Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper Suing Home Theater Companies In New Lawsuit

Liam Neeson And Bradley Cooper Suing Home Theater Companies Over Their Faces

Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are joining forces once again in a new lawsuit to sue two home theaters the acting duo claim infringed upon their facial intellectual property.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Liam Neeson is set to star in Seth MacFarlane’s, A Million Ways To Die.

A Million Ways To Die is about a cowardly sheep farmer, who after chickening out of gunfight, is left by his girlfriend, who seeks solace in the arms of another man.

Liam Neeson also thinks society is too sexy for him, saying, “I’d hate to be a kid now, because we’re all inundated with so much information about sexuality coming at us from everywhere – the media, the advertising billboards, just everywhere – and it must be so confusing for them…”

Liam Neeson apparently thinks his face is too sexy for two home theater companies who used his face in advertisements for the companies without their permission. The Liam Neeson lawsuit is joined by A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper, who also found his facial IP absconded by these two companies.

Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper are demanding damages from execs at Vutec Corp. and First Impressions Theme Theaters, on top of an injunction on the promotional ads which features home theater screen projection with a screenshot of the 2010 action blockbuster The A-Team.

In the lawsuit, Liam Neeson is pointing out that his endorsements are extremely valuable due to being nominated for prestigious awards like the Oscars and Golden Globes more than 30 times. This makes the free usage of his image a potentially lawsuit worthy breach of his intellectual property rights.

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