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Family Kicked Off Plane After Complaining About In-Flight Movie

Family Kicked Off Plane Alex Cross

A family was kicked off a United Airlines flight last February after they repeatedly complained about the in-flight movie.

The offended passengers were on a flight from Denver to Baltimore when the PG-13 thriller Alex Cross began to play on the plane’s monitors. When their demands became too much for the crew to handle, the flight was diverted and the family was asked to leave.

The couple initially addressed the situation with flight attendants. After they were told that the monitors could not be turned off, they took their complaints to the captain.

The family soon heard the captain announce that the flight was being diverted to Chicago for “security reasons.” Once the plane was on the ground, the couple and their children were kicked off.

The family wrote in an anonymous letter to The Atlantic:

“Throughout these interactions the atmosphere was collegial. no voices were raised and no threats, implicit or explicit, of any kind were made. The flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screens.”

Officers from the Chicago Police Department boarded the plane and approached the family. They were instructed to gather their belongings and follow the officers off the flight. The family was understandably shocked.

Alex Cross In-Flight Movie

The letter continued:

“The captain, apparently, felt that our complaint constituted grave danger to the aircraft, crew and the other passengers, and that this danger justified inconveniencing his crew … and a full plane of your customers, causing dozens of them to miss their connections.”

The family said FBI agents quickly discovered that they did not pose a security risk to anyone on board the United Airlines flight. Although the family has addressed the situation publicly, they have not received an apology from the airline as of this writing.

What do you think about the family that was kicked off a plane because they complained about the in-flight movie? Did the captain overreact to their request?

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557 Responses to “Family Kicked Off Plane After Complaining About In-Flight Movie”

  1. Sarah Hitchens

    Kids shouldn't be allowed on planes. And parents shouldn't be so shallow as to complain about a stupid movie. Bring some dang books on the trip.

  2. Lou Ann Schafer

    I agree that those monitors should be able to be turned off. I would be appalled if my 8 year old child was exposed to an Alex Cross movie.

  3. James Fields

    I would be complaining if they showed a crappy Alex Cross movie too.

  4. Cherie A. Daniel

    The airlines should provide "kids only" and "adults only" flights since it's torture to fly with kids if you don't have any.

  5. Michelle Creason

    I don't believe for one minute that the monitors could not be turned off. On no flight have I ever taken (both domestic and international) was a monitor could not be changed to another channel, tuned to music or a game, or turned off completely. There's something missing from this story.

  6. Jeanne Cope

    It is clear that the airelines want us just to sit down and shut up not matter what happens, how bad the service or how long the delays in flight.

  7. Brenda Barney Boyle

    I've never taken my children on a flight. That being said, you adults need to grow the freak up. We were all kids once. Some of you might say you were perfect and well behaved, but I bet you'd be lying. If you are over the age of twenty-one and can't handle being in an airplane with a child, then YOU shouldn't be the one flying.

  8. Michael Sudik

    Are you serious??? I love you Cherie, but sometimes you really crack me up!!!

  9. Julie Littman

    Reallly? For an Alex Cross movie? One flight on American was showing Katie Perry's documentary on cheap ass TV screens from the 90s. And no one complained about that!

  10. Mari Lynn Colger

    Gee, I always thought an airline flight was a way to get from one place to another rather quickly, not be entertained by a movie. Movie, TV, radio or not, I've always brought my own entertainment, and I certainly wouldn't spend $300 bucks or so to watch a movie. People are nuts.

  11. Colleen Conroy

    There is probably more to the story. They could have made the complaint after the flight landed and not bothered the captain! Let him get from point A to point B! Not the captains problem who wants to watch a movie or not.

  12. Dan Leidal

    The airline should have known it is inappropriate to show certain movies to children… This is why there is a ratings system… I also have an issue with the monitors not being able to be switched off individually… Shame on that airline crew! What if some of the passengers wanted to nap? Something is definately missing in this story, as usual!

  13. Linda Kuehl

    R U Serious??? Kids have just as much right as adults, they have paid full fare for their seat. I suppose you think it is ok to sit next to some hygeine deficient smoker blowing smoke in your face? Sarah I think you are sick.

  14. Tiffany Thornton

    How exactly are kids supposed to get to the opposite side of the US if they aren't allowed on planes? I have four kids and I pay the same price as an adult, so they have the same rights an anybody else. PG-13 movies should only be allowed on a flight that has people over the age of 13. The whole reason for the code on movies.

  15. Amanda Bedgood

    Children travel with their families and the flights should play g rated movies or family friendly movies if children are on board. Maybe you should have read more "dang books". Mainly on compassion.

  16. Amanda Bedgood

    Not all parents allow their children to watch movies. Let alone small children and pg-13 is not suitable for anyone under the age of 13. As for the nasty comments about children flying, we traveled internationally many times when I was growing up & we behaved just fine. Children have as much right as anyone else to fly. Based on some responses, maybe airlines should give IQ or common sense tests before allowing some of you to board.

  17. Tiffany Thornton

    Yes, it was probably because the family was Muslim and the flight attendant freaked out thinking it was a terrorist attack. Ridiculous!

  18. Jeanne Cope

    They had re-runs of the Tonight show on one flight I took. BAD.

  19. Chemi Whitlow

    Now you can't even complain about the In-Flight movie. That said, if the movie is for all and they know there are children on board they should show something that is rated G or PG! Nothing higher.

  20. Yolanda Velez

    one does not have to purchase ear phones, no sound will come out otherwise.

  21. Gabrielle Pall Malter

    I believe the family had every right to complain……those monitors should be able to be turned off….pg 13 means 13….not all children…..i would sue for harassment as should all the passengers that were inconvenienced by the "air waitresses" and their dumb ass captain!

  22. Gabrielle Pall Malter

    I believe the family had every right to complain……those monitors should be able to be turned off….pg 13 means 13….not all children…..i would sue for harassment as should all the passengers that were inconvenienced by the "air waitresses" and their dumb ass captain!

  23. Karen Tovey

    Why are so many issues on planes always related to children? Anyone besides me see a pattern here? And while I'm at it…Coloradoans think it's okay to smoke pot but by golly, don't be showing any PG13 movies to their kiddos. :)

  24. Karen Tovey

    Why are so many issues on planes always related to children? Anyone besides me see a pattern here? And while I'm at it…Coloradoans think it's okay to smoke pot but by golly, don't be showing any PG13 movies to their kiddos. :)

  25. Les Ciapponi

    I think you missed the gist of the story Brenda. The parents didn't want their children to see the movie. By all means keep your children sheltered so when they grow up they won't get it.

  26. Brooke Wilkinson

    The airline company can play whatever movie they want. They don't have to cater to you and your little spawns. Just because you have children doesn't mean the world revolves around you or them. I have never been on a flight that you can't turn off the screen. I'd kick them off the plane too.

  27. Julie Walsh

    It wasn't the sound the parents were complaining about. It was the inappropriate scenes in the movie. You don't need sound to see what's going on.

  28. Cherie A. Daniel

    Pay too much to have to put up with noisy, whiney kids.

  29. Marti Rowdy Heath

    More of the "ME" society. The world revolves around them and everyone else doesn't count.

  30. Cindy Peryea

    My guess is there is more to this story. Never believe what you initially read. Take all stories from both sides with a grain of salt.

  31. April Sheeley-King Hoover

    Airlines should not be able to show any movie that is not rated G. PG-13 means that children under 13 can only watch the movie with a parent…thus parents permission! If the airline can not change the movie on request than they should not be allowed to show it. This is a case where I believe the parents should sue the airline because they put the children in a dangerous position. It also had to have been very traumatic for the children, treated like terrorists.

  32. Karen Magnussen Sarna

    Wait, now airlines have to cater to the 2 or 3 kids on a flight, instead of planefull of adults, when it comes to movies? Perhaps parents should bring something to entertain their kids with, so that the rest of the adults (who also paid for their tickets) can watch a PG movie. Get over yourselves.

  33. Patty Palm-Biller

    No way would I let my kids watch a PG13 movie. The airline crossed the line!

  34. Danielle Rocke Toews

    Has to be troll no one could be this idiotic! There is a reason why movies have rating because they are not appropriate for a younger audience. I made the mistake of letting my boy see a spiderman movie becuase I thought he was old enough. It was one of the biggest parenting regrets I ever had. He started having nightmares and after that was deathly afraid of spiders.

  35. Karen Magnussen Sarna

    Incorrect. Most airplane's IFE equipment is single-channel, unless you have the seatback-style entertainment setup which is controlled by each passenger.

  36. Danielle Rocke Toews

    There is a reason why movies have rating because they are not appropriate for a younger audience. I made the mistake of letting my under 13 boy see a spiderman movie because I thought he was old enough. It was one of the biggest parenting regrets I ever had. He started having nightmares and after that was deathly afraid of spiders. It is shameful how this family was treated. I hope a big stink happens and the airline is forced to hand this appropriately.

  37. Karen Magnussen Sarna

    So airlines have to change the inflight entertainment to cater to a few kids? What about the rest of the adults (ie, the majority of the passengers)? Perhaps the parents should bring along a DVD player and headphones for their precious, innocent children to watch, and let the rest of us watch the crappy PG-13 movie.

  38. Karen Magnussen Sarna

    Puh-leeze. This is why we're raising a nation of pansies. The parents could have shown some responsibility in their hypervigilence of their kids' in-flight entertainment choices and should bring reading material, a portable DVD player, or something else rather than rely on the airlines to cater to their kids.

  39. Richard Walsh

    Next time drive or walk—-like the children do not know what is going on in the world—the article never mentioned the ages of the children—BTW the Captain has control of the aircraft as per FAA.

  40. Bill Cody

    Drive a car like people used to do. Parents with kids are making flying miserable. I didn't birth your kid and I don't want to be burdened with his misbehavior or your helicopter parenting.

  41. Patti Hudson

    I'm beyond the stage of cartoons…exactly they should have brought their own entertainment instead of making it.

  42. Jim Halstead

    should have just opened the door and kicked them out!

  43. Darla Reichwald

    Thank you so much for saying this!!!!! These other people must not travel much. Why do the planes have to cater to children???? Are they the ones paying???

  44. Denise Bertacchi

    One of the kids was FOUR. You can't bring enough picture books in carry on luggage to get pre-schooler from Denver to the East Coast.

  45. Denise Bertacchi

    PARENTS pay to much to have to deal with intolerant people like you. You realize there's no such thing as child discount? That four year old's seat cost just as much as everyone else's.

  46. Robert Todd Miller

    I am sure their complaints were not as civil as they lead us to believe.

  47. Stephanie Jill Perry

    passengers on an airplane shouldn't be "dictating" what movies should/shouldn't be shown. if that were the case, the airlines would be bombarded with all types of requests for movies. on that note, the parents should have planned to have computer games, or some type of toys – or better yet books – for their kids to enjoy. do I think the captain overreacted? yes he did. the family did not present a threat to other passengers or the flight in general.

  48. Denise Bertacchi

    But complaining after the movie wouldn't keep the kids from seeing it. I saw another version of this story that said passengers behind the family were fine with shutting off the monitor in front of the kids.

  49. Shari Peterson

    I think United's being a good little public company to obey the statists in determining that ANYONE that has a voice and uses it is a threat. Ignoring entirely the entire fu(king inconvenience for everyone else. A BIG LOSE FOR UNITED AIRLINES.

  50. Shari Peterson

    I think United's being a good little public company to obey the statists in determining that ANYONE that has a voice and uses it is a threat. Ignoring entirely the entire fu(king inconvenience for everyone else. A BIG LOSE FOR UNITED AIRLINES.

  51. Ellis Bates

    So, you shelter your kid(s) on an aircraft and you land , get into your car, drive down the street and someone is whizzing in the gutter or fighting. What do you do? We do not live in a perfect world, let the kid(s) see the good, bad and ugly and explain the difference. Or. keep them sterile until they leave home and let the cruel world eat them alive.

  52. Shari Peterson

    I am all aboard having kid-free flights. Imagine being a professional who takes 3-4 flights a week. They are tired…they don't want to hear screaming kids. Now this story is not about screaming kids but altering the experience for everyone on board to accompany a single family, which is ridiculous. If you don't think your eight year old is already seeing what is in an Alex Cross movie you are probably delusional. Like my sister.

    I remember her insisting that the porn found on her son's computer must have been from someone hacking it and redirecting it to porn sites. LOL yep. Because a 12 year old kid would never look at porn because she didn't allow it.

    Occam's razor here folks.

  53. Kiki Metzler

    I think, after considering what wasnt disclosed, that the family was in the right. they wanted to simply screen unsuitable for children images. they were peaceful about it and not disruptive; the plane shoulda chilled and relaxed and accomodated the family.

  54. Shari Peterson

    I agree Les. It's delusional to think your child is a sequestered angel. And you are doing them a grave disservice by adhering to such a delusion.

  55. Jeff Crockett

    Hey Sarah, how are children supposed to travel if they are not allowed on a plane? Maybe the airlines should be more conscientious of their passengers and provide them with the opportunity to turn off thief monitors if thy are offended by the movie being shown. I don't believe it is shallow to try and be a good parent and protect your children from the filth that passes or entertainment nowadays.

  56. Jennifer Pletcher Conti

    I don't think this is the full story. I would be shocked if a plane was diverted at the cost of thousands of dollars because of a "collegial discussion" about the movie that was playing. Every story has 2 sides and the truth.

  57. Pat Milligan

    If the parents were that conscientious about their children seeing whatever movie was being shown on their flight, they should have checked what the movie was going to be — it is available on the airline's website. When they saw it was a movie that they did not want their children to view they could have called the airline — then they would have known in advance that the monitors could not be selectively disabled, and they could have arranged to bring an ipad, dvd player, or whatever was necessary to entertain and distract the children during the movie.

  58. Stephanie Jill Perry

    i am well aware of that. i decided a jigsaw puzzle on a Friday night just didn't sound right. some other time! ( i don't listen to me very well!)

  59. Jennifer Brooks

    I would like to know when kids going to restaurants or flying on airplanes became such a big damn deal??? They have been going to places with their parents and flying on planes since they were invented. Now all of a sudden they have no rights to be anywhere?? These people who think kids have no place in this world have no kids of their own and maybe its a damn good thing. Get over yourselves and grow the hell up. Most adults are more annoying and irritating than kids are on a plane!!! And if its so bad for you and you dont like it maybe you should be the ones driving everywhere you need to go or buy your own plane and fly alone!!

  60. Mel Colley

    Where does it end? Kids pay the same price as adults. But Adults don't want to watch kids movies and vice versa. Tough call. The airline should have an electronic voting system to see what movie should be played. Besides, all of the movies played on the Airlines are harmless. Parents should worry more when their kids have access to the internet. That's when the real drama begins.

  61. Jeager Meister

    the parents, knowing there was a movie, should have asked ahead of time what it was, and if they felt it inappropriate for heir children, taken another flight.

  62. Pat Milligan

    Are you aware that the theater's raiting for a movie does not necessarily correspond to the version of the movie that is seen on an airplane? Movies are specially edited before being shown on airplanes – to remove objectionable content, nudity, airplane crashes, etc. For example, Rainman was edited for the sequence where Dustin Hoffman recites airplane crash statistics. The movie Flight might never get shown on airplanes.

  63. Pat Milligan

    I agree, or they should have brought sufficient diversions for their children. If the children did not have headphones plugged into the plane's system, and they had their own movies/ipad to play with, how much attention would they have paid to a movie that was on mute anyway?

  64. Pat Milligan

    I agree, or they should have brought sufficient diversions for their children. If the children did not have headphones plugged into the plane's system, and they had their own movies/ipad to play with, how much attention would they have paid to a movie that was on mute anyway?

  65. Thomas Tyson

    Toss a towell over the screen or blindfold the kids, People should not have to watch a movie they don't want, The pilot should have just landed at the next small town airport and dropped them off, the delay would have been 20 mins, it would have made the point and kept the flight on time. Appolagy? no way

  66. Milt Bell

    Sit down and shut up. The other passengers didn't pay to see you act like assholes.

  67. Milt Bell

    Sit down and shut up. The other passengers didn't pay to see you act like assholes.

  68. Jimmy FiveFingers

    The moral of the story is, "It's not all about your #### kids!" Put a bag over their heads, give them Benadryl, smack 'em silly. Be parents and not flight attendants.

