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Prince William Dissed By Shy Little Girl [Video]

Prince William got dissed today by a shy little girl during a trip to Scotland.

The Duke and the Duchess were greeting people in Glasgow today when Prince William noticed a cute little girl in the crowd. Shona Ritchie, 4, was dressed up as a princess and was holding a pretty flower.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince William thought that the flower was a gift and tried to take it from the little girl. But Ritchie wasn’t having it. She was dressed up as a princess, after all, and wanted to give the flower to Kate Middleton.

William said: “Ooh, is that for me? No, you want to give it to Kate. Quite right.”

Shona wouldn’t give William the flower, but she did want to give him a little kiss. Prince William ducked down to give the little girl a peck on the cheek, but the 4-year-old got nervous at the last second and gave the prince the cold shoulder.

Shona’s mother said: “She’s been dressed up like that since 6 am today and we’ve been here waiting since nine. But when she finally plucked up the courage to ask him, she got really shy and pulled away.”

But Shona’s encounter with royalty wasn’t a complete disaster. She did get to meet Kate Middleton, who complimented the little girl on her beautiful dress.

Mrs. Ritchie said: “(Kate Middleton) said Shona looked very pretty and asked her if she had picked the flower from her garden, but Shona told her she got it from my vase in the house and she thought that was very funny.”

Here’s the video of Prince William getting turned down by a little girl.