Farming Simulator coming to consoles

‘Farming Simulator’ Coming To Xbox 360 And PS3

Farming Simulator, a popular computer game is expected to be coming to consoles this fall. The game is expected to be hitting the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on September 6.

While it may seem a little odd to think that a game that essentially makes you run a farm would be all that popular, we’d ask you to consider Farmville.

There are other popular sims that basically force you to be an administrator such as the hugely popular SimCity series.

The version of the game that will hit the consoles is expected to have quite a bit additions from its current PC version.

Farming Simulator‘s makers say that the console version will include a new United States environment as well as several new farming vehicles.

This is far from the first game that got its start on the personal computer and decided to make its move to the consoles but this particular move could be seen as a little risky if for no other reason than the game is far bigger across the pond than it is in the US.

This game has the players undergoing all the trials and tribulations that a modern farmer must face. That alone could resonate with North American gamers and push this into one of the most popular titles this fall.

Players have to deal with activities such as animal husbandry, harvesting crops, dealing with floods and draughts and of course selling your goods and crops for a price that will allow you to keep your farm going.

Players will also need to make sure that all of their vehicles and equipment are running smoothly or face the prospect of the farm going under.

The PC version is wildly popular despite currently only having a European environment to farm in.

Are you interested in checking out Farming Simulator when it hits consoles in September?