Paul Reubens to play White Rabbit

Paul Reubens To Voice White Rabbit In ‘Once Upon A Time’ Spinoff

Paul Reubens, who is best known in his role as Pee-Wee Herman will be branching out to voice the character of the White Rabbit in Once Upon A Time‘s new spinoff.

The spinoff has been titled Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and has slowly but surely been staffing up. The series recently found their Alice in young actress Sophie Lowe.

Now the main character will know who she will be chasing down the rabbit hole and into the world that will be re-imagined in the new series.

Paul Reubens will actually only be lending his voice, as the series will be set in a pre-curse wonderland. That means that storybook characters like the White Rabbit are still in their fantastical form.

The story follows Alice along with her love interest Cyrus who will be played by Peter Gadiot. The Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) and the Red Queen (Emma Rigby) will also play pivotal roles in the series.

Should what is just a pilot at the moment get that full series purchase, it stands to reason that quite a few characters from Once Upon a Time will make appearances at the very least.

Sebastian Stan has long been recognized as the Mad Hatter, though there has been some talk that the role would be recast if Wonderland gets its own series.

Barabara Hershey has played the Queen of Hearts in the original series and is another character that would likely be a recurring character in this one.

Ralph Hemecker has been selected as the director for Wonderland. That isn’t a particularly outlandish decision since he has been in the director’s chair for seven episodes of Once.

Are you excited to see what Paul Reubens can do as the White Rabbit in this spinoff?

[Image By Fozzy network (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons]