‘God Of War: Ascension’ DLC Adds Elite Levels And More

God of War: Ascension‘s new DLC is adding Elite levels, among other things.

With the release of the new God of War: Ascension DLC, we will now have Elite levels, thus raising the allegiance cap from 30 to 40. New items, relics and magic abilities are also being added for each allegiance. Update 1.04 will introduce Champion Stats to God of War: Ascension. Players will now be able to see their win and loss stats from the main menu.

Sony says, “For our Champions who have ascended to the highest levels, and for those on their way, now you have a new goal to reach. It will not be an easy journey.”

Update 1.04 is also said to address bugs, such as the infamous audio drops and the shard issue preventing players from attaining the Spear of Destiny in the Barbarian Hammer. It will also optimize matchmaking, making for quicker multiplayer loading times, meaning you can start pummeling your opponents even sooner. Sony says they plan on improving the matchmaking speed daily.

Kratos was always known for facing incredible odds, taking down gods and whatnot, so Elite levels should make God of War fans feel right at home. Our ash-laden hero, or anti-hero if you will, is getting more of what we expect from the franchise. Veteran players are more familiar with the hard-edged, darker version of Kratos from the original trilogy, who would slaughter anything and anyone that got in his way, and never show an ounce of remorse.

From reviews on the videogame, God of War: Ascension was considered a letdown for the first half of the game for toning down Kratos’ attitude and sticking him in what seemed like a more gothic version of a Mario game. Adding harder levels to the end of it may be the shot in the arm that veteran God of War players have been craving.

Are you excited about the release of the latest God of War: Ascension DLC?