  69. Carol Mosley

    Unless I'm mistaken, when ever I've flown, I had a choice of movies, music, news etc. They're the ones that disrupted the plane and should have been taken off. Why should everyone else be subjected what they want. Next time check to see what movie is playing….

  70. Donna Abell

    Once again, there is more to this story than what is being told. they a re not going to divert a plane just because they as they put it, Nicely complained that they did not like the movie. I was on a 21 hour flight to Australia. I did not like a movie that was playing, I as the stewardess if I could listen to something else, she switched my headphone over to a radio station. So I just don't get there side of the story. There are three sides to any story, Their side, the airlines side, and then the Truth. And unless I were standing right there and witnessed it, word for word, I still don't know what the truth is..

  71. David Medlin

    stupid ass americans again making an ass out of there family sorry but the flight is not burger king and no you don't get it your way sorry but its the way life is people needs to start using common fucking sense that is all people have to do is use some fucking common sense I know that's hard for at least 99.99% of you stupid ass americans out there but its true if you want to see a stupid person look in the damn mirror when you get home and surprise there he is the stupid person.

  72. April Kendrick

    You must not have children Sarah. If you did, then you wouldn't say such things. Just wait until your first born comes along and you want to visit your family and the only way to do so will be by plane. You'll be thankful that you are allowed to bring your baby on that flight. And when that child gets to be old enough to view the movie playing on the plane, you'll be petrified to see it is totally inappropriate for young ones, but are told that the movie cannot be changed, and your child will just have to deal with it. As a Parent, it will make you quite angry….believe me. You'll understand once you become a Mother. So until then, if you don't think kids should be allowed to fly, maybe you shouldn't either.

  73. Beth Preston

    As a parent, I would recommend checking in advance if the movies are age appropriate. Bring games/toys to distract the kids, but divert the flight, seriously? why not just offer a different movie, suitable for people of ALL ages.

  74. Cory Rasico

    Sarah Hitchens your an Idiot, to make a comment like that, what if when you where a kid, someone told your parents that ugly kids should be beat with a stick, you might not be alive because of all the beatings you would be getting you should NOT have kids! karma is going to bite you in the ass.

  75. Richard Daniels

    A simple towel over the screen would have saved everyone a lot of grief. My personal belief is the family should have been beaten and thrown off the aircraft in midflight.

  76. Julie Leif Davis

    I just got back from a vacation which included flying on Virgin American Airlines. Every seat has it's own screen and you have a wide selection of things to watch. Everybody picks what they wan to watch and you had the option to not watch anything at all. I have never flown this airline before but it was the best flying experience I have ever had. If more airlines would follow their lead, this whole thing could have been avoided. If the plane these people were on only had a few screens for people to watch the in-flight movie on, then the airlines should only be playing movies fit for everyone on the plane.

  77. Kandy Florentine

    My brother is an airline pilot for a major company. There is more to this story. There has to be. No way in heck would a captain divert the entire plane because someone complained about the movie. Definitely more to it.

  78. Lori Gamble-Barrett

    There is a movement in this country to instill irrational over-reaction and fear within society for things such as airline "security" and guns, etc.. Ridiculous! I hope they sue the airline for being treated like criminals over an objectionable movie! The airline should be playing family friendly movies and not forcing everyone to watch PG13. Shouldn't we have a choice to be able to turn it off?

  79. Kandy Florentine

    No way–the captains have to answer for every decision they make. There is something more to this story. You have only heard what the family "claims". There is no way in heck the captain is going to divert his entire plane because someone complained. There was a threat or something else here. I guarantee it. My brother is a captain for a major airline.

  80. Linda Schueller

    Telletubbies and Barney..maybe on an adult only flight..How about The Beaver? or Brady bunch.

  81. Jon Lechleidner

    Put a pillow or a jacket over the screens and keep going, those morons complained about a movie so the plane stopped in Chicago? Dumb move by the airline.

  82. Janet Carey Wolff

    Perhaps the crew should have turned off the movie all together. since, obviously, that was the only way to keep the video from being seen by the children given the limitations of the AV equipment. Then UA would have been able to take up the fight with the other 100 -200 passengers. The captain did the only thing that he could do in this instance to keep everyone happy; the children did not have to see the pg13 movie and the other folk did. Had I been the captain, I would have landed the plane & gotten off myself! Sometimes there is just no winning.

  83. Robert Eicher

    In Our world noisy ill bred and mannered children have to be pandered to at all costs The welfare and comfort of the rest of the passengers was certainly of no concern to the adults? who spawned them.

  84. Terry Lorraine Fyock

    They use to make movies appropriate for all audiences. It seems that airline staff are control freaks and if you don't tow the line they play the security threat card.

  85. Kim Yahalomit Josephine Texon

    I guess they never heard the expression the customer is King. I think they should have better options for the variety of ages on a flight, a kid can indeed be traumatized by images in early childhood and that carries on in their lives, that said when exposed to brutal or sexual images. They should have offered the kids toys to play or something to draw and shut off their local screen.

  86. Amparo Yabar

    these covered people are invading our country….they lt them into public pools with their long dresses.. so anti hygiene… or however it is written. They all have 5-6 kids and government pays for all their upbringing while their relatives back home are killing our troops….WONDERFUL!

  87. Brenda Barney Boyle

    No Les, I got the gist of the story. My comment was for the other commenters. But to stay on topic, there are many parents who don't want their young children to watch movies meant for older audiences. I'm not one of them, in fact my kids dad think I'm too lenient with what they watch. They aren't sheltered at all. But I don't think it was out of line for the parents to request a change in the entertainment. If an airline has a policy of allowing young children to fly, and of course they do, they want to sell tickets, then they need to make sure the entertainment is family friendly. Its not a hard concept to grasp. However, I wasn't on the plane. I don't know if the parents were acting nuts or just making a simple request. But from the way its being reported, I think the airline should reevaluate how it handles these situations.

  88. Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

    This is an absolute travesty. Can you imagine the money spent to reroute the plane? Let's not forget that the airlines were bailed out by our tax money. Furthermore, it is a breech of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Remember that one? It's called Freedom of speech, and it allows for the expression of opinion. You know that our county has gone to hell in a hand basket when parents can't even request a non-violent movie for their kids. The fact that that request was considered criminal, is a breech of what our country stands for. Wake up, people. This is no longer a "free country". Get angry that your rights are being taken from you left and right, and stand up for the ideals that this nation was based upon, otherwise, it will only get worse…

  89. Jake Fry

    I believe the airlines needs to not only apologize but they should give free flights to the entire family for LIFe.
    I do not know the age of the children that were a part of this family but I do know just from the trailers I would not want my small children seeing that movie for sure. I know that the airline ought to take movie content into consideration before just throwing it up on a screen.

  90. Melissa Hamilton Waldron


  91. Cammie Hunt

    Are they the one's paying?? That has to be one of the stupidest questions I have ever read, or heard, for that matter. Especially coming from someone who claims to work at Chicago Board of Education. What a way to represent!

  92. Kevin Steele

    I agree with you Michelle. I think there is more to this story than what we are hearing. I also think that the parents should have brought other things with them to occupy the kids during the movie. I've seen it done many time and can't understand why they didn't have a book for the kids to read or an activity to occupy their time during the flight. Heck I have brought note books with me and wrote in them during those crapola in-flight movies!

  93. Laurie Fatta Smith

    what? We now have to rate the flight? RATED R? REALLY, marketing disaster. I THINK I WOULD FILE SUIT.

  94. Mel Colley

    Gabrielle, it's people like you that make insurance rates go through the roof! Get a life! I would have fired the captain however for making such a stupid decision.

  95. Deanna Zieser Wigle

    @Brenda, Huh?

    @Brenda…… Huh? I don't get what ur comment has to do with a movie being shown on the plane???

  96. Jessica Beaulieu

    Um Darla, their parents had to pay full price for their children's tickets too. So, did the kids pay for the ticket? No. But their parents paid the same price for those kids' tickets as everyone else did for theirs..

  97. Janet Long Mitchell


  98. Cindy Clark

    Some people don't seem to realize that the world does not revolve them. If u don't like the movie don't watch it.

  99. Tania Kovar

    Kids are not mature enough in their logic to process such movies the way an adult would. Not to mention the influence and desensitization that happens when children are subjected to matter such as that in PG 13 movies.

  100. Emilia Devletian

    Hey, have you seen this movie, all you, who say that the parents complained for nothing? I couldn't even stand the trailer…
    I think it's not suitable for children…at all! And since they make parents pay the same price tickets for their kids too they have the right to demand comfortable atmosphere for their children! And since when movies with torture and dead naked women became PG13? And why if there's just one boob or a love scene a movie rates strait to Restricted? Turns out in today's value system murders, blood and dead is way more appropriate for kids than a sex scene! Wow, no wonder why there are so many psychopaths in this country!
    And to all the "kids-haters" you are sick!

  101. Michelle Green Grotegeer

    I have six kids, and trust me, if I don't like the movie, I don't buy the headphones and they have their IPODS with age appropriate material on it. I don't expect any airline to cater to my children, that's ridiculous. I also bring enough entertainment so that my children aren't a bother to other passengers who paid for their flight. So people if you expect an airline to cater to you…drive yourself!

  102. Ashley Jones

    There is more to what the family said then what this article and what the family is saying.

  103. Michelle Green Grotegeer

    Put a blanket over it, if it's an individual screen, otherwise, entertain your kids! I would have asked their butts to get off the plane also. They paid for a seat, not the entertainment.

  104. Glenn Howard

    if you are on a plane you are a captive audience. that means that if a X rated movie is shown, all see it. Because there is no escape, the airlines should have the common courtesy (I know, an oxymoron for them) to show films that fit the middle of the road unless they have individual seat screens.

  105. Glenn Howard

    those monitors are not single row monitors. they let several rows see the movie – so that would cut out those passengers that wanted to see it. unfair on the other end.

  106. Michelle Green Grotegeer

    Oh Cammie, really! Planes don't post on their "Entertainment Planes" a movie is a service. If you don't like it, entertain your kids! I have six, and movies haven't EVER been an issue for our family. We bring IPODs with age appropriate entertainment. It's not like the monitors are right in front of them. If they don't like it, they can drive. Airlines are a choice, not a right!

  107. Brenda Barney Boyle

    Again…OP was a comment in response to the previous comments. My second comment was to explain this and state my opinion on the original topic. Did you just decided to post a bunch of "huh?"s instead of reading the thread?

  108. Andrea French

    Did you even read the article? They said the title quite a few times throughout it.

  109. Michelle Green Grotegeer

    Sue Really! Wow, over a stupid movie. Entertain your kids and you won't have to sue.

  110. Glenn Howard

    unfortunaltely the rating system does NOT take violence into consideration for the pg13 rating. That is the main problem with the ratings. they are deficient. Sex, language and other things but not violence.

  111. Alice P Bunny Jones

    Darla–you work for the Board of Ed? No wonder todays kids are so messed up with people like you watching out for them. You think it is okay to show graphic murder movies to a captive audience of children? It must be training for the kids (aka future murderers) in Chicago as far as you are concerned.

  112. Joe Smith

    Some people just don't teach thier kids anything and don't care about other people. I hate people like that.

  113. Jerry Phillips

    Depends on what model of plane and where they were seated. I've flown on some really big planes that used a cabin monitor for the in-flight movie and no, they really shouldn't kill the movie that many are enjoying to please a couple of complaining parents. These were small children and so couldn't have seen much if they were properly seated in any case… don't buy the earphones and voila! Kid gets into a book or falls asleep out of boredom.

    The airline did go a bit far putting them off the plane, a simple "I'm so sorry folks but we're not going to turn off the movie that many others are enjoying. Here're some complimentary magazines to distract your kids with. Thanks for flying with us."

  114. Alice P Bunny Jones

    You are another person who cannot read. It seems the parents were upset that a graphic murder movie was forced upon a captive audience of their children. They were not looking for entertainment.

  115. Robert Martinez

    if it was a seat monitor it ccan be shutoff or channel changed otherwise it cannot be..not all airlines have seat monitors…when was the last time youflew

  116. Heidi BeHappy BeTruth

    Inappropriate movie, but just cover the monitor with a child's shirt.

  117. Gwynn Charlie

    YES! The Pilot and the Crew way over reacted. To divert a plane and then have them kicked off just because they complained? Are you kidding me? GEEEEEEZE! I used to be a Flight Attendant for a different domestic airline and flew for about 10 years. The ONLY time a plane was ever to be diverted would have been because of a problems with the aircraft, medical emergency, attempted hijacking, terrorist threats, really bad weather. Passengers are ALWAYS COMPLAINING about anything and everything, most of which are for the most petty reasons….like movies, or drinks, or snacks and food, or the person next to them, and on and on and on. You do what you can to handle the situation and make the disgruntled passenger happy the best you can. But you don't divert a plane because someone is really pissed off about a movie. This world is becoming so overly-sensitive about the least little things. Where is all this ultra sensitivity going to lead? Can't people just learn to "gring and bear it" for the duration of a flight? Besides, what kind of poor example were those complaining parents setting for their children? Wasn't it a PG-13 rated movie anyway? How old were the children? I do agree that the individual screens should be able to be turned off individually, if a passenger didn't want to watch what was showing.

  118. Brian Gard

    "What do you think about the family that was kicked off a plane because they complained about the in-flight movie? Did the captain overreact to their request?

    What dumb questions. I wasn't there, so I couldn't possibly have an opinion about this one way or the other, nor could anyone else who wasn't there.

  119. Brian Gard

    Wait a minute, they said that the movie couldn't be turned off…then how come when I last flew United, I had to pay $6 for it?

  120. Gwynn Charlie

    To Linda Kuehl….. Smoking is NOT allowed on planes. It's a Federal Law. So there wouldn't be anyone "blowing smoke in your face" on any United States domestic aircraft. You must not have flown anytime in the last 30 or so years. Now if we could just figure out how to manage stinking people. Maybe it should be required that everyone buying a plane ticket should have to shower, use deoderant, and brush their teeth, or they won't be allowed on board..

  121. Susan Lowe

    Tape some paper over the monitor in front of the parents and the kids and shut up. Can no one think of a simple solution anymore?

  122. Connie Biltz Pettit

    That is a PG 13 movie what were they thinking playing that movie on a airplane with children. I would of complained also if I had been on the airplane. Not a nice move chose United airlines for the movie and throwing this family off the airplane. Gives a signal if your a family don't fly United – fly American they are more family friendly…

  123. Gwynn Charlie

    Maybe the flight attendants on board that plane were technically challenged and didn't know how to change the channel or how to turn it off. Or, perhaps they were just obstinant and wouldn't do it because the passenger was complaining in a really snotty condescending manner.

  124. Gary Dittamore

    actually Steph there are rules regarding what people can watch. If there is inappropriate or violent scenes would you let YOUR young child watch the movie? Yeah you probably would.. as if there is not enough deranged little buggers out there.

  125. Mary Fortney

    No child should be subjected to that type of movie, all households are not the same. The screen hangs from the ceiling on some flights making it harder to obscure. I have not seen the movie but have read Patterson books and I am assuming violence was involved. This would really scare some young children that I know. Notice that stores do not as a rule have those type movies on their televisions for sale, parents complain.

  126. Shirley Saukkola

    Who says the parents didn't have other things with to occupy them?? The article states that in their letter they said "“Throughout these interactions the atmosphere was collegial. no voices were raised and no threats, implicit or explicit, of any kind were made. The flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screens.”…the flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screen." That does not say to me that they had nothing with them to occupy the children.

  127. Leslie K. Siegel

    Obviously the way the flight crew and captain react was probably correct. I'm sure the kids were crying, distracting everyone, and any distraction to captain or flight attendants would be deemed wrong. It was just a movie. They could have put on music head phones to block it out. Also, I'm sure they were not as nice about it when the family realized they were getting no answers or the answer was "NO". So they may have gotten slightly testy and maybe the dad was pissed and just maybe they were not very rich and looked a bit off, they could have even looked Middle Eastern. They did not really word the letter to the airlines in a normal way, almost like they may have been foreigners. Unsure, but the scary part for plane personnel may have been that the family looked Arab, maybe?

  128. Kim Beauregard

    I do not understand how an airline can make a false complaint to homeland security that deverts air traffic without being fined.I do not feel such a small matter need cause such problems.If your unhappy on a flight you are still a consumer and have a right to complain, it does not sound like they upset any other passengers.We should still have rights in air as long as we are not causing harm.I think the airlinrs are treating people like my way or else which is not what air marshall were intended for.Were any other passengers compensated for the upset in their travel plans?

  129. Shirley Saukkola

    Wow, I am so amazed at the hostility. Though I shouldn't be. It is that kind of hostility that has made the world the "wonderful" place it is today.

  130. Kasha Rose TF

    Gabriellle…that is one family they were not the only ones on the plane next time, bring books, ipod or something to occupy their children, why should everyone on the plane who paid their air fare as well be punished by turning the monitor off for THIS FAMILY who was CLEARLY!!! not prepared knowing that they were traveling with children…………..PLEASE!!!! GIMMIE A BREAK!!!!!

  131. Susan Meehan

    I hate flying so I always bring something to read.Last flight they had a show and I never even looked up I read my book for 4 hours.Stupid reason and they will sue for damages I'm sure

  132. Ruben Dario

    I'd like to know what kind of screen they used, was the volume just on for everyone to hear? Because in almost every flight I have ever been on you needed to plug in a headset to the jack in the armrest to listen to the movie. If it was simply looking at the screen w/no sound then they could've read to them or distracted them a couple of other ways. Again I don't know the full details and it seemed like the pilot overreacted big time either way. But on a serious note, being subjected to any Tyler Perry movie on a flight should be considered as inhumane. They're just so terrible.

  133. Graciela Ossio

    and for sure the kids watch that kind of movie when parents are not there. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE MORE POPIST THAN THE POPE. No books? Talk to them while the movie is on, draw, play. There are many things to do Captain overreact too!

  134. Kasha Rose TF

    Tell me Tiffany how do you know this? I did not read anywhere that they were Muslim…this is how rumors get started and people get hurt…MISINFORMED BE CAREFUL

  135. Myrel Albertson

    i was raised on westerns ans western mustc. There is a happy medium between junk that is shown now than there was then. kids should be able to watch something as well as adults. airlines should have a setup like tv stations do it is not right for them to have to watch murder or sex every time the tv is cut on

  136. Valerie Pollard

    Is this on a movie screen that everyone must see at the front of the plane, or on personal monitors that adults may have the option of turning off? The movie sounds pretty violent, but if I am able to turn off the option of watching, that would be okay with me. Not all the facts are present regarding this story. It makes for me not able to have an educated and informed opinion.

    Flying is no fun, but it sure beats the alternative.

  137. Bill Shugars

    Linda Kuehl Linda you're an ass, kids suck on a plane. Fly back from Orlando some time. And your anology is really stupid.

  138. Karen Edson-Crabaugh

    You could even chat with someone in a different part of the plane. You could also order food or drink, slide your credit card on the video unit and they would bring your order immediately! I agree…fabulous flights on Virgin America!

  139. Celeste Vaughn Brown

    When my kids were little and in-flight movies were much more common, I brought stuff for them to do, books, games, etc. Even in the mid-nineties, I brought a portable DVD player along, with appropriate movies for them to watch. They could see the personal screen better anyway, so there is really no excuse to have everyone's movie disrupted because you disapprove of the choice. There are plenty of alternatives for parents. That being said, the captain could have just insisted that the parents sit down and be quiet. I'll bet the kids had already done that.

  140. David Tirado

    what gets me is the 72 likes she got just because she said that kids shouldn't be allow on planes

  141. Diana Irwin

    There must be something in this story that I'm missing? I thought most "in-flight movies" had to have earphones/headphones to hear what was going on; and those were "rented" or at least handed out by the flight attendants (upon request — yes or no).

    Furthermore, I may be naive but, I don't believe small children would be interested in watching a movie if there was no sound. I think they would be more happy hearing a story read to them, or playing with a hand held game (like Dora or Elmo, or any of the other educational PBS characters), or even coloring in a color book if Mom and/or Dad was engaging them.

    Unfortunately we seem to becoming a society who believes the few should be considered over the many (those who think children shouldn't be allowed to fly or eat in upclass restaurants…or…. Parents who are against a PG rated in-flight movie…. or…. Smokers must being banished to the cold…. or…. WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE.) Whatever happened to common decency and courtesy. Political Correctness is starting to bend too far the opposite direction.

  142. Rebecca McKenna

    Tape an 8×10 piece of paper over the seat monitor. Done.

  143. Pete Williams

    Much ado about nothing in my book.
    You don't like the movie, don't watch it.
    You will be in Baltimore in a few hours no worse for where.
    People are losing perspective daily.

  144. Nancy Lyttle

    I just flew from Arizona to South Carolina and the annoying Movie screen was right in my face as I tried to nap. Thankfully it was able to be turned off. I don't understand why that wasn't an option.I t was a United flight as well so I don't see why they didn't just turn it off. Not everyone wants to watch the movie.

  145. Kathleen A. Niemer

    Agree about the family and the movie but you lost me on the smokers — if it were healthy, maybe but it's not and if they want to pollute their own lungs, they need to do it away from the rest of us.

  146. Schroeder Schroeder Schroeder

    They should have shown DEEP THROAT then they would have something to com-PLANE about.

  147. Steve Gerbig

    People are Jackasses, & the MORE of them that you cram into a giant flying cigar, the more likely they are to become even BIGGER jackasses… Here you have your typical whining moan-n-groaners, & your hair-trigger in-flight Nazis, so, POOF, instant "incident".. & you WONDER why I DRIVE WHEREVER I need to go.. ALL Airplanes can go crash somewhere convieniant for all I care…

  148. Anita Wills

    I was on a no frills (United), flight where there was no movie and some boring music. There were children on that flight and no one complained about what was lacking. Most important we got to our destination in one piece. On another flight they showed a movie that I did not like so I took my headphones off. You do NOT I repeat NOT have to watch the in flight movie. I always take a book or something else to keep me busy. I do not ever remember getting a choice of movies on a flight. I do see folks who bring computers and other devices to keep them entertained. That is something the parents could have checked on before boarding the plane.

  149. Amy Halterman-Chou

    We have become a nation without common sense. The parents had a very valid complaint and should not have had to have their children subjected to such a movie. My son ends up having nightmares over stuff like that. They paid a lot of money for the flight so why should they not have a say? They should show something that is appropriate for everyone or not show anything at all. Flight crews more and more are using these new powers of theirs to intimidate, and overstep people's rights. When my son was little I was told I could not bring his diaper bag on the flight, I pleaded with the male flight attendant. That bag had my son's bottles, food, and diapers. He refused me, and I was afraid to press the matter lest I get kicked off the flight. We the customers keep them in business, but this is how we are treated and bullied. These kind of issues have nothing to do with national security or flight safety, it is about the flight crew wanting to show their power. Welcome to the new nanny state, soon we will have no rights left to have taken away.

  150. Gayle Hines

    WHy would the airplane inflight movie with children on board be a thriller, I mean come on I would complain too, They should have let the kids watch it and then scream thru the whole film then how would the crew react, seems to me that the crew needs a little lesson in manners.

  151. Bartow Irby

    screw these dumbasses,,,, we cant runa world around your little whims! we inconvienced all these folks over a whining super minority! screw them! don't fly any more!

  152. Mary Jo Patt

    Well, if there is only one channel with one movie then I think it shouldn't be pg-13. I thought planes are so cheap you have to pay extra to get a headset to watch a movie. The parents should not have continued to go on and talk to the captain, especially when complaining just kept others from watching a movie if it was turned off and I don't know about anyone else, but I want the pilot to pilot the plane-not be disturbed by complainers while in flight. Stewardesses have more than one family to take care of-the family should have written the company AFTER they got off the plane or gone right in to customer service when they were ON the ground.

  153. Michael Kelly

    Thank you for flying United. Now sit down and shut up. These skies aren't so friendly anymore.

  154. Curtis Lloyd

    Umm..if it was an anonymous letter…then how does anyone know where it came from!

  155. Teresa Guewell

    It was stupid of them to complain about a two hour movie. Especially in the day and age of iPads and laptops, they could have easily diverted the kids attention with something else for that time. Why should the plane be turned upside down just to accommodate them? Also, I think there is more to the story because it was equally stupid to kick them off the plane because of it, like maybe they were disrupting the other passengers as well.

  156. Nikki Smth

    Are you kidding me? Put a blanket or something over the monitor. Problem Solved!

  157. Anonymous

    The movie wasn't the real issue here OR why they were removed from the flight.
    As a parent, I completely understand not wanting young children to watch pg-13 movies. As someone who flies frequently, I too am annoyed that you cannot turn those monitors off and that you have no say in the movie being said. However, as a person with common sense, I would understand after addressing the issue with a flight attendant, that the pilot was NOT the person to complain to. He is the person FLYING THE PLANE! THAT is his JOB and should be his ONLY focus! I do NOT want my pilot having to worry about whether or not I'm going to go ballistic over a movie! To even bring it up to the pilot was foolish! They should have expressed their disapproval to the flight attendant and, after being told that the movie could not be changed, left it at that until they could get off of the plane and complain to the company. YOU DO NOT BOTHER a pilot responsible for the lives of hundreds of people in the air with your petty issues! If the biggest thing your children will be able to say is that you allowed them to watch a PG 13 movie on a flight, then you are doing pretty good! I ABSOLUTELY agree with what the captain did! He has a job to do and someone who brings something up like that might snap and end up being a danger. I wouldn't have taken the chance either! ESPECIALLY since they complained far more than two times!
    To try to interrupt a pilot for something like this WHILE HE IS FLYING is beyond ridiculous!

  158. Anonymous

    Gary Dittamore, Stephanie's point is that it is NOT the world's issue that you don't want YOUR KID to watch or watch anything! There are NO RULES on what a parent can or cannot allow their kid to watch! It is a matter of choice and, unfortunately, you can't control what the world shows your kid – even if you want to!

  159. Jaime Ayala

    I dont know alex cross is a really bad movie!! I would have gone crazy and demanded to land immediately if they insisted In showing this terrible movie lol

  160. Mary Marshall

    I'm not a parent but I see both sides on this matter. Yet as far as the welfare of children on planes, I can't see how airlines can legally sell booze in their presence. Plenty of kids fly without a parent or guardian so the issue of an inappropriate movie seems minor if a kid is seated next to a drunk – and some flights feel like flying bars. Alaska Airlines provides personal digital movie players with many channels/options but they edit them! which drives me nuts. All airlines need to rethink their practices.

  161. Curtis Lloyd

    As long as I am not next to a screaming baby I am fine. I was pleasantly surprised how well my 18 month old took her first flight…was a very turbulent landing in Chicago and she slept…while dad was gripping the armrests waiting for the crash!

  162. Tim Reardon

    Waahhh. You, Rog, and some others sound more immature than many kids (what about meeeee?). Go home and rent it from Red Box for $1.20. I hope you're not a parent.

  163. Mary Olson

    Michelle Green Grotegeer The problems are related to adults who are big babies and who like to whine about things they should just get over. Put on your big boy panties people and find a way to survive a flight with kids on it. Good Lord.

  164. Monica Dugan

    The world is so hateful to children…We need not forget the children of today will be the future doctors and so forth real soon!

  165. Frankie Goggans

    That movie is about a sadistic serial killer and it is creepy and graphic. I can't imagine why the airline even considered it at all. Some parents don't want their children viewing such sick crap. I'm one of them. The parents were blamed for reacting to the airline's very bad judgement. The parents are not at fault. That plane contained a G audience.

  166. Anonymous

    NIOGGG CANT SHUT UP FOR NOTHIONG STOPID BAST****************************.

  167. Anonymous


  168. Tim Reardon

    Thank you, Monica! I think many of the adults commenting are being the big whiners. I know my kids would have nightmares for weeks just seeing one graphic scene. They're not wimps; they're CHILDREN, who by nature are extremely impressionable.

  169. Angela Wilkes

    First, I am the last person who wants to get stuck near a family with small children on a long flight. The problem here is the seeming over-reaction by the captain. What exactly did the family do to merit diverting the flight?

  170. Tim Reardon

    Seriously? That's just what they were trying to do!

  171. David M. Patton

    Hummm, some of these moms who are posting that kids shouldn't be subjected to PG-13 movies on a flight might want to reconsider their thinking. Kids today begin to learn all the bad words in school as early as the first grade. And now with the Internet on I-phones, I'm sure kids are pulling up horrific movie scenes on the playgeround. Wait, are kids still allowed to play on a playground at school these days? Sarah Hitchens is correct when she says, "Bring some dang books." Come on, moms, stop whining about a movie. The kids can't hear unless they are wearing head phones anyway.

  172. Bobbi Thacker

    I don't know what to say, I can see both sides here. I have four kids and children should not be subjected to inappropriate material, on the other hand alot of people don't apriciate being subjected to other ppls children due to their behavior which is also completely reasonable…yeah they should have family flights and adult only flights. that does make sense.

  173. Tim Reardon

    Perhaps they were setting a good example by teaching them that you need to speak up for yourself, especially since they paid for the flight!

  174. Tim Reardon

    Others did not pay for that flight TO watch that movie, so they shouldn't really care if it were turned off; they can rent it at home. But you can't undo horrific images in a child's mind.

  175. George Yount

    I'll bet there's more to this story, especially about how the family acted. We've read only their side of the story.

  176. Stankonia Roberts

    Perhaps airlines should carry sheets of paper and tape with which to cover monitors in cases like this.

  177. Barbara Naegeli

    Every flight I have been on has had a PG 13 movie. Get used to it or ask in advance. Better yet, don't let your kids watch the g-damn movie. I have my kids I am responsible for, I am not.
    (and airlines are not) responsible for your decision to have your kids. Get a life!

  178. Bob Stiff

    The family was Muslim and the standards for what their children can watch is different. That being true, they should have inquired ahead of time what movie was being shown…just the same as for a special meal, etc.

  179. Penny Levine

    The children weren't the ones complaining. The adults were creating a "scene" by persisting in interrupting the flight attendants while they were attempting to please a plane load of other passengers. When that interaction didn't suit them, they took their complaints to the captain who has alot more to worry about than a couple of parents who don't like the movie that's playing. Do the parents think that the entire plane load wants to see only "G" rated movies every time they fly? YES – remove the trouble-makers so next time maybe they should put up or shut up. There's absolutely nothing everyone else can do when babies cry, children scream, kick you seat, etc., etc. We put up with your kids so deal with us adults.

  180. Bev Allbright

    Why was the Airline showing a PG13 movie in the first place. You would think they would stick to G ratings just to avoid any issue. Thanks to the new laws airlines have to much power to abuse their customers and get away with it.

  181. Suzanne Root

    The parents should invest in DVD players to occupy thier children. My last in flight movie was Hitchcock. I was with my grandson and his friend on our way to Maui for spring break. They had DVD players and watched their own movies. They did not even know who Hitchcock was. DVD's are not that expensive anymore and all traveling parents with young children should have them. Problem solved!

  182. Max Farthing

    Take Southwest, no worries about the movie and you get a better price for the trip.

  183. Edna Marshall

    Airline should consider a family/children section on airplanes. Let's not subject everyone on the plane to g rated movies.

  184. Tina Grimes

    United is a horrible airlines. I sincerely recommend Virgin America when you fly. They are the best. Lots of kid movies, nice newer planes.

  185. Jana Paster

    The couple had every right to complain, even vehemently, about an inappropraite movie being shown. The crew overreacted. For those suggesting they just cover the screen, what were they supposed to do with the other 2-4 screens that were probably within view of the children? And for those of you complaining about catering to kids, which was worse – denying a movie to the passengers or making them late and/or miss their flights? The crew were the ones being childish. Decency shouldn't be exercised only when it's convenient. This arbitrary miss use of authority is a perfect example of the need to completely dismantle the TSA.

  186. Bob Napier

    I usually read on planes. I try not to sleep because my snoring sounds like a thunderstorm. I have sleep apnea.

  187. Joyce Bachman

    having read the article and the responses, there is way more to this story than the family is saying. since the age of the kids aren't given but the movie was rated pg13, I would assume (key word) that the kids were younger. solution….don't buy the earplugs and they can't hear the movie, bring other entertainment for them such as age appropriate books, crayons and paper, coloring books, sticker books etc. Pack their backpacks with their favorite things to do (within reason i.e/ no finger paints etc) and entertain your own kids. my kids always brought a special backpack with new crayons and books just for them. as adults, they still do! other people should not have to be responsible for your kids. we paid to fly too and don't need to entertain other people's kids…..already raised our own. be creative.

