Audi Connect and T-Mobile

Audi And T-Mobile Team Up To Offer $15/Month In-Car Wireless Data

T-Mobile and Audi are now providing in-car wireless data service to customers for just $15 per month. The new plan for Audi Connect services was announced by both companies on Friday.

Audi Connect is an advanced in-car system that is capable of creating a Wi-Fi network for up to eight devices at the same time. Audi launched the Connect service in 2011. The system started with access to Google Voice Local Search, which was branded as the “My Audio Destination” platform. My Audio Destination works with Google Earth and can display 50 destinations on the car’s screen along with Google Street View capabilities.

Using the new $15 per month service does come with one caveat. Audi customers must spend $450 upfront, which gives them 30 months worth of mobile data access.

A month by month service is also available for $30. T-Mobile is also offering a few more pricing options between its two main levels of payments.

One problem reported by Audi Connect customers is the rapid drain on battery life for their smartphones when attached to the car. For example, attaching your cars GPS via the Audi Connect screen is likely to kill your smartphones battery much faster than normal.

While some customers may not find the value in plopping down another $15 per month for yet another way to wirelessly connect, the convenience of using your phones built-in system rather than fumbling for your phone while driving is very nice.

T-Mobile recently rolled out iPhone 5 pricing and new unlimited data plans. The wireless provider has promised to challenge industry standards and the Audi Connect partnership is a move in the right direction.

With more connectivity options likely to arrive in the future, consumers will be left to decide which aspects of their lives they want to connect.

Will you be taking advantage of the Audi Connect system with monthly T-Mobile data pricing?