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LeAnn Rimes’ Stepmom Tweet Is Not Brandi Glanville Slight

LeAnn Rimes’ stepmom tweet spurred some backlash on Thursday. Rimes is a “bonus mom” to her husband Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville’s two sons. The Twitter post offering encouragement and support to stepmoms irrationally sparked outrage from some posters, possibly Glanville fans.

After the fuss over Rimes’ stepmom tweet began flowing, LeAnn Rimes wrote:

“Supporting other stepmoms is not putting down their bio moms. Some people seriously need to grow up.”

As a woman who has been both a mom and a stepmom, I wholeheartedly agree with Rimes. It is impossible for a child to have too much love. Brandi Glanville has stated publicly several times that Eddie Cibrian’s wife has “no boundaries” when it comes to her children.

A text the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star allegedly received from Rimes about the boys appears to be at the center of her angst.

LeAnn Rimes’ text did not include a message about the boys misbehaving, getting on her nerves, or a request for early pick-up.

The message instead reportedly said how much Rimes loved the boys and looked forward to making their lunches for them. The children reportedly split their time equally between their mother and their father’s homes.

Glanville needs to show some maturity and stop being fearful that Rimes is trying to take her place. I have been very critical about Brandi’s antics in past articles, and stand by each and every statement. Despite whatever else she may be, she is the mother and the boys undoubtedly love her very much. Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes will never be friends, but it is time for the RHOBH star to put the claws away and behave in a mature parental manner. If Rimes did not show an interest in the boys, Glanville would probably complain about the singer being a bad stepmom.

There are many divorced parents that would be grateful that their ex-spouse’s new significant other genuinely cared for the kiddos and reached out to let the bio parent know they were being well-cared for. Brandi Glanville tweeted recently about how difficult it is to be a single mom and having to do everything herself. The boys also have a father and stepmom who love them. The old love-triangle drama could be set aside and the trio work as a team to raise the children. Sure, there will be road bumps, but if the children are always put first, trivial matters can be overcome.

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