  188. Jan Smith

    Big whiners…try sitting near a crying ingrate it's fing annoying. We should be allowed to scream at your children if you cant shut them the F up.

  189. Sandra Dorsey

    SInce everyone is suppose to drop dead to "accommodate" everyone elses out of control brats…why bother to travel at all via plane/train/bus..Drive oneself..least that wont have to deal with brats at all..cept your own.

  190. Chris Hamm

    I was watching the NIghtmare on Elms Street when I was five. My parents taught me that it was all fake and not to take violence or language to heart. My parents knew there was no point sheltering me from what I would eventually see. They chose to teach me about right and wrong instead of learning it from the films. I eventually learned it was better to learn it this way, instead of on the street, or from peers. There are too many uptight people in this world trying to shelter their kids from everything instead of trying to teach them about it, and then you wonder why there are so many messed up youth. Educate your kids don't try to hide it from them.

    Plus hiding it will make them want to do it behind your back. Would you rather have control over it right in front of you or be in the shadow with your kid behind your back?

  191. Jamie Cadenas

    At the end of this article it said; the family hasn't yet received an apology………are you kidding? That family (parents) made a dramatic scene when they were on a flight……I agree 100% with what the Captain did. An airplane (in flight) IS NOT the place you make a big scene about a movie shown that you don't agree with! They should have waited til they landed and got off the airplane to complain or even send a letter from home. Knuckleheads!

  192. Tammy Robinson

    It is almost impossible not to see those monitors on the plane – they are placed at regular intervals for that reason. I'm fine if airline companies have "adult only" flights, but if you sell a seat to children then play an age appropriate movie.

  193. Jan Arnold

    As an adult I saw the move Seven with with Morgan Freeman who usually plays Cross. I have never gotten over that head in that box and it did not even show the head. My grown daughter would not go outside after seeing,"Kiss the Girls. No child should be watching these movies or hearing the screams of pain and torture on them. I think the parents should have complained later. But later is to late if your kid is tramatized by horror. The airlines should know better. A lot of people do not watch these movies for a good reason.

  194. Viki Bacon

    I do believe the Captain very much over-reacted! He could have talked to them, explained that there was no way to change the current movie but that he would take their complaint to his bosses and explain that the movie should be more "family friendly". He also could have told the couple that UAL would issue them a Voucher for some further travel. Taking them off the plane was way over the top; they should receive an apology from United.

  195. Karen Kronmiller

    if it happened the way the family says it happened then I would have an issue with the airline-not about the movie but about the way the airline handled the situation after the family complained. to me it was a little extreme and maybe the airline needs to make amends.

  196. Flo Roudebush

    These parents are part of the "everything centers around me, cater to me" attitude that is growing in this country. What with our politicians telling us what we can and can't eat and drink, illegals telling us we have to learn their language, fear mongers telling us what we can and can't own(guns, ammo), our freedoms are going right down the tubes. These parents could have taken several actions to distract or otherwise occupy their kids, but why do that when they can demand the entire plane cater to them….

  197. Karin Browne

    If the parents could not occupy their children enough to keep them from staring at the monitor they might have a more serious problem with discipline maybe? And why should everybody else on the plane have to adhere to their standards? (BTW – I would not describe 'Alex Cross' as riddled with 'horrific scenes' it's rated PG-13(parental guidance anyone?) for a reason…

  198. Joe Valastro

    I don't believe we were given the entire story, in my opinion. Perhaps we had obnoxious, pompous parents or flight attendants who were a bit overzealous. Oh well, in any case the parents were asked to disembark.

  199. Lisa Lynch Simon

    I'd be pissed if some idiot passengers caused my plane to be diverted. They must have been making a scene if the captain made that choice. I don't think decisions like that are made lightly.

  200. Debbi Tipton

    sarah, are you an idiot? kids will always be on planes but PG 13 movies should not be…if movies rated for older teens or adults are shown then there needs to be closed circuit monitors….there are thousands of movies that can be shown without violence / profanity and etc.

  201. Jack Sullivan

    The problem was the TV in front of them could not be turned off….why are people forced to watch flashing spinning images complete with annoying advertisements against their will? I agree with the family.

  202. Patricia Kocka

    the pilot was doing the right thing….in this day and age, unfortunately, what choice did he have? terrorists use all sorts of ploys.

  203. Rochelle Phelps

    I don't know why my rights should be infringed upon because a child is on a plane and that child's presence should determine what I am allowed to watch. I fly all the time and in the past with with daughter who was 10. I always had alternative activities and movies loaded for her to watch. The rest of the people on the plane should not lose out on what they've paid for because of the restrictions I have for my child.

  204. Mike Cobb

    Having spent a career in the air travel industry, it never ceases to amaze me how people think they have the right to behave on an airplane. Putting it bluntly… a passenger aircraft is a cattle car. You take it any way you can get it. If there's something you don't like, you take it up with the company after you reach your destination. But as long as the aircraft is in flight… you keep your darn mouth shut!

  205. Margaret Phillips

    I'm guessing the movie had violence and sex in it. The parents did not feel that their kids should be exposed to those kinds of images. I think the pilot completely over-reacted. But by the same token flights generally do have some young kids on them and it wouldn't be fair to everyone else to be stuck watching only G rated material. I think that the parents should have brought some other entertainment for their kids that they felt was appropriate. But I also think that the pilot caused a lot of problems for the other people on the flight by being unable to handle this simple conflict. Honestly I gave up on flying a couple of years ago because my experiences had become so negative between the security at the airport and the uncomfortable seats and having to get on those small planes where they move people around to distribute the weight. It's frightening. I've also heard that pilots get paid disturbingly low wages considering the fact that they have the fate of many lives in their hands.

  206. Rabiah Dawson

    First, the airlines isn't Burger King. You can't have it your way.
    The airlines pre-plan their movies. Those parents could've saw online what movies were going to be playing. Also, I'm very sure that there was a contrast button on that monitor to darken the screen. Remember the sun does cause you not to see the screen at times. Just like the peanut allergy situation. Airlines can not guarantee a peanut free environment so it's up to the parents to bring the necessary meds just in case and they should bring their own snacks.

  207. Jackie Gifford

    I am confused. How did they know the "anonymous" letter was from the family? If something is anonymous that means the author of it was not known. In addition, I don't believe for one second that the family was so innocent in all this. We all know that you can't do or even say certain things anymore on a plane. So if the parents were angry (but not shouting, etc.) but said something like "Turn off the monitors or else…" I can see where the flight attendents would have felt threatened and gone to the captain. I think everyone had a real lapse of judgement on this day.

  208. Kellie Latislaw Swartz

    I am thinking there is MUCH more missing from this article! I do find it hard to believe that the airline would divert a plane, risking all of the passengers connecting flights etc…JUST because a family complained about a movie. There has to be much more to this story. I fly often and I have been exposed to MUCH more than family complaints which did not end in removing people from the plane. On another note, I understand if these people do not want their children exposed to certain visuals however, this is the real world and this is bound to happen. Just walking from one gate to another in an airport, one can be exposed to anger, crying, violence, inappropriate physical behavior, drunkenness, oh an not to mention, nearly being run down but the little cart with the flashing light going 90 through the terminals. I would love to hear what the real story is behind this article. If, for some reason, this is completely true…that a plane was diverted and a family removed because they were annoying the flight crew and pilot, then this is an absolute atrocity and the family should be compensated with free airfair or something…oh and an apology. Also, if this is true, then maybe instead of being molested at the security checks and removing travelers water bottles and hand lotions, they should be conducting psychological testst o predict the annoying behaviors a passesnger may or may not have, then be cleared for flight.

  209. Janice Knapp Pielert

    And rightfully they shouldn't receive an apology. It is not up to the airline to make sure all the expected passengers on any given flight will like every movie shown. I've been on flights where I didn't like the move so I read a book instead.

  210. Earl Hebert

    It is amazing and disheartening to see all of the posts about how children shouldn't fly or have children only flights. It would be interesting to see how these self centered fucktards change thier point of view when and if they descide to grace/infect the earth with their devil-spawn and need to go across country quickly for a family emergency or something else. Then it will still be all about me, me, me. I say that those who complain about children on flights, go and get a set of the noise cancelling ear phones. It shouldn't be too expensive for them since they don't have to pay for any kids.

  211. Linda Mather

    Some parents have always expected others and electronic devices to assume the role of childcare providers. For them to assume an airline would turn off a movie they didn't like is absurd. I wonder what their thoughts were on the airplane food or the size of the bathroom. Take AMTRACK next time.

  212. Bobby Tennant

    anyone that sensitive or overprotective of their children should have checked what movie was being aired before ticketing their travel…without the sound , I find inflight movies easy to ignore…they were probably some right wing religious nuts…ride in your buggy and stay there…don't inconvenience the rest of the world with your God induced paranoia…

  213. Marion Lambert

    Ban all entertainment and refreshments on airlines!

  214. Andrea Holmes

    This is why we make a point of showing our son all kinds of inappropriate movies at an early age. He'd never be scared of an Alex Cross movie, but he'd probably be really bored because none of the major characters is a T. Rex…

  215. Pam Porter

    The airplane over reacted and I agree with the parents. That is not a suitable movie for everyone. We complain that parents don't take enough interest in what their children watch and when they do this happens. The airlines owes the family not only an appoligy but some sort of resitution for being kicked off. UNITED AIRLINES – you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  216. Jim Weidman

    Still ridiculous that they would divert the flight over something that trivial. How can they say there was a security risk? Laughable.

  217. Arlene McGrotty

    I agree w/Sarah……, although parents think it is cute – it not cute for a plane load of passengers to endure screaming and crying, kicking the back of your seat, brats running up and down the aisle in the way of flight attendants, slobbering all over seats that will be occupied by unsuspecting passengers on the next flight. Keep your kids at home – or leave them with someone while you travel until they are of an age where they are not an imposition on the rest of the world. It is similiarly annoying to having to listen to a parent loudly reading Dr. Seuss for 6 hours to keep a kid entertained.

  218. Karen Els

    United is the worst. How ridiculous to ground a plane because parents complain about a violent film being shown to their children. Films should frankly be rated 13 if children are on board. This captain and crew behaved terribly and they should be grounded and met by Chicago police and then fired.

  219. Karen Els

    The capitan and crew are guilty, I think, of abuse of power. They should be fired.

  220. Princess Anne


  221. Wade Wynans

    I dunno. Seems a bit over the top of the captain to me. Couldn't the stews just have held pillows over the kids faces…tightly?

  222. Joyce Soldo

    Good for United. If this family didn't want to watch that movie, then they should have read a book, magazine, or just closed their eyes and have taken naps. What is wrong with people these days that they think it is worthy of note that they cause flights to be diverted because of something they don't like. Honestly, I hope that family does not sue the airlines, and if they do, they should not receive a penny. Some people just think the whole world should bow down to them.

  223. Joyce Soldo

    Good for United. If this family didn't want to watch that movie, then they should have read a book, magazine, or just closed their eyes and have taken naps. What is wrong with people these days that they think it is worthy of note that they cause flights to be diverted because of something they don't like. Honestly, I hope that family does not sue the airlines, and if they do, they should not receive a penny. Some people just think the whole world should bow down to them.

  224. Laura J. Anderson Sell

    All the stewardess had to do was cover the monitor with a napkin…a stupid napkin. Something is missing from this story. The stewards on most flights are always helpful to families with children…par for the course. A NAPKIN, PEOPLE!

  225. Laura J. Anderson Sell

    All the stewardess had to do was cover the monitor with a napkin…a stupid napkin. Something is missing from this story. The stewards on most flights are always helpful to families with children…par for the course. A NAPKIN, PEOPLE!

  226. Peggy White

    How does complaining escalate into putting a plane down to have people escorted off? I doubt seriously the children caused the ruckus that created the incident.
    Airlines aren't required to entertain adults and/or children. No offense but I wouldn't want to watch cartoons on a cross country flight.

  227. Helen Armentrout

    this is beyond ludicrous! tell them to shut up or they will be fined for disturbing the peace. they have a right to fly, but others have the right to peace and quiet. bring stuff to keep kids and themselves occupied. this is definitely not newsworthy.

  228. Janice Mayfield

    First and foremost, everyone who boards a plane knows that there are movies shown to the passengers and every movie shown is listed in the ONBOARD MAGAZINE that can be read at any airport, boarding lobby or all the parents needed to do was ask an airport agent before the flight. These people were IDIOTS and obviously did not do their homework! They should be made to compensate anyone they inconvenienced! However, the airlines should not be playing movies that are not appropriate for ALL AGES!

  229. Jody Lapine

    I think United went way over board on their accusations. The airline should also have considered their audience, which includes children under the age of 13.

  230. Hedy Eckert

    The family should have had other means of entertainment for their kids. I have traveled many mile with many grand kids and never complained about anything. I think the airlines do a decent job of getting people safely to their destinations.This family claims that no voices were raised, but what were they saying to the crew and the pilot? How old were these "kids" I do not think that the airline should have to apologize, when you are on their ship they make the calls. The rules in your home are not the rules in the air.

  231. Patricia Bealin

    So sorry you had to engage your children and be a parent for@1 1/2 hours. I wasn't there, so I don't know how much of a ruckus you caused, or if the Captain over-reacted, but I do know that engaging your children for a bit isn't something you should be complaining about.

  232. JenLynn Lasat

    As a parent of a child who has traveled internationally since she was 7 weeks (close to 7 years now) I get offended at those who generalize about rude kids on the plane. My Daughter will sit and watch her iPad, color, play, or read and not really disturb anyone on the plane. I have gotten hundreds of compliments getting off the plane (both domestic and international) about how they did not even notice her in the plane.

    I agree with United. You can check their website to see what movie is playing and it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child is doing what they agree with.

    Parents need to step up and realize that they cannot shelter their child forever, they choose to use 'public transportation' they need to live with what is offered and available. Would they complain because they were serving beer to those who bought it? or because their children did not like the snacks that they could buy on that flight?

  233. Sherry Garner Busby

    It sounds like the captain over reacted. They weren't disturbing anyone with their complaints, if the story is being told correctly. The captain caused upset and problems for that family and everyone who was on that plane. He didn't use any common sense. That being said, there are a lot of people who have no common sense.

  234. Lynn Easton

    PG-13 movies with screens that cannot be turned off, on a plane carrying all age, and some that just do not want to watch that type of movie is behind the times.

  235. Frankie Fullerton

    As usual with such stories, I guarantee you there's more to it than this. I don't believe a family made an innocuous request to have the movie stopped, and as a result, the captain made the decision to divert the plane and make an unscheduled stop. There is more to it, but as usual, these Internet "journalists" are too lazy or are just too incompetent to truly investigate the story. Parents say "please turn off this movie," to which pilot responds "we're going to divert and land." Right.

  236. Lori Tierney

    I for one do not like to watch movies on a plane. I read, do puzzles, and sleep. If I were to watch a movie I would like to be able to pick out the one that interest me. Some Adults like me like PG 13. Violence, sex, and b ad language have no place in my life. If you like these great it is America But do not submit me to this kind of stuff.

  237. Paul Martin

    after reading some of these replies I now no why this country is in so much trouble if your kids were in there room watching this movie u woundnt no.

  238. Zach Swanson

    I'm only seeing the family's version so I'm sure it wasn't as "civil" as they are leading us to believe. I highly doubt they would divert the plane for no good reason. I'm not sure they were in any danger, but I'm sure they made the right decision.

  239. Betsy Doro

    Everyone seems to have lost sight of what this is about. This family has every right to take a flight with their children as long as they have paid for the flight, however, they were stuck on this flight with no say about what their kids would be exposed to. I don't blame them for being upset. I also think that there is more to this story then we have heard. I am sure those monitors could have been turned off or covered. All the other comments seem so concerned with how to entertain the children. Relax, kids can entertain themselves and it isn't everyone else's responsiblity.

  240. Gina Martini Caminiti

    I wouldn't be thrilled about the movie either, but the airlines have MUCH bigger concerns than the in-flight movie. Be prepared and come with your own portable dvd player and headphones!

