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Drum And Bass DUI? Man Arrested For Driving Under The Influence Of Music

A man in the UK was driving so poorly that officers were positive that he was drunk. The man was pulled over but officers didn’t find him to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Nope, Aaron Cogley was pulled over for a drum and bass DUI.

Cogley, from Portishead, Bristol, was swerving in and out of his lane, ran a few red lights, and almost hit another vehicle while making a sharp turn.

The man was given a breathalyzer when he was pulled over by police officers but Cogley blew a zero reading. Confused, the officers asked him why he was driving so erratically. According to Prosecutor Mark Hollier, Cogley responded that “he was listening to drum and bass and was in a hurry.”

The Bristol Times reports that Cogley plead guilty to dangerous driving. His defense attorney, David Miller, said that his client didn’t mean to lead police on a mini police chase, saying that Cogley was just carried away by the tunes.

Miller said: “It was stupid. He was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music.”

Recorder Mr Kevin De Haan QC sentence Cogley to 80 hours of community services. He also suspended the man’s license for 12 months and insulted his musical taste.

Haan said: “(Drum and bass can be) intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others.”

Haan added: “It’s always serious, dangerous driving. Even if you only went up to 40mph you were lucky that night. You could have had an accident and been hurt, or worse you could have hurt someone else. Police thought you had taken something.”

What do you think of the drum and bass DUI? Do you find drum and bass music hypnotizing or irritating.