false claims…

  5. Nicholas Lotze

    In the next 100 years of this civilization, like many faiths before it, Christianity will become a mythology. All mythology is yesterday's religion.

  6. Abiodun Akinrinola

    Heard this on Joy1250 this morning and really hope it is not true. I pray that the faith of Pastor Joel, Victoria, and the Lakewood family remain strong. April fool's hoax I guess!

  7. Jaysen Baker

    So its been around for 2000 years and all of the sudden in the next 100 its going to be gone?? Lol poor fool.

  8. Robert Bonvillain

    @Lotze, Christianity has been around for almost 2000 years and you THINK another 100 years is going to cause it to fade away??? You need to get your THINKER check! It must be broke!

  9. Lorenzo C Terrell

    Take the "protective " veil off that hides your radiance…and reveals your ignorance …paradigm shift doesn't have a name on it

  10. Ant Millsap

    Everybody has the own different beliefs so if he was to leave its cause he seeking answer downy matter what beliefs you choose cause we all still looking for answer what every you feel is the truth stick to what's make you feel good but respect others beliefs that's all y'all can carry on

  11. Mandy A. Niles

    It's not true. I read the blog that started this and I'm baffled anyone thought it could be real. LOL.

  12. Ant Millsap

    Lol I know but it's crazy cause if it was true with all due respect God will still accept those who are lost so he choose a different path that's all fine but I hope he find the truth to his answer but I was only saying if this was true lol

  13. Jessica Bauch

    Jaysen Baker Oh, I see you don't know the history of your religion! The story of Jesus is a historical trope, a story that was originally written 3000 years before anyone with the title, not the name, of Christ existed. During the Councils of Nicaea when Constantine was looking for a way to reunite the Western half and the Eastern half of the Roman empire in the 4th century, he and the major political leaders of the day decided to look for a way to make people feel part of one single community. Out of the major figures of the day, they selected Jesus of Nazareth, a man who had been executed for treason against the Roman Empire for supposedly spreading sedition. They then put his divinity to a vote; should they consider this man the next Messianic figure? The vote said yes, and Christianity was somewhat born. It's a shame that you think a mere 2000 years of history could ever, ever compare to the trope of the story, which is thousands of years older than your religion. So why are the Egyptians, who believed as firmly in the truth of the story they wrote as you do in its plagiarized form in the Bible, wrong, and somehow the Christians are right? Who's the poor fool here? The story is 5000 years old. Please don't go around calling people names until you do some real research. Osteen is a crook.

  14. Apostle Yarber

    1st of people(Unbelievers) are going to have their biblically uneducated opinions about Christ and Christians, so let me clearify some things. For 1 thing Christ never came to establish a system of rituals or beliefs, his purpose was to restore man back into relationship with the father, it was the pharisees, sadducees, scribes that Christ rebuked for their man made traditions and rituals which the father has no pleasure in the bible is not about any kind of religion, it's about the father since the fall of Adam in the garden, providing for man a way back into relationship with him …..that provision is "CHRIST". You can do away with something that made did not create. 2Tim. 4 clearly says there will be a great falling of Christians being seduced by demons presenting themselves as angels of the fathers kingdom, listening to teaching of false preachers (Doctrines of Devils). Furthermore, in Luke 9: 49,50, he rebuked John inregards to sectarianism, in 1Cor. 1:10-17 the Apostle Paul also rebuked those of the church in corinth about the same thing . So again, the bible nor Christ is about rituals or a system of believing (I.E. RELIGION), Rather it's about the father bringing man back into relationship with himself through his son "JESUS CHRIST".

  15. Kevin Chung

    Jessica, you really should cite your sources and realize that the interpretation of these sources quite subjective. Many cultures and sacred texts seem to make reference to something/someone matching the Jewish Messiah's description. Ancient Vedic writings (India, appx 1000 BCE) makes several references, one example is "Somewhere in the world, a lamb without blemish must be slain for the sins of mankind." Ancient chinese writings contain similar oddities in the written language (like the word for righteousness being comprised of "lamb + hand + stake"; "sacrifice" being comprised of the words for "bull/ox/lamb + unblemished + spear head"; and several hundred other examples). What you consider to be obvious "plagiarism" , people of faith consider to be obvious global prophecy.

    As for the historic validity of Christian gospels, it is now widely accepted that they are eyewitness accounts written within the lifetimes are those accredited to writing them. The German scholarship that disputed these facts in the 50's have been pretty solidly debunked. Whether their content is true is a matter of faith/opinion/belief; but their attack their credibility as valid sources at this point may simply be ignorance.

    As for Nicholas and others (on both the Christian and Teapot Agnostic sides), many of you are making naked assertions. If you believe that Christ with fade into irrelevance within the next 100 years, why? Statistics lead me to believe that (worldwide) the opposite is true. Statistics also argue that in the US, UK, and other places this IS very possible (Christianity fading into irrelevance).

  16. Nyla Santana

    So……a paradigm shift is really real… sought out other truths long ago, mostly to complement my beliefs.Finally, one shouldn't get stuck on religious dogma or anything that stunts spiritual awakening.

  17. Anonymous

    Jennifer Linschied
    Could you name one of those people in the Old Testament (Tanach) who questioned their faith at one time or another? Please give us the chapter and verse.
    Thannk You.

  18. Joe Joe Johnson

    First let me say this… Why can't I find an article where Joel Osteen says himself that this is a hoax??! Lol bc he can't lie!

  19. Joe Joe Johnson

    Jessica you are absolutely correct! It's a copy of the Egyptian belief system. The same brainwashing technique that's been around for 5000+ yrs. Seek and ye shall find.

  20. Dee Bartholomew

    He needs to resign. He hasn't got the backbone of a true man of God. He won't take a stand against any sin.

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