  241. Cindy Sleeth Mudrick

    I don't think this article tells the whole story. If the family was calm like they say they were they would not have been kicked off of the plane. Geez, what ever happened to journalism?

  242. Judy Thurman

    the rest of the world is not responsible for your offspring. You had them, you take care of them.

  243. Pat Heiser

    How about flights for adults and children only then? Throw a blanket over the screen, make adjustments. Geez. The world is not made to cater to your kids. BTW – I have flown many times with some kid kicking my seat, and I have told the parent, and the parent usually shrugs their shoulders and does nothing. It's my flight too. I love kids. Well behaved kids, with manners and social skills. That seems to be lacking today.

  244. Joan Tole

    way TOO much violence and etc, is taken for granted these days! I don't want to watch this kind of crap either!

  245. Teya King

    Flights should be separated. Adults-only flights, and flights for families (with appropriate family movies). Everyone wins.

  246. Jan Fish-Brown

    These passengers paid full fare for their tickets, this was an entirely domestic flight, movies are rated PG-13 for a reason. If United or any other airline wants to play PG-13 or R rated movies, than they have a responsibility to forewarn the customer of this possibility before they accept the customers money. The rules are different for international flights that originate outside of the US, but Denver and Baltimore are totally within the US as far as I know. The Captain should be reprimanded and whoever selects the movies for these flights needs additional training in selecting appropriate material to air to a captive audience who have no way of selecting more appropriate viewing material.

  247. Timothy Sexton

    Maybe they should have asked for some blinders and earplugs for themselves and there children. Obviously the other passengers were inconvienced by this families complaints. If any of the other passengers had a problem with the movie then they would also have said something. So as far as an apology maybe it should come from this family to the rest of the passengers on this flight.

  248. Shaun KellySr

    Doesn't PG mean parental guidance? In this day and age of political correctness the parents have the right have it turned off. Minority rules turn the movie off their monitor! Play mickey mouse cartoons for pete's sake!

  249. Gina Preziosi

    Flying isn't a right. Like it or not, its a privilege. Attention parents: No one finds your children as special as you do. So that being said, please don't expect everyone to cater to them. That's your job. Once you found out there was no way for the flight attendants to shut of your screens off, would it have been such a challenge for you to distract your kids attention away from them? There is no sound unless they are wearing headphones, so how hard could it be. Does it mean more work for you? Absolutely. Welcome to parenthood. It goes with the job.

  250. Whitney Brown

    I can't believe what has happened to education in this country. So few know how to spell or write a sentence in English these days. Sigh…

  251. Anonymous

    Sounds like the parents didn't really want to entertain their kids so they wouldn't see the movie. I think its just a case of these lazy parents wanting the time to themselves rather than doing their job! TENDING TO THE KIDS! In this day and age if I were the captain , I wouldve done the same thing, not happy on my plane? Then get off , I don't need to hear you or your kids whining!

  252. Rita P. Hestand

    I would think the picture sound could be turned off and if there was a real problem with these people, they could switch seats with others so as not to bother anyone. Common sense sometimes saves a situation like this. The customer had the right to complain if they did it in the correct manner, and if they did not disturb others as they were doing it. However, by making a huge issue of it, they probably called more attention to the movie for the children than if they had simply just ignored the movie. Movies are for the pleasure of the passenger and are usually a calming type of thing for passengers who are scared to fly. So I think they have a definite benefit to fligiht. If you don't want to watch one, you don't have to. I think the pilot might have over-reacted or the passengers had to have been way out of order for this to happen.Or both. I don't want to fly anymore, I just simply don't know how to do it any longer. Going through such rigid inspections, having such turmoil over a movie, I'll drive thanks!

  253. Drago N Hide

    There has to be more to the story…. This would cost thousands of dollars in scheduling snafu and associated costs with diverting the flight to land to kick them off.. OMG.. wow. I can't imagine any captain making that decision lightly.. (My Dad is an retired airline captain of 35+ years… but then again, I can also imagine him landing the plane to kick me and my brother off for squabbling and fighting)

  254. Dawn Yoder Holycross

    If there are any children on the plane who are 13 years or older, a PG 13 movie SHOULD NOT be shown. That's the reason for the rating system. Show a rated G or PG movie that everyone can enjoy. I think the parents did the right thing by complaining to the flight attendants and then to the captain. They paid full price for their children's seats, just like every other passenger. I am the mom to three young children and there is NO WAY I would want them to be exposed to a PG 13 movie like the one that has been described.

  255. Gene Michaels

    If movies are repulsive to parents, they should inquire as to what is playing on their flight, if not satisfactory they should take another flight. There were +/-200 other people without complaints. Or they could have hung towels over the Monitors at their seat and keep their children busy! Alternative go Greyhound "Leave the driving to us".

  256. Leslie Jester

    They could have checked to see what movie was showing. Once on the plane they should have kept their mouths shut. They drew more attention to the movie in their actions and probably where the children would have just brushed it off now the parent have ingrained it in their minds.

  257. Jenny Carpenter-Teeter

    No, the pilot did the right thing. The movies shown are for everyone, and nobody has the right to attempt to force changes mid air because they don't like something. You never know how people are going to react today and when the family continued to harass there would be reason for concern that the mother/father would lose it control. There was a responsibility to all other paying customers. Next time the family needs to check the movie out ahead of time. The family owes the airline an apology.

  258. Carole Miller

    I think it was wrong to have such a movie on a plane where there are children. United was wrong in that aspect. As to should they have been kicked off…no…they were not a threat. That was wrong. But on the other hand children some times become very noisy and parents just ignore them and they feel they are not inconvenincing others. I think diverting a plane was a bit harsh. Those monitors should be able to be turned off at any time. Bad choice in movies folks.

  259. Michael McVey

    These airlines treat you all like cattle and you take it…I'm 65 and can remember when part of the pleasure of going somewhere included the plane more. I look forward to the airlines charging each seat occupant to view their movies on personal glasses worn by the individual…with ear plugs. That way the rest of us, who don't care to see murders en route to Hawaii, can get some rest.

  260. Judy Gaboury

    Why would they show a pg 13 movie with small children on board?

  261. Norman Oneil Green

    Sorry but there are many many sides to every story. All we heard was one. This whole affair does not add up using only the information available. I bet the piolets story is 180 degrees opposite.

  262. Janet Garnett

    I always thought movies had to be of a PG or other family friendly rating to be shown to a "captive audience". And again, I guess violence and shootings outweigh persons being shown suck-slurping out of each other's face and licking out of each others' mouths like dogs always before they know each other's names good! I just may have been booted off that plane too.

  263. Donald W. Grab

    I think the captain should have warned the parents what would happen if they didn't shut up. now I see law suites arriving, not just from the ignorant parents but also from passengers who missed there connecting flights.

  264. Nancy Petersen

    Its pretty easy, just read a book and don't bother with the movie.

  265. Donna Tarnef Pitzorella

    stupid people make stupid comments,, the airline should show family friendly movies,,, they pay to board the plane,, and children are usually accompanied by their parents,, they have every right to a comfortable flight,, this issue could have been settled by changing the movie,, who wants to watch a horror flick anyway,, i'm for the family.

  266. Robin Sitler Byrnes

    The pilots and the crew were definitely in the wrong and overreacted, probably out of annoyance at the father and his complaining. When told that the monitors couldn't be turned off he should have continued "distracting" his children from the "horrible images" on the movie monitor instead of wasting his time CONTINUING to complain. AFTER his flight was over he then could have taken it up with the airlines. He was as guilty as the pilots and crew of compounding the incident. And I am sure Ms. Hitchens is just trying to get things stirred up and dialogue started, because no one is THAT stupid…

  267. Kariema Smith

    I have seen some pg-13 movies that I would not let my 15 year old watch. The responsibility should have been with the airline to provide "family friendly" movies. Most people are understanding of this. Would I allow an eight year old to watch Alex Cross, no, but I take parenting seriously, and part of that is protecting your child from images that are not age appropriate. The parents had the right to intercede on their children's behalf and not be considered a threat. As a consumer you have the right to speak in real time. The airline should have used common sense in this matter and did not. After many years of showing movies, the airline should know not everyone wants to watch the airlines selection in movies and should have the option to turn off the monitor in front of them. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. Shame on them. Guess who will not be flying United again…

  268. Loretta Smith

    Apparently not everyone read the whole story because it states they did divert the children's attention to something else. I think the airline staff overreacted just a little on this one.
    "The flight continued without incident, while my wife and I engaged our children to divert their attention from the horrific scenes on the movie screens.”.

  269. Mark Losben

    Sarah, yes. Tiffany, no. Linda, for sure NO! 1-Don't think the kids paid ANY fare much less full fare unless they are child actors. 2- Unfortunately cigarette smoking is not allowed on planes for like 20 years now..and the air quality in the planes have gone WAY down. 3- Misbehaving kids and lousy parents are the reason some 5 or 7 year old kicked the back of my seat of 5 hours straight on a flight to Atlanta, and at the end of the flight the mother congratulated them on what fine passengers they were. Are you frickin' kidding me? And Linda, why do you say smokers are hygiene deficient and when is the last time they blew smoke in your face (not that you don't deserve it)? You are the sick one. Sarah's a goddess.

  270. Donna Holland

    Parents were right to complain about movie. Parents were right to expect a seat that was paid for and intended for a child to be accommodating to that child. It's not like it was a FREE seat! They certainly overreacted by bringing it to the captain of all people.It could have been handled by a customer service call rather than in mid air but they were right. They should have had the option to turn it off.

  271. Gypsy Rides

    Kids on a flight annoy the hell out of me. What is with these people who think that using their kids as a reason to get their way, and they probably raise hell when their children are corrected at school too. If they were annoying the plane full of passengers with their mouth, and would not shut up, someone should have SHUT them up~@Linda-RU serious? If someone sits next to a smoker and does not move than you are just plain addled in the head which was my first thought when I saw your post. PS I hate BRATS. Kids are taught to expect everything they want and so are the parents. Both need a good switching~ :)

  272. Tim Howard

    Sorry, I do not know who Alex Cross is or how violent he really is. This story, as reported is a little over the top. I think there is more here than we know. A flight is not diverted unless there is a real passenger threat of terror or misconduct. More here than we know. Videos can not be switched off, it is all or none. Once told, the family should have respected the flight attendants word that nothing can be done, end of issue.

  273. Ann Trede Minadeo

    The article states the FBI immediately determined there was no risk to the people. Captain made a stupid call. People missed their connections. The movie was not appropriate for all passengers. Boo United. Can they cram any more seats on UA flights? Since 9/11 passengers are being treated like crap. Bad service!!!

  274. Ann Trede Minadeo

    The article states the FBI immediately determined there was no risk to the people. Captain made a stupid call. People missed their connections. The movie was not appropriate for all passengers. Boo United. Can they cram any more seats on UA flights? Since 9/11 passengers are being treated like crap. Bad service!!!

  275. Candace Pink

    The parents obviously did not like the movie they had on for thier kids…and that is why they wanted a new one on. For the plane to stop them and say they felt everyone was in grave danger was a total waist of everyones time…and money! I'm sure the crew and pilots enjoyed all that overtime pay though!

  276. Linda Petrucci Kimsey

    I just returned from a trip to Italy with my family and my 9 month old great grandson.. He was a perfect angel, very quiet, and the monitors behind the seats could be turned off, or you could pick one of several movies to watch.. no need for these kids to watch a movie that the parents didn't like.

  277. Joe LaDuca

    Parents should have control over what movies their children are subject to. Unmedicated flight attendants could have come up with something ingenious… Like taping a cover over the tiny screen? smh

  278. Ben Fyfe

    Need to hear the other side of the story. Would be cool to get the other passengers views on the incident.

  279. William Ingramm

    This should have been such a none issue. First: They don't just blast the sound throughout the cabin, earphones must be worn for sound. Second: even if monitor can't be turned off it's as simple as dimming the screen or placing something over it OR perhaps giving your children something else to focus on.

    This is nothing more than snooty parents thinking the entire world should bow what they want…reminds me of the time in Germany when an American mother incessantly complained to the gas station attendant because the titty magazines were on the shelf and her son saw them…this mother literally thought the entire country of Germany should change to match her own precious proclivities.

  280. Dakota Home Furnishings

    I know, lets inconvenience over 100 people so your little twirps can be entertained "properly". Self entitled douche bags.

  281. Kelly Moseley Eisen

    Have lots of airline and pilot friends. They can be touchy because of all of the passengers who are truly pains in the @$$. Some people make unbelievable demands, but I don't think I'd be too happy about buying tickets for a long flight, and have nowhere to turn my children away from the movie scenes right in their faces. FAs could have moved them further away from the monitors. They wouldn't have been exposed to the sound unless they had headphones on.

  282. Linda Petrucci Kimsey

    btw, try Scandanavian Airlines SAS.. they have seats that can be reclined particlaly, and individual monitors.. surprised that United does not

  283. Diana Cornwell

    prob more to this story but my gawd people must you turn everything to to a racial battle or insults. not saying cater to the kids but geeze a little more control over what they watch as well as other things isn't such a bad idea. way to much hate in this world and to direct it towards children is just sick. not one of you is the "perfect parent". to each there own. we all have the right to decide what we want our children to experience in life if it is in our control. seems there is always someone unhappy about something. guess what, the world does not revolve around you and how you think things should be. make adjustments and accomidations in life as you seem fit but quit judging others for not being in your realm of reality. and for the love of god (or whoever you worship) quit turning everything into political, racial, sexist or opinionated nonsense. stick to the story at hand.

  284. Amelia Sivadon

    I do think that the parents wee ridiculous, but I also think that this was a major overreaction by the pilot who was obviously just showing off his power…

  285. John P. McCormick

    If they would have done what they eventually did with their children to entertain them (and not complain) everything would have been just fine. It is not the airlines business to please everyone, so just shut up and ride it out. You know that all the passengers who missed connections blamed you, so next time think – you think?

  286. Heather Hyden

    I have never seen an alex cross movie so i cant argue that point.. But it is messed up kickikng them off like that.. Like the fbi had pointed out.. they were not a danger to anyone..

  287. Paula Qualls Gurley

    If the movie indeed could not be turned off, then the pilot should have told these parents that and to take it up with the airline. The could have thrown a sweater or towel over the screen and Mom and Dad could have engaged their own children and kept them occupied. Landing the plane, putting them off and making other flyers miss their flights was idiotic. Lots of stupid decisions in this story. As a mother of 3, I didn't expect the world to cater to my children…….it was my job to see that they got what they needed and to shield them for what they didn't. I raised my kids and I don't care to raise yours.

  288. Ken Daly

    don't like the movie? cover the monitor with a towel…youre not on the plane for the movie, youre on the plane to get somewhere…maybe youd find a bus trip more to your liking.

  289. Allyson Harris

    I agree that something is missing from this story – either the parents were truly belligerent and threatening, and therefore the pilot felt justified in having the family removed, OR, the pilot and crew were over-reacting. That being said, it does sound from the article that the family did indeed try to distract the children from watching the scenes on the monitor. I have to agree that it doesn't seem that airlines put any real thought whatsoever as to what movies they show with there are no individual monitors or individual choices. It seems they slap any old thing on. Let's just say this – you're not on the plane to see a movie, you are on a plane to travel from one destination to another. So they throw a movie on…the least the airlines could do is make sure it is a movie that is appropriate for a general audience. Hell, there are a bunch of Disney movies that could be shown, for example. I don't think it's necessarily a good idea to have shoot-em-up action thrillers with violence and sex scenes shown on a plane where they are all age groups present. The plane was obviously still in US airspace, and there are rules and regulations as to what can be shown to what age group in the US. Airlines should be held to those same standards.

  290. Neva Sue Comer

    My small grandchildren have traveled by air many times and their parents take advantage of all the things available now to entertain them. They each have their own little DVD player and whenever a trip comes up they each get a brand new movie to watch on the trip. They also have little hand held games and of course activity books. With a little planning parents can make a trip pleasant for all. When our children were small we bought new books and little games to be played on trips and even without all the tech toys of today, we kept them entertained at all ages.

  291. Dave Vikan

    there's limited information to make a real judgement but i would say that was a gross over reaction to a situation, why do they have to put these movies on anyway? can't people survive reading a book or listening to their headphones, maybe have a conversation or sit in contemplation or have a short nap, give the movies a rest

  292. Michelle Zahrte

    If you want a kid free flight but a plane, crotchety old grouchy people. Public transportation is for the public. Next you want kids off busses and trains too.

  293. Sally Leonard Gorsuch

    Simple question – A movie theater would get in trouble for letting young kids in to watch a PG13 movie – why doesn't that same law apply here? It isn't an open space where the parents could just walk away. This is a specific enclosed place that they paid for tickets to get in to. If their objections were orderly and quiet, then yes I think the Captain overreacted.

  294. Julia Thurlow

    If the movie was PG-13 and their children were under 13, the plane should not have been showing the movie. They would know whether or not little kids would be there. They don't have to show a kid flick but they could show some kind of comedy or something. If these parents objected to letting their children watch the movie at home, they shouldn't be forced to let their children watch it in a public place. You don't see McDonald's showing horror, r-rated or even PG-13 on their big screens in the restaurants because they are aware little kids will be exposed to it. I think the airline should have taken better precautions because even a little kid is a customer and should be respected as such.

  295. Debs Tytler

    Well…as thats my job , i think the captain over reacted ….We have had similar situations, and you talk to the family or parent in private in the galley and calm things down. Sometimes the films could be deemed as not suitable for children…In school holiday seasons, we show mainly family films as you expect lots of kids travelling..out of season, well…you expect some adult entertainment. Most families now have ipads or dvd players with kids films loaded for their families…this has never been a major problem with is in my 19 odd years. I do think the crew were not very good on this flt….and diverting a plane cos of this is downright stupid..The capt has dan gone lost the plot in my professional opinion .

  296. Jamie Small

    Ok first off this movie is PG-13. Not rated R. And although it would be nice if you could change some screens to cartoons for kids majority of passengers are not kids who want to watch SHREK. Im sure they could have found something else to keep theor children occupied during the movie. And if the flight attendant couldn't help why go to the pilot? They are flying a plane not working sound and video. They may havr been calm in their efforts but could have been irritating the other passengers with their complaints. Better yo get rid of them before other passengers get out of control.

  297. Marilyn Armstrong Sharum

    You cannot expect a movie that eveyone on the plane is watching to be turned off just to satisfy a few people. I all the people had complained then that would have been a different story. There are ways to distract children if you do not want them to see something; just as other passengers said they did with their kids. However, I think that the Captain should have just kept to his schedule and offered the family a bag to put over their heads if they could not find another way to distract their kids. This is the most rediculous thing to be arguing about with all the problems in the world today. People need to grow up and think about what they are doing before they do it. They were not the only ones on the plane; they should not get special treatment.

  298. Julie Garcia

    How about this. People are aware there are inflight movies on the plane. If they are so worried about what movie will be showing then they have choices. The airline has an in flight magazine that lists what movies will be playing. The parents can research before making the reservation. Or they can pick a plane that has the monitors on the seat backs. They have a choice to turn it on or off. The parents need to be the responsible party here in their choices.

  299. Pinokee Nass

    I am sure there is more to this than what was reported it. The captain will not divert a plane just like that as it's very expensive for airlines to do so. I'm very sure there's more to this.

  300. Ron Crock Jr

    If there are PG-13 movies on a flight, do not take the flight if you cannot parent your own kid about what to watch. Airlines are not responsible for censorship for your kid. YOU are. Cover the screen, bring a book, talk to your own kid, bring a portable DVD player, bring a game, etc…………………

  301. Richard Ackley

    If you personally don't want to watch the crappy movies they offer on the plane, then cover up the seat-back viewscreen so you won't see it. Or if its a hanging screen, just listen to music and/or read or play games with your kids to distract them. Why should the entire plane turn the movie OFF to please you or anyone else? You're an adult act like one.

    On the otherhand, United diverting to another airport to throw you off the plane was extreme and inconvenienced all the passengers, cost THOUSANDS of dollar in fuel, airport fees, security and police fees and lost connections to name a few. Was it worth it over a movie complaint. I doubt it very much. Shame on you United Airlines.

  302. Wendell Seals

    I almost got kicked off an American Airlines flight because I wanted to change seats ( Because the lady across the aisle was coughing and not covering it up ).The FA let one passenger move but told me to sit down when I raised my voice and threatened to have me removed. Gotta watch what you do and say on a flight.

  303. Eva Mae Earley

    A quoted synopsis of the movie in question: "A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled serial killer who specializes in torture and pain". NOW, would you truly want YOUR children to view this? NO ONE SHOULD BE FORCED TO VIEW ANYTHING THEY DO NOT WISH TO VIEW! People, are you paying attention to what is happening all around the world. Do you see or read any of the occurrences in any form of the media? And, further, was this family given a flight on to Baltimore on which their children did NOT have to view something so horrible? In-flight movies should be G-rated on ALL flights.

  304. Dave Sechrist

    What kid goes ANYWHERE without earbuds, I-phones, games, or some type of electronic device? Throw something over the screen! I haven't been on a flight with free movies! there is more to this story than the family said. Put the family on the "No Fly List".

  305. Charles McCardle

    The airlines needs to use only movies that are appropriate for children also when children are aboard the plane. If they can not manage that then notify the parent before the flight takes off that they should seek another flight. No adult anywhere for any reason should be showing children inappropriate material. Common sense!

  306. Donna Young

    They should just be glad they got a movie. The last time we flew United the booklet said we would get one, but there was none, then they limited our food purchases because they didn't put enough on board.

  307. Karen Miller

    I feel like the family was done wrong by the airlines. Complaining as such without harsh or loud words how is this to be considered grave danger to anyone. Think about it the movies might have been more dangerous than the family.

  308. Pete Griffis


  309. Henry Zieman

    The family was justified! A family should not be forced to endure United Airlines selected PG-13 materials if the family does not subscribe to watching such movies! The airline and the pilot basically did not do the right thing, and diverting a plane about what movies should or should not be shown is a bit petty!

  310. Barry Sappington

    The parents had every right to screen what their children were watching. They could have done this in several ways. They could have just covered up the screen and not allowed them to watch, or they could have turned the volume down to zero and occupied the children with something else, diverting their attention from the screen. The inflight movies are for the entertainment of the passengers. You don't have to watch it if you choose not to. The captain did over react and it makes the airline look less then competent. They might not have been able to turn off the screen, but the flight attendant could have suggested covering it up instead of notifying the captain that they had a security risk. I understand completely how the parents felt about the movie, I myself don't allow my children to watch movies such this, but I also know that it is ultimately up to me to protect them from harmful things and the world does not revolve around that.

  311. Denise Jones

    Yes the captain over reacted but what did the parents want them to do turn on Disney Jr.

  312. Beverlee Nelson

    Are movies listed on reservation sites? If not, perhaps airlines will have to do that now. Kids do not rule no matter what most parents think. Adults are not interested in watching "Hello Kitty"! Parents: Get a grip…cover your set monitors, detach the ear buds, read or play games.

  313. Suzi Elleray Daugherty

    Am I the ONLY one who is wondering why no one just tapped a piece of paper over the monitors? Problem solved…

  314. Ron Smith

    They DIVERTED the flight because of a complaining passenger? Wow I wont be flying United anytime soon.

  315. RobertTop Thomas

    The parents might have been a little too insistent or unprepared to entertain the kids, but the airline was wrong here. Why is it so important to play a movie anyway? If the captain had asked the passengers whether they wanted the family off, causing delays, or just change or turn off the movie, they would have answered to keep flying. The airline will probably be sued, as they should be.

  316. Suzy Bing

    its fun to think that they are the only ones on the plane. are you kidding me?? god i hate people and i hate flying too. this is why its a good idea to make sure i got xanax.

  317. Jenn Stroup

    When a kid tries to see a rated R movie, they are asked for ID to prove they are old enough. The ratings are in place for a reason. The airline needs to keep movies ratings at G or PG only. Plenty of adults do not want to watch violence or sex either. There are lots of movies that are NOT animated, which would fit these guidelines.

  318. Suzy Bing

    IM OFFENDED!!!!!!! they shouldnt have landed.. just open the hatch and heres some parachutes. this is where offendded gets you people

  319. Pamela Frazier

    If someone is so worried about what movies their kids watch shouldn't they check it out before getting on a plan? if you don't like the movies one airline is playing take another airline.

  320. Judith Randall

    I think anyone who makes any kind of disturbance, whether it's loud and threatening or not, should be dealt with as soon as possible and in any way necessary to protect the other passengers. People on a plane are the most vulerable of all, and their safety should be #1 priority. Period. The idea that a family would complain about something as trivial as the movie being shown, indicates to me, their collective arrogance and how their wants are always paramount. I hope they are embarrassed by their actions, but it's unlikely.

  321. Doug Pharaoh

    No one, especially children, should be forced to watch a violent movie. The monitors should have been able to be turned off. That is United's fault. When it was explained that they could not be turned off.
    , then they should have placed a towel over the screen and turned the sound off. To put the family off was way over reacting. United should apologize.

  322. Edward Polak

    I've flown United and had an incident. I felt like I was engaged with SS storm troopers. They have complete control and they let you know it. Won't ever fly United agin. Not that my little boycott matters!

  323. Kiki Metzler

    sarah hbitchens, if you were a child would I allow you on my airplane? hmmm. are you a person who doesn't like kids? you know, I happen to have a giant english mastiff who is a more handsome beast than yours shown in your picture box… unless that is you, in which case its' too bad that I love dogs so much 'cause he is a nice lookin pup…again, unless that's a picture of YOU. do dogs get to fly on planes? only in a scary place unfortunately, hey, that's where we can stow the kids! and you can join them!

  324. Debbie DeLaney Cunningham

    Did the Captain overreact? Uhhhhhh…. yes.

  325. Susan Miltimore

    its pretty hard to miss the movie playing on a big screen…and depending on the film, some PG13 movies are quite violent and filled with bad language. I would not want a young child to see it, however, on the other hand, some parents take young kids to see R rated movies. I do think a pg13 movie is a little much for a captive audience. the family did not choose to show this film to their children. there are plenty of G and PG movies out there that are not as bad that could have been shown.

  326. Jocelyn Tillson

    Wouldn't it have been simpler to change the movie (I'd like to think the airline had more than one choice on hand) or not show a movie at all than to interrupt a flight with so many other passengers on board? Like others have said, there HAS to be more to this story.

  327. Raven Catherine Feher

    Obviously, this obnoxious family is angling for a lawsuit. No one is forced to watch and on-flight movie. In fact, in many domestic flights, you pay for headphones. These parents are a couple of (to use a good Texas expression) "Whineybutts." Likely raising a brood of future wbs…

  328. Paul Toomey

    What was the movie Deep Throat does Dallas? It's understood that some movies are not for children of a certain age. If the parents were concerned they should've had alternate distractions for the kids.

  329. Jim Mckiven

    I am split on this issue. The parents could of used a variety of alternative things for the kids but how big of a puss was the capt for diverting and calling the FBI.I am sure that the family was not that big of a threat.Sounds to me like some pilot panicked a little bit there.

  330. Jocelyn Tillson

    I would like to believe as others have stated, that there is more to this story than has been reported. To interrupt a flight over someone complaining about a movie, with so many other passengers onboard – well period – is not a small matter.

  331. Tammi Wright-Stits

    I read that story. The whole thing is such an outrage.

  332. Donna Guerrero Otero

    Wow! Some shocking comments. A airplane, which carries all ages, should be family friendly. Not all parents allow their children to watch movies that are scary or introduce scenes that are offensive. The Pilot was definitely in the wrong to divert the flight which resulted in other passengers being inconvenienced. Was the pilot drunk? Or under the influence of alcohol which can cause him to make bad judgments? Whatever the case, the movie was offensive to the. family. A very stupid move by the pilot. Fifty years ago a lot of people would be offended by the movies shown today and the parents who allow their children to watch them. But then again, we are living in a society of disrespectful, violent children who because of the entertainment they see today are just waiting for the opportunity to lash out when the time is right.

  333. Heath Phillips

    So everyone in the plane should not watch the movie because you don't want your kids watching? Ask for some paper to cover the screen. Make a small adjustment so everyone else can enjoy the movie.

  334. Jessica Garrett

    Really! this almost seems made up! Really bizaar and a waste of airline fuel and peoples time!!

  335. Devorah Pearson

    not everything needs to be geared toward children…bring them their stupid game boys, a book to read..
    something for them to do besides watch a movie that is geared toward the general public…I don't want a kids movie playing when I fly…they are not the center of our universe…remember when our parents believed kids should be seen & not heard!

  336. Martha Long

    What about checking what movie was playing before deciding to book that flt with small children?

  337. Karen Wolfe

    what a wonderful lovely family movie the airlines chose to entertain their passengers with..and we keep wondering why our kids get so violent.

  338. Eric Lipusz

    I was on this flight and the parents were completely out of line, they made a loud and disturbing scene over the movie it wasnt called for.

  339. Jeannie Iannaci

    I think there's more to the story than a minor complaint.

  340. Joan Campbell

    I bet there is more to this story than the family is admitting to. I've been on flights where people are arrogant and disruptive to everyone around them and they just don't give a damn about the crew or anyone but themselves.

  341. Kelly D. Osburn

    It's more and more of the same crap I hear every day, how a few people want special rights and want everyone else to be forced to change to make them happy. I'm sure the mom could have asked for a blanket, put it over the flipping monitor, and given her children a different activity to keep them occupied. And if she didn't BRING something to keep her children occupied, then shame on HER. For the captain to react the way he did, by diverting the plane, something else was going on here that hasn't come to light yet. Seriously.

  342. Andrea Hall Cunningham

    Honestly, I don't know how that movie received a PG13 rating! I would have seriously thought it'd be an R. It seems a little over the top to show as the in flight movie when you know kids will be watching. But, I also think the captain was a tad over reactive.

  343. LilJon-Alphonso Brian-Charles

    Uhhh, either the parents or the Flight Attendants could/should have COVERED the screen, Tell the the kids NOT to watch the SCREEN (Who's the parent), BRING A BOOK for them to read, etc….Lot's of things the Parents could have done, 1st!

    All passengers are given as set of ear phones for Audio quality. No one forces you to hear the movie. All they had to do was get some TAPE , some PAPER and TAPE OVER the screen so that the kids didn't have to view the "horrific" murder scenes.

    Also, Kids are minors and are allowed to fly for free at a certain age. Uhhhh, if it's free, sit down, be quiet, and be grateful. If not free, You paid for it and should have been responsible enough to find out "what is the movie being played on the flight…before take off…OHHHH, you didn't do that…well, too bad.

    I am quite sure that these, "SHELTERED" kids are exposed to an array of things in their home, like the (maybe) parents fighting, school violence, their own form of television that is FILLED with violence, mind tampering suggestive verbiage, etc.

    The bottom line is, that You have to recognize that since 911, that ANY continual outburst, ESPECIALLY if you are found to CONFRONT the Captain and his crew will be seen and "interpreted" as a "Security" issue and will cause YOU that/the passenger to be the REASON why the other "FULL PLANE OF PASSENGERS" divert to another location and "….miss their connections!"

    The KIDS will surely survive an 1.5 hour movie compared to an ENTIRE LIFETIME OF VIOLENCE that awaits them….So, Stop acting like the "kids", parents, and wake up and BE a MATURE adult. It will GET EVEN WORSE than better so you better get ready!

  344. Sharon Kirk

    Society has become crass and vulgar and too many parents don't care if their child is jaded by the time he turns 10…while some people who still try to maintain decency and the raising of healthy children apparently are given the boot because they don't conform to the sick and twisted ways of the modern world. What a shame. Shame on United Airlines and it's idiot pilot. When are childrens' psyche's going to be important? Why is it only adult themes are everywhere? On the airplane…they had no choice but to be subjected to content they couldn't control. If they are going to show movies that EVERYONE can view….PG-13 is not for kids. Kids are passengers too. They need to be protected. If the adults don't like it…then shame on them. How selfish and hedonistic we've become…at the expense of our children. Some of the other comments here leave me disgusted and I'm sure most will consider me a "goody-two-shoes". All I can say is they are the perfect example of why the children need to be protected. Look how they turned out. Jaded, insensitive, arrogant and stupid.

  345. Sharon Kirk

    Society has become crass and vulgar and too many parents don't care if their child is jaded by the time he turns 10…while some people who still try to maintain decency and the raising of healthy children apparently are given the boot because they don't conform to the sick and twisted ways of the modern world. What a shame. Shame on United Airlines and it's idiot pilot. When are childrens' psyche's going to be important? Why is it only adult themes are everywhere? On the airplane…they had no choice but to be subjected to content they couldn't control. If they are going to show movies that EVERYONE can view….PG-13 is not for kids. Kids are passengers too. They need to be protected. If the adults don't like it…then shame on them. How selfish and hedonistic we've become…at the expense of our children. Some of the other comments here leave me disgusted and I'm sure most will consider me a "goody-two-shoes". All I can say is they are the perfect example of why the children need to be protected. Look how they turned out. Jaded, insensitive, arrogant and stupid.

  346. Sharon Kirk

    Society has become crass and vulgar and too many parents don't care if their child is jaded by the time he turns 10…while some people who still try to maintain decency and the raising of healthy children apparently are given the boot because they don't conform to the sick and twisted ways of the modern world. What a shame. Shame on United Airlines and it's idiot pilot. When are childrens' psyche's going to be important? Why is it only adult themes are everywhere? On the airplane…they had no choice but to be subjected to content they couldn't control. If they are going to show movies that EVERYONE can view….PG-13 is not for kids. Kids are passengers too. They need to be protected. If the adults don't like it…then shame on them. How selfish and hedonistic we've become…at the expense of our children. Some of the other comments here leave me disgusted and I'm sure most will consider me a "goody-two-shoes". All I can say is they are the perfect example of why the children need to be protected. Look how they turned out. Jaded, insensitive, arrogant and stupid.

  347. John DeCicco

    Listen! There is a reason why movies have ratings! PG-13 means the movie is not suitable for children under the age of 13 unless a parent approves…if a child is under 13, they cannot go to a theater unaccompanied by a parent and see this movie, whether I or any of you agree or disagree with these parents, it is their decision on what is acceptable for their children. It is the Airlines responsibility to cater to their passengers NOT the other way around! That family paid for a service, it is not the discretion of the Airlines or the Captain to determine what is suitable for children and what is not. This Airline was wrong wrong wrong! Shame on any of you siding with the Captain if you have children, because I'm pretty sure you (as parents) would not appreciate someone else making decisions for your children in your presence. If you don't like having to watch suitable movies for a family on planes, bring your IPAD and watch your own movie, but when it comes to your entertainment or they entertainment that I deem offensive to my children, my children win! always!

  348. John DeCicco

    Listen! There is a reason why movies have ratings! PG-13 means the movie is not suitable for children under the age of 13 unless a parent approves…if a child is under 13, they cannot go to a theater unaccompanied by a parent and see this movie, whether I or any of you agree or disagree with these parents, it is their decision on what is acceptable for their children. It is the Airlines responsibility to cater to their passengers NOT the other way around! That family paid for a service, it is not the discretion of the Airlines or the Captain to determine what is suitable for children and what is not. This Airline was wrong wrong wrong! Shame on any of you siding with the Captain if you have children, because I'm pretty sure you (as parents) would not appreciate someone else making decisions for your children in your presence. If you don't like having to watch suitable movies for a family on planes, bring your IPAD and watch your own movie, but when it comes to your entertainment or they entertainment that I deem offensive to my children, my children win! always!

  349. Phyllis DeBolt

    I see a lawsuit in the near future. I am sure a SUV full of lawyers met those folks at the terminal with contract and pen in hand. When the world does not go your way SUE SUE SUE! That is the American way. Whine, go to the tabloids/ Yahoo News and then sue the airline, the flight attendants, pilots, terminal personnel, FBI, police and the city the terminal is located in, the makers of the plane, the printer of the tickets, the supplier of the movie.

  350. Phyllis DeBolt

    I see a lawsuit in the near future. I am sure a SUV full of lawyers met those folks at the terminal with contract and pen in hand. When the world does not go your way SUE SUE SUE! That is the American way. Whine, go to the tabloids/ Yahoo News and then sue the airline, the flight attendants, pilots, terminal personnel, FBI, police and the city the terminal is located in, the makers of the plane, the printer of the tickets, the supplier of the movie.

  351. Richard Hayes Sr.

    Where's Paul Harvey I would like the rest of the story.

  352. Raymond LaTulippe

    I read this article and though PG13 how bad could it have been. Then I looked up the movie bio: "A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled serial killer who specializes in torture and pain. " Yah I would have a big problem with my five year old being forced to watch it.

  353. Darcy Gregory

    While I might not like that movie or want my kids to see it, I would probably just deal with it, HOWEVER for the captain to do what he did was way over the top and ridiculous!

  354. Jennifer Miller

    If the pilot determines there is a problem, it is his/her prerogitive to remove the source. Life is not Burger King, you cannot always have it your way. I have the feeling they would have found another "issue" to complain about if they had not found this excuse. Bottom feeders are constantly looking for a free ride or a money solution in the form of a lawsuit. My opinion of United Airlines just went up and I will be doing business w/ them in the future.

  355. Marsha Reynolds

    i agree babe… seems that many people are being asked to leave plains these days for many reasons.. most of them just plane, "i don't want to deal with that" attitude…

  356. Patrick Taylor

    Reading the plane started in Denver says it all…The pilot must have been stoned. You get paranoid after smoking pot. Our Nation is becoming one without principles or values. That which use to offend has become common-place. Good for the Parents for standing up for their children…no one else cares too. At judgment, the Lord will ask these parents…"What did you do to provide for the spiritual wellbeing and protection of your children?" May we all proclaim the response…"We stood for righeousness."

  357. Denise George Rhodes

    When my son was little and we flew across country I made sure he had a backpack with art supplies, books and some small toys that would occupy his time as well as some kid friendly snacks just for him. He sat quietly and the only time he got up from his seat was to go to the toilet otherwise he was perfectly fine. There was never any trouble and I was complemented on how well behaved he was.

  358. Terry Lach Perko

    It would have been possible to place an article of clothing or something over the screen if they didn't want their children to see the movie. You can't satisfy everyone. Furthermore distracting the flight attendants and the captain with their complaints is a safety hazard to the others on the plane. A captain is to fly the plane not worry what movie is playing!

  359. Lisa Bennett

    No, the crew did not overreact. In today's crazy and out-of-control world, the airlines did what it had to do to prevent an escalation of anger/ emotions with innocent people on board. Even though passengers pay fare, the Captain is in charge.

  360. Carol O'Beirne

    children are small enough (mostly) to divert that attention that is on the movie…now, how loud and insistant were these folks? that could be considered interference in the other folks right to fly without someone complaining..Stephanie Kohler has a point, to the point, the world does not revolve around your children…

  361. Michael Moss

    Why is only one side of the issue reported here?
    And when it states "they took their complaints to the captain"… how did they manage that? Cockpit doors are secured… sounds to me like there was more to it then these folks are letting on.
    The bias in the reporting is evident when the reporter states "the family was understandably shocked" but does not present the other side of the story.

  362. Paul Hancock

    It would be nice to know both sides of this before comments are made. I don't think we are getting everything that happened.

  363. Faye Mathis Brown

    Don't believe this for a moment. There has to be more to the story!

  364. Religious Zealot

    Pathetic. What we need is an inquisition. Stephanie Kohler and her cronies would be the first ones to go…

  365. Religious Zealot

    Oh, and that entire flight of people who didn't stand up for the good family with kids. Pedophile alert on the entire plane of people.

  366. Religious Zealot

    Go to hell, all of you liberals. And if you don't I'll make sure you do.

  367. Diana Bare

    As parents they should ask what the movie will be. If they are not told by he airline then they can complain. Yet, this whole thing really got blown out of proportion. The family has a right to complain if no notice is given of the movie…when you have kids you have to care about what they are exposed to. The airline and captain made a bad call….I am sure the children were more upset by the police coming to get them than the movie they had on flight. Bad form on the captains judgement. Everytime you have a complaint will they call the police if someone doesn`t like thein flight meal?

  368. Marie Davenport

    Need to hear the other side of the story. My guess is the passenger family was not as "collegial" as they claim to be.

  369. Religious Zealot

    I'm sure in fact, that the other part of this story is that the plane crashed hard and burned slowly after they dropped off the people of God. And as for the rest of you worms, vermin, pedophiles, women who wish they had a penis, etc, whatever you call yourselves, you freaks, let it be known that you're HATED by God. HAHAHAHAA

  370. Maureen Musgrave Armentrout

    It is the captain's right to make whatever decision he feels is appropriate while in flight – that's why he's the captain….would like to think that the parents were told what the consequenses of continuing to complain – I bet there are some facts we're not getting.

  371. Lori G Desirey

    Yes the capt. Over reacted. The parents did not want their children watching a violent movie. The attenants should be able to turn off spacific monitors to comply with personal requests.

  372. Ed Connell

    No! The Captain did not over-react. He under-reacted. Do they really think they have a right to tell the airline and everyone else on the plane what movies they will allowed them to watch. And they are waiting for an apology from the airline for not allowing them to? They should hope the airline doesn't ban them from all their flights permanently! Sick control freaks! I feel sorry for their children.

  373. Joanne Smelser

    I am a 75 year old woman and I would have compained about that movie….. I guess they would have put me off to.. I am proud of the family that complained…

  374. Dawn Sedriks

    I saw Alex Cross, it was a good adult movie, but definitely NOT for young children. Too much violence for an in flight movie, …….I think the pg 13 was the wrong rating for that one! FINGERS IN THE ICE BATH ARE DEFINATELY NOT KID FRIENDLY!!!

  375. Charlotte Camp

    Who is their right mind thinks a 3 year old should be responsible for a 22 month old……….

  376. Julie E Ibarra

    I would have made my complaint once to the flight attendant and if it wasnt resolved..I would have written and called their complaint department…NOT be harrassing the crew and Captain..especially now in days with all the bull shit happening around the world…these people are lucky they didn't throw them in jail..

  377. Nancy Early Byron

    Landing the plane does seem to be an extreme option. Without knowing exactly what the parents said and did, it's hard to tell if the captain overreacted. I haven't seen the movie, but apparently there are some very graphic scenes in it. "Not just shootouts, but also scenes of torture, a decapitated head, and a pregnant woman killed for pleasure by a villain who takes joy in inflicting pain. " As a parent, I would definitely try to find a way for young children to avoid seeing that.

  378. Rob Stevenson

    Agreed, Jennifer. Glad United landed the flight 'fore they kicked 'em off, though.

  379. Sharon Shew

    I believe that to expect a plane load of people to acquiesce to your own morals/values abt appropriate viewing matter is naïve. You can only control your little square of the world and you as parents need to research and plan accordingly if this is something that is going to effect your travels from now on. The disruption was the menace and not the family. Travelling with children is always sticky because as much as I love them, there are parents who act clueless and show no respect of others by exhibiting bad parental BEHAVIOR ie not planning snacks and entertainment for their kids, ignoring them so they can sleep and let others e annoyed, etc. I agree with the person who believes that there should be separate family airlines and then you would not have this as an issue. Maybe Disney or Pixar should by one and run it?

  380. Brandon Knutson

    Did they at least give them parachutes before the jettison?

  381. Lee Kovacsevics

    Really, a flight was diverted because of a calm, quiet disagreement over a movie. The flight crews' job is to get passengers safely from point A to point B, not to provide entertainment or listen to every petty, specious complaint. The family wasted everyone's time and energy. Who in their right minds would interrupt the person flying the plane to complain about a movie. No reasonable person. Parents are to be responsible for their own children do not try to constantly foist that responsibility onto the rest of us. Next time bring toys, books, etc. to keep your children entertained and stop thinking that the universe revolves around you and yours.

  382. Kirk Morgan

    When you throw a hissy fit so bad that a highly trained flight crew deems you a threat, you weren't being "collegial" and "reasonable". You were being a whiny little entitled bitch who wouldn't stop! There's more to this story than the family is telling. So what was their next move when they couldn't get their way? I'm sure there's a law suit next, especially when the "Whiner Family" sees how much attention they're getting out of this. And why is it that some people feel that suing is the first and only course of action?

  383. Sandy Stark

    I think the Captain made an error in judgment. On the other hand, maybe if those kids were offered a small DVD player and movie, everything would have been fine.

  384. Michael Major

    If this is true all I have to say is…Oh my god! As a pilot I am so sorry for these people. If I were the Captain, I would have just told the flight attendants to shut off the monitors and call it a technical difficulty. Easy solution! What an over reaction, what a waste of fuel/money! The only reason I would have diverted the plane is if the family posed a significant threat to the other passengers, the crew or the aircraft. Since this apparently was not the case, well, shame on you Mr. Captain sir.

  385. Robert Hardin

    Parents over-react, pilot over-reacts, Yahoo commentors over-react…kids could care less. #

  386. Kathleen Davis Guion

    The complaint was not about "entertaining" the children. It was about NOT being able to turn the monitors off. Why would there not be an on and off button for the monitors. The worst flight of my life was on United and their employees are beyond rude.

  387. Beth Brinkman Gray

    You can't pick and choose what you want on your tv monitor. Get over it. One family should not be allowed to disrupt everyone else to watch the movie. Ask for a blanket and lay back and take a nap or just look out the window. Those monitors that offer a free movie are not in your seat. You have to look up and over a couple of chairs to see the screen.

  388. Sherry Galloway Fien

    Maybe the captain is sick of crazy people? I believe you have to wear headphones to hear the in flight movie. Holy crap…give the kids a book & shut the F up. It's a flight not a life style. People need to get over themselves. I bet there more more people that enjoyed the movie vs. the squeaky wheelers that complained. Good for the captain, bummer to those that missed their connecting flight-there should be an apology for that, not the complainers that got kicked off.

  389. Leslie Hallford

    as a retired flight attendant I can tell you that there is more to this story it takes a lot more than a simple complaint about a movie to divert a flight. these parents and their free range children clearly created such a hostile and continuous scene that the situation became too unsafe to continue the flight as scheduled. trying to force everyone around you to alter their lives so that you do not have to parent their on children is not the acceptable way. if you are so concerned about what they can handle on a plane then drive.

  390. Dan Bridges

    The Captain did the right thing. It was his responsibility to evaluate the situation and take corrective action. The Captain was there, I bet none of these commenters were. Good job Captain and good job United. No apology due.

  391. Lori Pollock

    There has to be more to this story. I cant beleive the Captain diverted a plane because of "mere complaint". I am sure he felt , as well as others, this was getting out of hand. I want him/her flying the plane…not dealing with a movie complaints. I am not a "kid" person and have flown on many flights including overseas. Most parents have many things to keep thier kids amused for the flight and the movie is not one of them.

  392. Carla Clark-Gales

    It's a general audience, therefore, a general audience movie would be appropriate, nothing else. Anyone who says otherwise has faulty thinking.

  393. Peg Willen

    The family made no ridiculous requests concerning the entertainment of their children. They merely requested their monitors be turned off which could not be done at the time. Granted they could have gone about their actions more reasonable or perhaps more pleasant, but by the sounds of it, the attendants did not even try to better the situation in another way preventing further actions be taken on the family. It IS my rights as a parent if I don't want my child to watch inappropriate movies and if that happened to me, I would at least covered the monitors myself or tried what I could to make the situation tollerable since the attendant could not.

  394. Cynthia Dingman Guilmette

    You shouldn't be playing a PG-13 movie with children aboard. It's that simple. Why do you think movies have ratings. I love Alex Cross mysteries but I wouldn't let my grandchildren read them or watch a movie with violence. The captain definitely overreacted.

  395. Linda Miller

    I think it was probably the constant complaining from the parents that became more of a problem. I think that once they were told that they could not control the monitors individually and no one else complained, they became like nagging children. I do not see that everyone else should be subjected to their particular belief that the movie was not for children. Muslims seems to be a very whiny group of people when they don't get their way. Personally, I think they should pick a Muslim country to live in. But, I am also wondering about the monitors. Most of the flights I've been on have individual seat monitors and head phones giving you the choice of watching the movie, or not I am wondering why it was incumbent upon the flight crew to bow down to the wishes of the few for the many. I believe it's called "Freedom".

  396. Lisa Shepherd

    Airlines in America need to offer options on in-flight programming. I flew British Airways several years ago and they actually had different channels available. My son watched cartoons while I watched a movie. With the options available today, the airlines need to step it up!

  397. Lisa Shepherd

    Airlines in America need to offer options on in-flight programming. I flew British Airways several years ago and they actually had different channels available. My son watched cartoons while I watched a movie. With the options available today, the airlines need to step it up!

  398. Cindy Appel

    PG 13 is a stupid level of movie to show on a flight with kids. That is just stupid. Why not just keep it PG and leave it at that. And you bet I have controlled what my son watched when he was younger. No apologies on that either.

  399. Renee Van Keekem Libby

    People just can't behave on planes, can they?

  400. Virginia Cody

    Aside from the fact there's something missing from this story, those monitors are about the size of a magazine. A magazine taped to the video would prevent the little ones from seeing anything. As for the sound? I'm pretty sure you need a special set of headphones to hear anything.

  401. Anna Furlong

    Children need to learn early on that the world does not evolve around THEM. Parents can not expect that everything everywhere is child appropriate exactly for their kids' age. A trip in an airplane is a good example. I always had little backpacks prepare with "surprises" like coloring books, etch-a-sketch, and stuff, kids could entertain themselves for a while.They were only allowed to take out one thing at a time and play with it. It worked. I flew alone overseas with my two boys when they were toddlers and they didn't bother anybody and no, they didn't watch movies. They also slept pretty well for a while since they didn't get any sugary sodas to drink. When we had to change planes, they had to walk and held on to the stroller. THis way, they got a little exercise. Now they're 22 and 25 and they still walk and don't use the rolling walkways. :).

  402. Rachel Corso Poland

    Two observations: First — whenever I see a movie on a plane, it's already been edited for anything graphic, or any language that's really objectionable (by community standards). Second — if the films on planes are being geared to the youngest among us (who likely will fall asleep half-way through), there are going to be a LOT of dreadful films on planes. One final one: grown up people are paying big money for these flights; they should be able to watch grown up movies. If there are 5 kids on a flight with 50 or 100 passengers, the airline should cater to those 5 kids? Somehow I think not…

  403. Michael Browne

    If the family was BLACK with gang banging thug kids w underwear hanging out all over they could have sued the airline,

  404. Climp Jones

    PG-13 = PG-13. Anything 'under' that, even by Hollywood's Standards, is to mean what is says. The parents should seek assistance from the Motion Picture Industry & have them take a 'stand' on the 'Rating.'

  405. Marianne Moad

    i flew alone with my kids every view yrs von ther time the where 4 for 9hrs and then hitting a quik transfer, at times missing the connection, we took it al in strides

  406. Rodger Bower

    These people make me sick.. they had the kids , and when they bring the crap factories into public everyone should stop their lives to appease them. and I am in flight on schedule, and because of your self entitled attitude and wanting the rets of the passengers to live to your standards I'm late , because they have to throw you off.. That's teaching your kids a great lesson, "Go into a group of people who have all paid the same to fly and whine until they all fulfill your wishes" Can't wait to see these little A-hole when they are grown. Oh wait! they will act like you, and their children will see them get tossed off a flight. you Jack wads.

  407. Stan Halbert

    If the family's letter is accurate, the airline grossly overreacted, inconvenienced an entire flight and wasted government resources over a simple difference of opinion.

  408. Michelle Keeley

    I just want to say the movie was PG-13 THRILLER if their children were under 13 then I believe they have a right to complain about showing a THRILLER on a flight that may have passengers under 13 or small children who might get scared? Maybe they took it a bit too far and could of made a formal complaint to the airline on their arrival but so did the pilot by diverting. I have 4 and 6 yr old kids and I would not like them to see that movie and I am a pretty easy going parent. I personally would have complained but like someone else said cover the screen and try entertain them with something else.

  409. Koly McBride

    Its not about the movie…its about the overreaction of the pilot and crew. A bitchy family is no reason to inconvenience an entire flight of busy people….

  410. Miriam Wagner

    I'm inclined to agree. Although the article really doesn't give a lot of detail, it's pretty much universal that you have to have earplugs to listen to these movies. If they didn't want their kids to see/listen to them, don't provide the earphones and otherwise occupy them. I sometimes think some people with children expect the whole world to accommodate THEIR children. I know the James Patterson series and can't imagine that there was anything R rated, other than perhaps a killing or two. Yeah, I think there's a lot more to this story.

  411. Heike Nagel

    Das nennt man doch nur schlicht und ergreifend Erziehung, liebe Anna und genau das scheint ja vielen Familien heute ein Fremdwort zu sein. Vielen Eltern ist nicht bewußt, daß es ihre Aufgabe ist, ihren Kindern Werte mitzugeben, damit sie sich vor allem später in der Gesellschaft zurechtfinden. Da werden dann z.B. ständig Lehrer herangeholt, die diese Kinder dann unterrichten und auch noch erziehen sollen, womit sie natürlich völlig überfordert sind. Viele Weltbilder haben sich verschoben, so auch Eltern-Kind. Ich finde das und viele andere Umstände, die heute herrschen, sehr traurig.

  412. Danielle Langeard

    Ridiculous that, that movie is rated that also. Only in America as they say! Should be a M15+ and I think only G rated movies should be should in public arenas.

  413. Cassie Love

    Easy for you to say, they aren't your kids. The parents had every reason in the world to to object. I applaud them for speaking up.

  414. Cassie Love

    @Lee: You're too ignorant to get the point. These folks are parents & as such, had voiced valid concerns about the type of movie their kids had presented before them. It has nothing to do with thinking the universe revolves around them. Kids are very impressionable at that age & shouldn't have to be a captive audience to such graphic material. Torture & pain isn't appropriate subject matter for that age group. People fly to get to a destination, not to watch movies. Being adults, they should be intelligent enough to understand that. The parents were being a lot more *reasonable* with their request than you with your silly comment.

  415. Susan Deal

    First, kudos to these parents for at least attempting to shield their young kids from violence and inappropriate sexuality. The pilot should be fired. Diverting a plane (with the subsequent expenses and inconvenience to passengers) because of something like this? Absurd. And if not fired, he should be required to foot the bill on those expenses.

  416. Tim Sheppard

    they should be thankful there was a movie playing and after all it isn't a cinema where as you can choose whether or not you want to watch the movie, If they didn't like it they could have stayed in the shitter till it was over, or they could have just bailed out, I am sure there is a parachute on board some where hehehe

  417. Jack Manning

    I think the Family has to learn that they must conform to today's norms. Violence oriented films are the mainstream of today's Film Industry. People demand this type of entertainment, evidently to give some excitement to their otherwise pathetic lives. So the parents and their children must be made to conform.

  418. Judy Saakes

    I am leaving from Jersey for a flight to Orlando on Wednesday and I am praying to God there will be no children on the flight I'm taking. The crazy parents out there will always find a reason to complain and now having to have a plane divereted when they could have entertained their miserable children some other way. I never expected the world to cater to my children when they were young and neither should you!

  419. Sara Smolarek

    I would like to hear what other passengers have to say about that trip. I'm willing to bet that the family WAS being obnoxious and disruptive to other passengers and crew, despite their claims of innocence. I am all too familiar with parents who protest that they (and their children) do no wrong, and it's their kids who grow up to be monsters because they are taught that the world should revolve around them.

  420. Suzanne Leary

    The captain's reaction was over the top. The airline needs to be more responsible in their choice of movies. Didn't know that had adults only flights. Just saying…..

  421. George Wallace

    I didn't see the movie, but I have read every James Patterson book and the books don't contain sex or violence. Just good mystery. Can't vouch for the movie.

  422. Mary Beth Wentworth

    why are we making judgements after only hearing their side of the story? It's pretty hard to believe that there isn't more to it than what they are saying. And as others have said, why do they place their needs andvalues above ohers. What happened to the majority rules? democracy and all that? Just the fact that they would go to the cockpit over something like this, makes me concerned about them.

  423. Michael Gibson

    I don't have kids, and I don' particularly like them. But none of that is the point here. The point is that these people have a right to ride, and a right to register a (reasonably-voiced) complaint. This is, after all, a service industry. And the airline has an obligation to handle that complaint in a polite and reasonable way, even if that way is 'I'm terribly sorry, but there's not much we can do about the in-flight movie right now.' If the family's account is true (which it may or may not be) the airline didn't handle it very reasonably at all. And that's the crux of the matter–how the complaint was manifested, and how it was handled–not whether it was a good thing to gripe about or not, which all of you can quibble about all day depending on whether you favor children or Tyler Perry movies.

  424. Alix Aster Saakes

    Judy call us when you get here. I'll inbox you my number.

  425. Kelly Clifton

    The root of this article is not about whether the parents should complain about the Movie or not or other alternative entertainment rules — It's about the Power of a Pilot to divert a plane, have police board and escort an American Family off an American Airplane because they were unhappy with a PG 13 Movie. If there are passengers under the age of 13 — then this movie was not appropriate to be shown. This reflect the reality is that the USA is No Longer the Land of Free– I am disgusted at United Airline and as a Road Warrior — I Will avoid using them on a go forward. The rules were changed to adjust for terrorist activities to allow flight plans to be changed or stop a flight. This was a terrible use of a power without using context. The only way this would had been acceptable if the parents were pounding on the pilots door. Smart people would had stopped the movie explaining smaller children were being affected by the show. Done.

  426. Kelly Clifton

    The root of this article is not about whether the parents should complain about the Movie or not or other alternative entertainment rules — It's about the Power of a Pilot to divert a plane, have police board and escort an American Family off an American Airplane because they were unhappy with a PG 13 Movie. If there are passengers under the age of 13 — then this movie was not appropriate to be shown. This reflect the reality is that the USA is No Longer the Land of Free– I am disgusted at United Airline and as a Road Warrior — I Will avoid using them on a go forward. The rules were changed to adjust for terrorist activities to allow flight plans to be changed or stop a flight. This was a terrible use of a power without using context. The only way this would had been acceptable if the parents were pounding on the pilots door. Smart people would had stopped the movie explaining smaller children were being affected by the show. Done.

  427. Judy Saakes

    i honestly thought they were looking for some comp tickets. imagine what they must have done to get kicked off. they could have just covered the monit

  428. Mimi Bledsoe Rodriguez

    As a flight attendant I can tell you this much….Federal regulations do not allow for passengers to interfere with crew members duttes. There are steps we follow that include a written warning that if certain behaviors or interference with crew members duties continues the flight will be diverted. It's called a passenger misconduct form. After 9-11, whether it is an individual or a family, crew members don't play. We can log your complaint, write it up to the company but we cant shut of an entire entertainment system for one family. Movies on board the aircraft shown on shared entertainment is never anything worse than PG-13.
    Because we're only getting one side of the story, we really don't know WHAT happened….

  429. Winston Smith

    Awesome! These folks thought they were at McDonald's and they could complain and get whatever they wanted. Its was just a movie, and a horrible one at that. How about bringing some games onboard and entertaining your children the entire flight yourselves??? Classic example of lazy parents. They got what they deserved. Next time I'm sure they will save there complaining for the fast food restaurants! Hilarious! !!

  430. Bean Crisp

    I challenge anyone to logically explain to me why the rogue pilot should not be fired for his evil actions against the innocent family.

  431. Freddy Ybarra

    The kids should of just not looked at the moniter the rest of the trip. There's no way this airline should of detoured.

  432. Tery Klade

    Why have all the intelligent people disappeared from the world? Children under 13 can DEFINITELY see a PG13 movie without adult supervision. In no state is that illegal. I won't subject my personal beliefs on the story itself so as to not start a contention; I just wanted you to know that your reasoning is based on false information.

  433. Edelle Rose

    This is probably way over the edge for all of you. But I believe that all of us are responsible for all the children. They are our future. Violent images are not good for kids because kids do not have the filter systems that develop at a later age. All of us should demand that public areas where children frequent be free of violent images. It is in the interest of all of us.

  434. Caitlin Fryer

    As a veteran of a trans-Atlantic move and the child of involved, thoughtful parents, I thought their approach and philosophy were pretty damn intelligent – usually the in-flight movies were PG-13 and something my younger brother and I would never be shown. However, flights are one of those things where you have to deal with what you're given. So, to ANTICIPATE this, my parents didn't just toss a few things in a carry-on bag for my 11 year old self and my 8 year old brother – instead, they helped us choose things that kept us occupied THE ENTIRE 12-14 HOUR FLIGHT ACROSS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Niether one of us wanted to even look at the damn TV – Silence of the Lambs (edited version) was on for one of the flights! Did my parents freak? Play the holy-parental/child-content police? NO. THEY PAID ATTENTION and understood that some things were going to be out of their control and planned appropriate countermoves for them. Too bad these parents apparently didn't. I hope the airline doesn't apologize because it isn't owed. Stephanie Kohler said it perfectly : It's not the world's problem to entertain your kids. Every child sees crap they shouldn't – the difference is how the parents react to the situation. By making a big stink about a movie (a really terrible one at that…Tyler Perry, really?) all they did was to teach their kid to use their different lifestyle philosophies as a weapon to get attention, instead of reconciling that isn't how they like to do things, we're going to focus on something else and mind our own business.

  435. Diomira Lawrence

    This may be my favorite comment. I have no problem with porn. I have no problem with Alex Cross, either. I would have a huge problem with either being shown to my 5 year old. And I can't always move my travel schedule around what movie is shown on which flight, unfortunately, I pay just as much for him as I do for myself and my husband and bring toys, color books, video games to distract him. Most planes have multiple tv's you can see from your seat so just covering the one in front of you doesn't do much. All it takes is for your kid to look away for one minute and catch a gruesome scene from that movie. Which I did enjoy. As an adult who can separate fantasy from reality. But face it, all commenters complaining about kids on flights, their tickets cost just as much as yours, and probably more, because mommies pay extra to sit next to their kids (upwards of $30 depending on the airline for side by side seating) and they matter just as much as you do.

  436. Diomira Lawrence

    I payed big money for my kid on flights, too. There's not a child rate for flights (unless they are a lap baby and a lot of airlines are doing away with that, every body needs a full price seat).

  437. Diomira Lawrence

    I would love to know how to put a small child in an inclosed space with a screen and even with a distraction be told not to look at the screen and not even glance up at the flashing pictures and movement of probably a dozen monitors within his site line. Please tell me your trick how to accomplish this. I'd like to know it.

  438. Bud Smith

    There is no reason for the pilot to have diverted the flight and kicked the family off the plane. There was zero danger. Airlines need to use some common sense and select movies without explicit sex and violence. Adult language is ok, since parents can turn off headsets.

  439. Suzanne Leary

    I don't think someone's negative behavior should be tolerated or a movie should be shut down for just one person. Anyone who is a potential danger to crew members or other passengers should be removed from the plane. I was only expressing an opinion that the airlines might want to more sensitive as to which movies they show. Guess I stepped on some toes, and didn't really mean to. I apologize.

  440. Marny F

    There was a tme when the airlines showed which movies were being shown, eastward and westward, etc.

    The airline industry is having more than a difficult time of things — being a responsible parent might mean checking on everything possible BEFORE buying a ticket.

    How many parents know for sure their little darlings aren't playing video games with much worse than an inappropriate movies.

    Bottom line – airline pilot should be fined – the passengers should ALL be compensated — and then watch the costs go up AGAIN – maybe for seatbelts and oxygen masks, water, toilet use, deplaning costs, and, of course, per lb for luggage/carryon/per person.

    Ok… let's drive! Got milk!

  441. Anonymous

    This couple was probably being extremely annoying. The letter makes it seem as though they were very mature in handling the situation, but I know how some parents are when it comes to their kids. The captain probably got tired of them complaining and (he couldve been in a bit of a bad mood himself) decided to land the plane and kick their a**es off!

  442. Christalena Lyn

    Pull your head out of your asses, this movie is not appropriate for small children and I could COMPLETELY understand why theyd get upset or scared and how the parents wouldn't want them to watch it. Really the issue here is the fact that the entire world thinks its okay for kids to watch anything, anytime. How hard would it have been to do something like say I am sorry that this movie is upsetting your kids I cant turn it off but what I can do is let you speak to a representative after the flight where you can get a voucher for a free flight or something like that. Why is United always shitting on their customers, make some concessions and act like a decent company for once. Geez. And to that crazy Stephanie Kohler girl, I hope you don't procreate because your little bastards would probably grow up completely desensitized to violence and sex and be completely screwed up human beings.

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